Chapter 215

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Cidar-kun’s father.
Milfi and others were preparing to make a splash. Things would become more troublesome if they decided to take hostages, so I had Jash evacuate Cidar-kun’s mother and the pipsqueaks to our home.

“Umm… isn’t that person Jasper(Jash’s real name)-sama?”

Leor-san seemed to have noticed.

“No? He’s called Jash and he’s my servant.”


I laughed in deceit. I don’t know if Leor-san guessed further, but I didn’t say anything more. Hmm, should I leave Jash to stay at home from now on?


Then, I took my Elder brother and Cidar-kun to the castle and told Jess and the others about the plan. We’re going to do something spectacular, so we need the castle’s cooperation. Both Jess and Judas-sama gave their approval. They also made arrangements for us to visit Cidar-kun’s father, who was imprisoned. We didn’t have much time, so we moved quickly.

The basement of the castle smelled musty and there was a faint scent of blood. I could smell it, so the beastmen must have felt it even more. I looked at Dirk and he nodded that he was fine.
It was a little dark and there were some nasty things in there that scared me, so I clung to Dirk’s arm as we walked deeper. He seemed to know that I was scared, so he gently nudged me and I squeezed his arm.

“My fiancée is so cute that I don’t know what to do…”

I’m just scared, but it made me wonder if Dirk was secretly a sadist… he seems happy. Dirk lifted me up in his arms into a princess carry. I was so surprised that I couldn’t even speak, but Dirk smiled gently.

“If you are scared, I can do this for you. Just close your eyes and hold on tightly.”

“Dirk, you are so cool… thank you.”

Hearing Dirk’s heartbeat and being surrounded by his scent made me feel less afraid. But I was dying of shame. Sure, I was scared, but I’m embarrassed that we indulged ourselves so openly! I knew I should have just used clung to his arm! But we arrived before I could say anything else.




“This is the cell.”

A beastman soldier stopped in front of a cell.


“Michuu… Cidar… why are you here?”

Cidar-kun’s father seemed haggard, but he was not particularly hurt. He seemed fine health-wise.

“Thank you for guiding us here. You can leave.”


It would be troublesome if this soldier listened in on our conversation if he was our enemy. I told him to leave, but he was reluctant. So I intimidated him with my bloodthirst. Wolfanean beastmen, who are more sensitive than humans are easier to handle.

“I won’t say it twice. Leave.”

“Forgive my rudeness!”

The soldier quickly ran away.

“… You are?”

“My name is Rosarin.”

I activated a soundproof barrier.

“I would like to hear the truth behind your imprisonment.”

“I did it.”

Ah, I failed. Looks like his heart is closely guarded. He’s obviously vigilant. Right! If it’s Niisama then… and so, when I looked at him… ah, not good. I was convinced that he was hopeless.

“N, nice to meet you! It’s an honor to finally meet you! I am Rupert Rosenberg! I have read all of your literary works, Teacher! I was deeply moved by your love of plants described in the book!”

“Mm. I won’t lose to anyone when it comes to the love of plants. You are so young, but you already understand so well.”

Elder brother spoke to Cidar-kun’s father excitedly. Ohh, he made a good impression? And Elder brother spoke with Cidar-kun’s father and they hit it off greatly.

The nerds have multiplied. It’s good that Elder brother is having fun, but how many hours are they going to talk about plants at this rate for?

“Mitchell-san, your family is being protected at our house. They are currently in the residence of Christia’s Duke. Could you please tell us the truth?”

“… I see. My wife and kids are safe?”


Mitchell-san began to talk about the incident. The summary was the same as the one Michuu-san had given me. The new information was that, in hindsight, everyone who had been drinking with Mitchell-san was probably in on it. The main culprit was most likely the Marsh family, the nobles who are currently in charge of the Blessing of the Saints.

“We will definitely save you. Your family won’t be harmed. I will have the trial open one more time. Please speak the truth this time.”


Cidar-kun’s father was also threatened. He was afraid of harming his wife and children, so he continued to take the blame himself. Yeah, I’m going to make your enemies cry.

My Elder brother was already regretting leaving him, but when I told him that he could have Diesel-san join him and talk with Mitchell-san as much as they wanted when he gets released, he was immediately convinced.

“Having decided that, let’s smash the Marsh household to pieces!”

“… Indeed.”

Michuu-san and Cidar-kun were a bit surprised by my Elder brother’s boisterous comment he uttered with a very fresh smile, but I decided not to worry about it. Now, how should we cook them?

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