Chapter 214

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I was expecting it.
After being surprised by Milfi in many ways, we were having lunch… and then I got an urgent message. Today’s really busy, isn’t it!

“I’m truly sorry, My Lord! Teacher… Michuu’s father is to be executed!”

Since it was an emergency situation, we hurried with Cidar-kun and the pipsqueaks to Leor-san’s place.

Mitchell-san… although Cidar-kun’s father has pleaded guilty, he was still on trial and imprisoned because he didn’t speak about the sales route and other details of the crime. Maybe he doesn’t know, so he can’t confess. But now there is new information that he will be executed.


Milfi was teary-eyed. It will be most likely fine. I smiled at Milfi.

“New info, huh. You know, the Archogi Company was selling the stolen Blessings of the Saints… right?”

“… So you know.”

As I thought. I vented out my anger at Cidar-kun.

“Haah… ahh~ geez! Cidar-kun you fool! It wouldn’t be this troublesome if you told me about your father sooner!”


“What do you mean?”

“The Archogi was probably spying on the Rattle family, hoping to financially impoverish them by making the possessor of the Revelation the mastermind. It’s a bit of a guess… but I’m pretty sure that’s the situation. Didn’t they speak to you about wanting to take you in, Cidar-kun?”

“… They did.”

Bullseye. I sighed.

“Leor-san, it’s time to use your authority. Prolong the execution sentence for as long as possible, and have him go through a trial again.”


“Cidar-kun, it will be fine. The future rulers of Christia are on your side. We won’t lose that easily.”

I smiled daringly.

“Future rulers of Christia?”

Cidar-kun was making a splendid face. Ah, which reminds me that we were keeping it a secret. Teehee.

“Yes. The first prince of Christia Alphage-sama, the second prince Aldin-sama, the son of the Prime Minister and Duke that is my Niisama, and the daughter of a Duke, Milfi. It’s impossible to get defeated with support like that.”

“S, say that earlieeer!!”

Cidar-kun yelled. Nono, I told you not to worry about it.

“So, what’s your plan, our Chief operating officer?”

“N~ I don’t have a good idea yet. I need more detailed information first, I would also like to meet Cidar-kun’s father at least once… the opponent will also take action once the Archogi gets captured, so they will be easier to find… we might as well cause more chaos.”

“Ah, what an evil smile.”

“Rosarin is like a villainess.”

“I won’t deny it. To my enemies, I might as well be the villainess.”


I smiled fearlessly at Curtis. Well, since I am planning on being the villainess, I should have a villainous side to me. I have sharp eyes anyway.

“By the way, do you have a plan, Alphage-sama?”

“N? Let’s see.”


……… 5 minutes later.

“Too dark!”

“Elder brotheeeer!?”

“Ahhahha. We are not in Christia, so I’m not going to do that here.”

“So you would go with it in Christia!?”

“Elder brotheeeeer!?”

“Do we cleanly kill them off then?”

“Stupid! Curtis! What are you saying!”

“That’s right!”

“Simply killing them is too light! I want them to taste living hell! The other party was imprisoned for three years even though he is innocent, you know!? We have to humiliate them thoroughly! They better feel that dying is a much better option than living after we are done with them!”

I was also of the same opinion as Alphage-sama. Incomprehensible. I won’t torture the innocent in pursuit of other things they might be guilty of. I’m only going to ask them to answer for the crimes they have committed. And my motto is to return grudges tenfold.

“Ah, I have an idea.”

Fu, fu, fu. We have a great cast here, so I will use them for the play I have in mind. I quickly told everyone about my idea. I especially need the approval of Michuu-san and Cidar-kun.

“… Alright.”

“We will be in your care.”

The Rattle family were on board.

“What do you think, everyone?”

“Just how does your head work, Miss Rosarin?”

“What to say about this, as expected of you…?”

Are the princes praising me? I feel like they are doing the opposite, though.

“I will do my best!”

“Yes, but you are prohibited from overdoing it. I’ll get some information from Cidar-kun’s father first, so you guys get ready.”

“I’m going too!”

“Of course, Niisama. Please, by all means. Cidar-kun and Michuu-san too, please come with us as well.”

We’ve decided on a plan, and I’m already looking forward to the future.

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