Chapter 213.2

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Saintess’ inheritance and weapon.
Dirk was disheartened. I keep making Dirk sad since the morning… no, it’s only an excuse. My heart is being torn, but I also want to be all lovey-dovey with Dirk! Woman’s courage!
I touched Dirk’s arms gently and nestled close to him. I couldn’t make eye contact with him, but I told him in a trembling voice.

“Do, do as you please…”

I’m sure I managed to convey my acceptance… but Dirk didn’t move. Huh? I thought it was strange and looked up to see Dirk embarrassed… no, he was in agony.

“My Rosarin is way too cute…”

No? Cute girls are like Milfi, I am different. I’m sad to say it, but I’m not cute. I don’t know Dirk’s point.


After that, Dirk who revived relentlessly rubbed his face against me. Ugh… I’m happy, but also dying from embarrassment! I endured with such thoughts. I would like him to stop calling me cute when I’m dying from embarrassment. I wonder if Dirk is unconsciously a sadist? It seemed like something within him was about to explode.



We came out of the workshop. I was exhausted and Dirk was in a good mood.

“Are you okay?”

Aldin-sama asked worriedly. I wonder why people ask you if you are okay when you are clearly not?

“I just died from embarrassment…”


Aldin-sama who seemed to guess something was stunned.

“Dirk, do it with moderation, alright?”

“… Well, that… I will try to be more discreet.”

Eh!? You don’t have to! I pulled on the hem of Dirk’s shirt.

“… I don’t need you… be discreet. If you want to do it… it’s fine with me.”

“…… I take it back. You are adorable… god darn adorable! I can’t be discreet…!”

“Yes, well… I get it.”

Aldin-sama had a distant look on his face. No, I’m sorry.

“And so, what happened to my weapon?”

Alphage-sama seemed cheerful. I also responded with a smile.

“Fu, fu, fu. It’s perfect! It’s my greatest masterpiece so far!”

Icy magic power was overflowing from my pouch. This is different from Alphage-sama’s most powerful equipment, the Sea King’s Rapier, which I planned to create, but my words are not false.
The elegant blade was brimming with vast water magic power. The hilt was engraved with delicate carving, which was reminiscent of Alphage-sama.

Alphage-sama took the rapier in his hands without hesitation. The magic power melted and mixed in response.


Alphage-sama touched the blade.

“It’s name is Freezing Rain.”


“Freezing Rain… Thou shalt be my sword for life.”

Freezing Rain responded to Alphage-sama. It was delighted to amplify Alphage-sama’s magic power. That sword is Alphage-sama’s only.

“Please use it carefully.”

“… It’s going to be difficult to be worthy of this sword.”

Opposite to his words, Alphage-sama seemed very delighted. As long as you like it.

“Rosarin, are you planning on becoming a legendary blacksmith or something?”


Aldin-sama joked. It isn’t me, but the cheat of an alchemic smelting pot. But I won’t tell them. It can only be used by me who is the master of the place, so I have the obligation of confidentiality.


“So that’s a finished product…”

“I can only agree that ours are prototypes… what a bullshit magic power that is…”

“Becoming strong enough to be worthy of a weapon of that level… that will be a very difficult task.”

“… We will need to work harder from now on.”

The former assassins and Jash whispered. It’s fine! You still have 7 years of time!

“This is for you, Milfi.”

“A bangle?”

I put the bangle on Milfi. The bangle responded to her and turned into a beautiful bangle representing a pretty blue crystal lotus. You could feel the gentle magic power it was oozing out.

“Oh my…”

“Milfi, take a bow stance.”

“Like this?”

Milfi’s bangle transformed into a bow. The design of the bow was the same as the bangle, and it was made with a delicacy befitting of Milfi.

“This is Water Lotus. Arrows are magic power. It’s in the shape of a bow, but think of it as a magic power amplifier instead. You should be able to use chantless magic without losing power. Milfi, you are overwhelmingly lacking in actual combat experience. As a practice, please shoot at Dirk. If you manage to shoot, you’ll pass. Dirk, is that okay?”

“I don’t mind.”

“Here I go!”

To be honest, Milfi was pretty good at it. No, she was a genius. I was expecting it to take a few days… no, months.
However, Milfi quickly mastered special attacks such as continuous shooting, bending arrows, recovery, flashbangs, etc. As the arrows were about to hit Dirk, I quickly formed a barrier around him. Um… there’s a crater before Dirk, though…
All of us, including me, were taken aback by its power.

“… Do I pass?”

“You do.”

I have no complaints. Milfi had been apparently hunting with her father since she was a child and was used to handling a bow.

However, I can only say that she has a natural talent. She drew out the potential of the bow she had just been given, finishing with a threatening attack and then firing two shots in a row… the second shot from the blind spot of the first.

Milfi was a superb archer. I didn’t know… there are a lot of unexpected things in life, aren’t there?

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