Chapter 213.1

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Saintess’ inheritance and weapon.
We stopped the octopus hunt for the time being and returned to the villa. I prepared a trampoline, tent, and a Valkyrie roller coaster so that Cidar-kun’s pipsqueaks won’t be bored. They get sidetracked sometimes, so a guardian is required… and they were floating as soon as I noticed!
Apparently, Valkyrie has learned to be mischievous lately. Who’s the cause! I complained, “It’s you, isn’t it?” Curtis told me. I can’t deny it.

“Sorry, but I will seclude myself for a little.”

“Huh? What for?”

“I’d like to create Alphage-sama’s weapon.”


“I got all the materials, so I think I can make a finished product!”

“Finished product, huh… now I’m curious.”

“Well, I think you will be satisfied.”

“W, won’t you make a weapon for me as well!?”


Milfi stared at me with eyes filled with the radiance of will. I’m weak… against these beautiful eyes.

“I will definitely become someone worthy of your weapon, Rosary! So… so, please let me qualify to fight alongside you guys!”


“You said I was your weakness, Rosary. I don’t like being a hindrance! I’m not a princess that needs protection all the time! I’m your best friend, am I not! I want to stand by your side then! Let me fight alongside you instead of having to be protected all the time!”

“……………… Haah.”

I don’t feel like I can win. I’m not sure I can persuade her.
Zilva, who is supposed to be stopping her, was quiet. He doesn’t want Milfi to push herself, but he must understand her feelings. I just pointed out to him that he was not capable enough, after all.

“… Alright.”

That’s all I replied with and used the key to open the Saintess’ inheritance… her hideout.

“I’m going too! Don’t try to stop me!”


When I passed through the door with Dirk, the scenery changed.

“Welcome home.”

A robot Navi-kun who only reached up to my waist greeted us. Navi-kun was a robot with a cylindrical body and limbs. He says he is not a robot but a management AI.

“I will be using the workshop for a while.”

“Understood. Gate, open.”

When we passed through the door that Navi-kun opened, we moved to a laboratory-like room. This is the Salvation Saintess’ workshop. This is the true inheritance she left behind.




This room was a hidden room. The discovery was also accidental. When I was exploring the hideout that was given to me, I found a wall with the words “To you who can read these words” engraved on it. If you looked closely, you could see that there was a keyhole hidden underneath the writing, which could be opened with the hideout’s key.

It was in this hidden room that I met Navi-kun and with his approval, I became the real owner of the entire hideout.

The hideout was not just a house, but a true legacy left by the Salvation Saintess. Navi-kun is the guardian of this place. If you don’t meet Navi-kun, this would be just a safe house. If Navi-kun doesn’t approve of you, not only will you not be able to reach the hidden room… the true inheritance, but you will be kicked out of the hideout forever.

As I said, the true inheritance is the hidden room. Namely, it’s the magic greenhouse and this workshop. In the greenhouse, rare magical plants are kept, and the workshop is enchanted with magic. I was told it’s Shiva’s blessing. If you use the alchemic smelting pot in this workshop, you can make wonderful items without failing the synthesis. This is where I’ve made my weapons so far.

“What are you going to do, Dirk?”

“I will just watch you quietly.”


I started by putting mithril silver, orichalcum, and other materials into the smelting pot. As I planned, I will be making Alphage-sama’s weapon first. Alphage-sama has given me his blood beforehand. By adding the user’s blood into the weapon, the magical power will fuse easily, rendering the weapon useless to others. Now, next is…

(You can put in the petals of the Rose of Light.)


I heard a voice. It was nostalgic… it was a voice I heard a long time ago.


Dirk called out to me as I suddenly started freaking out.

“D, did you not hear that voice?”

I checked with Dirk, but he shook his head. Was it my imagination? But a Rose of Light, huh… it might have some holy properties. What a good idea. I asked Chita to give me some petals and filled the alchemy pot with magical power. Then I imagined what I wanted to create. Alphage-sama’s signature weapon is the rapier. So I imagined a graceful rapier. Sagacious and beautiful, just for Alphage-sama…

The weapon was successfully completed. I immediately start working on Milfi’s weapon. Milfi’s strongest attributes are water, greenery, and light. She’s the best with water. I put the corresponding materials into the alchemy pot. I also added her blood. As with Alphage-sama’s weapon, I added the petals of the Rose of Light at the end.

It was a beautiful bangle engraved with a sacred lotus emblem. Just as I had imagined. A smile naturally appeared on my face.

After that, I smelted and concocted a few more things that I needed.

“I made what I wanted to make. Thank you for accompanying me, Dirk.”

“No, it’s fun watching you work with such seriousness… this pot is also quite interesting. It mixes and melts… what a strange magic tool this is.”

Dirk stared at the alchemic smelting pot. It certainly is mysterious, this pot.

“It certainly is. Shall we return then?”

“… Before that… let me charge up a bit?”


Dirk suddenly embraced me and rubbed his face against the top of my head.

“Wa… wait! I’m going to die from embarrassment!”

I’m still damaged from the other day! I don’t dislike it, but it’s embarrassing!

“… But I don’t like the scent of Miss Milfilia on you… I was trying to endure, but…… can’t I?”

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