Chapter 208

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Booze, tears, women, and men.
I woke up and went to the kitchen to drink some water because I was thirsty. I didn’t feel like I had slept much, so it must still be dead of night.

There was a light on in the kitchen and I found Martha drinking a glass of wine on her own.


“Ojousama… what is the matter?”

“I got woken up by thirst.”

“I will make you hot milk. I would have made you hot wine if you were just a tad older, how unfortunate.”

“Will you drink with me when I become an adult then?”


In the meantime, the hot milk seemed to be ready and Martha drizzled some honey in it. It was sweet and delicious.

“Say, Martha.”


Martha took another sip of her wine.



“Now that I’m thinking about it, when are you going to marry Rudolph-san?”



Martha spurted out the wine.

“Hah!? Wha!? I, I, I won’t!?”

“Is that so?”

“Wh, why are you…”

“Well, I heard it from the Piggy Inn’s missus. You are often drinking with Rudolph-san, right?”

“… Hah, well… Ojousama.”


“This wouldn’t be normally tolerated, but… could you please hear me out? It’s fine if you treat it like a drunkard’s nonsense.”


Martha straightened her back and started talking.

“These days, Rudolph courts me every time we drink. But, he’s talking drunk…”

“Would you accept if he wasn’t drinking that day? If you know you are going to get a marriage proposal every time you go drinking then you must have felt the impulse to accept, right?”

“… Indeed. If he wasn’t drunk… I might accept.”

“Or rather, why don’t you say it before you start drinking?”


An immediate answer.

“I have no cuteness or youth. I am an auntie with strength as my only redeeming feature. I have no self-confidence.”

I promptly grasped Martha’s hands.

“In my eyes, you are my kind elder sister I am very much proud of. You are a beauty with firm character, and a reliable adult. You are my important person I trust from the bottom of my heart.”


Martha’s eyes got damp.

“Alright, where’s the women’s courage, Martha! Leave it to me. I’m going to cast some magic on you.”

I did Martha’s makeup, let her wear a one-piece dress, and tied her hair a little lower instead of her usual, strict-looking hairstyle.

“O, Ojousama?”

“This is my magic for you. Be honest with your feelings today, Martha. I’m going to call Rudolph-san over, so do your best. I will pick you up tomorrow if you can still move.”

“Eh!? Wait! W, what are you worrying about!?”

I had Martha wait in the Piggy Inn’s private room, while I summoned Rudolph-san over an emergency.

Only God knows whether things go smoothly. Well, Martha looks stunning when dressed up, so I believe it will work out. Umu. I did a great job!



When I returned to my room to sleep when I thought it was a good time, Curtis, Adeil, and Dirk were standing before my room. It seemed that the two were trying to stop Dirk.

“… What are you doing?”

“Well, Dirk wouldn’t stop saying that he wants to sleep together with Rosarin… Rosarin!?”

“Yes? What’s the matter, Dirk…”


A drunken angel was here! Dirk laughed defenselessly. He clung tightly to me and rubbed his face against mine.

“Rozawin, luv you… lesh sleep togetwer?”


“Instant reply?”

Adeil was dumbfounded. My Darling is inviting me. I have no reason to refuse.

“Why is he this drunk?”

“Ah~ we are former assassins so we are quite resistant to drugs, yeah? The same goes for booze, so we won’t get intoxicated from the normal kind of alcohol.”

“… And this is the result of drinking not the normal kind of alcohol…”



Curtis seemed to be taking the blame and apologized honestly. How rare.

“Rozawiin, spoil me?”

Dirk wrapped himself around me and tilted his head. Adorable. He’s so much bigger than me, yet he’s so cute.

“With pleasure! Dirk, I love you!”

When I hugged him tightly, Dirk smiled blissfully.

“Ehehe, sho happi.”

“Is this supposed to be a one-night stand now?”

“What are you saying with that serious look of yours, you stupid girl!”


Adeil-san poked me in the forehead.

“Adejl, don’t yu buwwy Rozawin!”

“Dirk~ that hurt~”

Dirk checked my forehead when I deliberately acted spoiled. Ah, he’s a hopeless case now. Dirk’s eyes looked dangerous. My intuition says that this is bad!


Dirk’s eyes were serious. The bloodthirst was bad.

“Hey, wait! I will die, I will die, I will die! C, Curtis, back me up!”


Curtis also slashed at Dirk, but it was too easy for Dirk to defend.

“Didn’t Dirk get way too strong!?”

“His mastery over magical power manipulation increased recently, so I’m on a new record losing streak. I can’t win.”



Even when I tried to support them with magic as a test, I couldn’t hit.

“That was close! You lass! You are making it more difficult for us!”

I got scolded by Adeil who discarded his elder sis skin. I’m more likely to hit everyone else but Dirk.


Adeil’s short sword broke. Curtis followed-up but he cannot win against Dirk on his own.


It’s still in the prototype phase, but I threw over the weapon I was made for Adeil. It looks like a whip at a glance, but the tip has a blade.

“The name is Earth Serpent! Use it!”

“This… I will question you later!”

It was a type of weapon Adeil was used to, so we somehow managed to compete evenly. That whip-like weapon is actually an imitation of the weapon Adeil used in the game when he got serious. As expected, his movements were better than before.

“Rosarin, what about me?”

“Still in progress.”

“So there’s one?”

“There is.”

We could afford to have such a conversation.


“Can’t be helped. They are Windflurry and Windshear.”

I threw him a pair of twin swords.


Curtis’s… the old sword I gave him was absorbed by the Windflurry and Windshear.

“Heh~ what an interesting pair of swords.”

Curtis attacked Dirk again. Fast! Curtis seemed to understand how to use the swords without having to explain, as he utilized the special effects of acceleration and wind pressure well.


“Don’t injure my Dirk!?”

“I know!”

Curtis and Adeil drove Dirk into a corner, little by little. However, Dirk pushed back again when he Beastified. No, Curtis and Adeil were getting exhausted. This is bad.

When Curtis and Adeil withdrew to reorganize, Dirk sat down.


“Rozawin, you only kare about Kurtis and Adejl… not fair.”

C, cuteeeee! My brain was filled only with this one word. His ears and tail were obviously feeling disheartened! My heart was (chaotic) beating hard when looking at the weeping Dirk.

“Sorry, Dirk! I’m going to care about you with all my heart!”

“Okay. Purr, purr…”

My cutie purred in satisfaction as I tickled his chin. Both his tail and body behaved like a spoiled child. T, this is happiness! This somehow turned in to a paradise!

“Ruined by a pretty girl, huh… how lovey-dovey… I’d like to hear more about the weapons, but it can’t be helped, huh.”

“Put Dirk to sleep before he erupts again.”

“I was entrusted!”

Putting Dirk to sleep is a wonderful treat! I led Dirk to sleep in the other guest room while spoiling him like a child.

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