Chapter 207

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Boy talk was also about love?
Dirk’s Point of View

This time, as expected, Rosarin and I were in separate rooms. It’s a little lonely…
As I was getting ready for bed, I was spoken to by Aldin-sama.

“Dirk, are you a lolicon?”


Whoosh, the place fell into silence.


“I’m not.”

I immediately denied it, but it was a hell of a bombshell. Curtis burst out laughing, so I will put him down for it later. I took a deep breath.

“I don’t react to anyone but Rosarin, and I’m not interested in little girls. Rosarin just happens to be young, and I’m confident I would love her were she older or younger, a grandmother or even a cat.”

“Is… Is that so?”

Aldin-sama’s face stiffened.

“It’s already common knowledge that Rosarin likes Dirk, but it doesn’t shake the fact that Dirk likes Rosarin too, right?”

“I don’t know whether it is common knowledge, but… yes. I don’t think his love for Rosarin would waver.”

Curtis added, and I smiled as I recalled Rosarin’s face. Aldin-sama continued.

“Did you quit the Knights for Rosarin? It’s such a waste. You could have become the Knight Commander, for sure.”

“Whether I could become Knight Commander aside, I quit for my own sake. In order to be with Rosarin all the time, in order to see the same things as her, I made the decision for myself.”

“I see.”

Aldin-sama laughed softly. Aldin-sama then spoke to Cidar-kun.

“On that subject, do you like Miss Milfilia, Cidar?”


Cidar-kun choked. Let’s pat his back for now. Aldin-sama has been dropping bombshells since a while ago.

“W, w, what is it, all of a sudden!”

Cidar-kun was trembling. His pigmentation is light, so you can tell he’s red up to his ears.

“No, I thought of supporting my friend’s romance. Miss Milfilia is smart and brave. You were getting along quite well, so I was sure you liked her? Miss Milfilia is a wonderful young lady, you know?”

“No matter what my feelings are, she’s someone that is out of my reach.”

Hmm, that’s not quite true… probably. I decided to explain something to Cidar-kun.

“If I’m not mistaken, then the Laurel family’s parents married out of love, so I believe Miss Milfilia’s parents wouldn’t object if you are serious about her. Besides, your noble status will be restored once your father’s innocence is proven, so it’s not like she will be out of your reach, right?”


“Fufu, if you honestly say that you like Miss Milfilia, then I will provide you with information about her, you know? What is her favorite color and accessories, what she is collecting, her likes and dislikes, I have quite a lot of info to give.”

Alphage-sama had an evil expression on his face. He’s going to tease him, huh.

“Elder brother… please don’t tease him. Cidar-kun is serious about Miss Milfilia. That’s why I am asking you to take a step back.”

Well, you are not wrong, but… I want to know how Aldin-sama came to that conclusion from Cidar-kun’s remark.
Cidar-kun spoke while scratching his head roughly.

“I did not consider asking others to step aside for me as of yet. Whether I like her… I honestly don’t know, but… I do think that she’s super cute.”

“Mhm, it cannot be helped then, I will give you some info.”

Alphage-sama handed a note to Cidar-kun. Both Aldin-sama and I peeked at the note.
Wow, from her family structure to her growth… huh? I saw this handwriting somewhere before…

“That’s not your handwriting, Elder brother.”

“I bought it from Miss Rabisha, after all. Well, she’s quite a competent one, that girl. I’d love to hire her for the post of intelligence officer. Unfortunately, she adores Miss Rosarin, so my invitation was rejected.”

I wonder what is Miss Rabisha doing? Anyhow, let’s report that to Rosarin later.

“Well, I hope things go smoothly with you and Miss Milfilia. She’s our friend. We won’t forgive you if you make her sad.”

“… Of course.”

Alphage-sama laughed in satisfaction. After that, he kept on teasing Cidar-kun until he snapped. Which reminds me, Ru has not joined the conversation at all. When I went looking for Ru, I found him in the corner of the room reading a book.


“Teacher… we will definitely save you!”

He was reading Cidar-kun’s father’s book. What do I say… he’s a fan, isn’t he? Judging that it was better for me not to approach him, I withdrew.

Alphage-sama and others were still talking.

“However, this is nice. It’s great to observe your heartwarming love, Cidar.”

“… You look quite good yourself, don’t you have unlimited choices to pick from?”

“Mhm. I won’t deny that, but let me tell you something. One day, I received a pastry from a pure young lady. We were quite close to each other already, and well I had the pastry tested for poison for form’s sake as I intended to eat it.”

Alphage-sama sighed. He hesitated for a moment and continued.

“The pastry was packed with long hairs. The poison taster was teary-eyed. Even I felt guilty for my attendant, who couldn’t bring himself to chew or spit it out…”




Everyone obviously felt revolted. Curtis voices out our thoughts. No one could taste it, but it certainly sounds gross!

“And so, the distance between me and that young lady grew. Unbelievably, giving a strand of your hair to your loved ones is apparently considered a good luck charm, but… there are limits! Since then, I haven’t eaten any homemade foods, other than the ones made by Miss Rosarin.”

What is this traumatic experience? It’s simply frightening. I would understand if it was just that poison taster of his, but for even himself to be traumatized… Well, since Alphage-sama cannot eat anything made by other young ladies except Rosarin, it must be an undisputed trauma.

“Elder brother, so something like that happened to you? I also encountered something similar. I was greeted at the castle by a certain young lady. I didn’t care at first, but I would meet her every single day after that. Elder brother, you understand, right? How weird that is. I would happen to encounter her in that huge castle no matter what, even though I am busily moving around all the time? She, fortunately, went to a different school, so I didn’t have to see her there.”

“Surely not…”

“She transferred. She’s in a different class, but I would see her in the corridors no matter what.”

Aldin-sama got teary-eyed. Adeil added to that.

“You can’t even remove her, since you only happen to see her.”

“She’s definitely hitting on him, but only with her stare. You could say it’s clever since we cannot do anything about it.”

Adeil and Hugh were also troubled. However, just let me tell you something.



“… Why did we divert from talking about love to horror stories?”



First of all, I asked Rosarin to take care of Aldin-sama’s matter. Rosarin said: “What the hell is up with that stalker! Don’t worry, I will handle it!” and she really did handle it.
It seems that another victim was allocated for that young lady. Aldin-sama thanked her over and over again. He must have been really scared.




The children are about to sleep, but to be honest, it’s a bit too early for me. Curtis was laughing with a bottle of sake in his hand.

“Dirk, let’s drink!”

Rosarin isn’t here, so there won’t be any blunders, right? Thinking that drinking once in a while is fine, I nodded.



I lamented in the morning about the mistake I made. My beloved fiancée was peacefully sleeping next to me, who was stark naked. I don’t remember any of this.


Seriously, what did you do!? Myself!

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