Chapter 206

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Girl talk is all about love!
I told them what I needed to tell them, and we disbanded for the day.

I crawled into the same bed with Milfi. This time, Milfi and I were sharing a room. It’s unfortunate that Rabisha-chan is absent, but we have to do some girl talk! Let’s talk love!



“Milfi, do you like Cidar-kun?”

“I do.”

N? Her reaction was way too smooth. Shouldn’t she feel more shy about it? Or perhaps… I need to confirm.

“What do you think of him in a romantic sense?”

“…………… Eh?”

Milfi froze in place. Oh, she wasn’t conscious of it?

“Milfi, I thought you were assertively going for him. You were approaching Cidar-kun so intensively. You fed him then you went on a boat with just the two of you.”

“I, I… I was only treating him as a friend.”

Milfi began to panic. Nono, you looked like lovers. Definitely not as friends of opposite gender. I wore a different smile on my face.

“Didn’t you also feed Dirk!”

“I won’t do it to Cidar-kun or Aldin-sama. They are boys, after all. I will do it to Dirk because he’s my sweetheart.”


It seems that Milfi wasn’t conscious of it at all. A natural airheady succubus… she got all red and flustered.

“W, what do I do… I did that with a beastman male in front of the princes…”

“Well, isn’t that just fine, since they accept Cidar-kun in the end? Milfi, can I ask you something?”

“Eh? Yes.”




“Would you be able to kiss Cidar-kun?”





Steam shot up from the top of Milfi’s head.

“No, this is something I only heard, but listen, yeah? If you are able to kiss him then he’s the object of romantic interest, if you cannot then he’s clearly not.”

“K, ki, kisshiing is a little bit…”

Milfi was bright red. She also bit her tongue.

“Can you? Can you not?”

“I have nenenever thought about it!”

The Milfi volcano was about to erupt. Then, why don’t I change the approach?

“Then, how about Alphage-sama?”

“If we are married.”








Milfi’s face got redder and redder. What an adorable creature. I think you have your answer?

“For now, I think Cidar-kun is special to you in a different way than I am. How about you slowly think about what these feelings are?”

“I will do that.”

“Let me know when you get the answer, okay?”

“Yes, I will.”

We smiled at each other.


“What is it~?”

I replied while dozing off.

“What does love feel like?”


I wonder how? It’s very difficult to explain because I was starting with character moe.

“I knew Dirk from my oracles of the future… and I loved him in the future.”

In the past tense. I mean, the Dirk I know now is not the “Dirk-sama” I knew of. I won’t let him lose an eye, and he’s not a knight anymore, too.

“You said it in the past tense?”

“Indeed. Dirk is a totally different person from the future I know. My Dirk is the only Dirk now.”

“How did you understand that you love Dirk-sama?”

“N~? How do I understand… Rin… my Beneficiary had lived for quite long, so she understood love. So from experience, I guess.”

“I wonder how it feels to like someone out of love?”

“N~ I believe there are individual differences, but… it’s fluttering.”

“Fluttering… is it?”

“Yeah. The other party looks so cool to you, even the trifling things they do make you feel lightheaded and your heart throb.”

“It sounds like a romance novel.”

“Well, you are not wrong. There’s a lot of lip service in the romance novels, so just take it as a reference. In fact, there are a lot of unpleasant feelings like jealousy, too.”

“I thought so.”

“Yeah. There’s a lot of happiness as well, though. I’m very confident to be happy just with Dirk by my side.”

“You do look very cheerful when you are with Dirk-sama. Moreover, you make a very lovely expression when near him.”

“I, is that so?”

“Yes. Your love story is everything the noble children yearn for. A mutual love from childhood… that’s a maiden’s dream. What is really wonderful is the story about Dirk-sama quitting the Knights for your sake… the portrayal of the love you have for each other is dreamy…”

Milfi looked spellbound. T, this is quite embarrassing… wait. That’s quite close to the truth, isn’t it? I didn’t tell Milfi… or rather, I didn’t tell anyone, you know!?

“Milfi, what story are you talking about?”


Milfi froze. Eh? What reaction is that? As a result of pressing her relentlessly for an answer, there seems to be a romance novel that is popular among the noble children that is based on me and Dirk. Milfi owned the book, so I quickly read it.

“Isn’t nearly everything in there!?”

Walls have ears. The town has noble sons and daughters! This is so embarrassing, I’m going to die! Especially, this pen name, Miss Glasses Bunny is awfully real………… it’s Rabisha-chan! I have no doubts! Stop selling your master’s privacy!

“Eh? It really happened?”

I couldn’t beat the sparkling eyes of Milfi and ended up telling her everything.

Later, Milfi wrote her own novel about it that became a big hit, but that’s another story. By the way, I found out that it was my mother who started the boom. I asked her to stop it, but she said she couldn’t because it was part of her plan to make the Dirk… or rather the beastmen, accepted by the nobility.

Then we had some idle chats. We talked about what we would do tomorrow, and how we would make sweets at Miss Butterfly’s store again during our summer vacation.

I guess I was tired too, as I fell asleep before I knew it.

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