Chapter 205

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Explanation and friends.
Anyhow, my elder brother got appeased by Cidar-kun. Alphage-sama who was making the eyes of a dead fish revived and spoke to me.

“Miss Rosarin, isn’t it time you explain?”


“You have made rather extensive requests to find out about the evils. Additionally, we also have information that you collapsed in Wolfanea the other day. What are you trying to do? You also knew that the black thing that was driving the Spirit King crazy was a evil. Are you intending to fight the evils?”

“Ah, as expected… of you.”

“Knowing this much is only natural. We are cooperating. You are going to explain things properly, right?”

“That’s right! I didn’t hear anything about you collapsing, you know!?”

“Rosarin, are we that undependable? I know that you are trying to keep us away from the danger, but… we are also worried about you, Rosarin.”

“… Ugh, a, alright. I will have to eventually need you to cooperate with me, especially you, Niisama, Aldin-sama, Alphage-sama, Curtis, Adeil, Hugh, and Jash…”

“Us too?”

“Yes. You three are all very capable, after all.”

The cooperation of all the capture targets will be essential. At some point, I will have to explain anyway, so I will tell them everything I know about the Evil.

“Miss Rosarin?”

“… Yes.”

Cold air was oozing out of Alphage-sama! What? Is he extremely angry!? His smile is frightening!!!

“Wouldn’t the world get destroyed if handled poorly?”

“………… Errm…”

“It erodes and expands. Moreover, it can be dealt with only with the Holy attribute which rarely appears. If other attributes worked, the Spirit King… should have been able to self-purificate the curse out of her system with water.”

“……… Yes, that is true.”

“Geez… we will cooperate fully. What is it that you need from us?”

“I need everyone to grow stronger. Physically as well as mentally. I’m sorry to get you all involved, but everyone I named is the key to dealing with the Evil.”

Everyone nodded. Cidar-kun and Milfi’s expressions didn’t look good.

“Next time… no, it’s unlikely that something this ridiculous would happen again, but you better consult with us from the very beginning!”




This time, it was Cidar-kun who addressed me. Did he remember something?

“Is there not something I could do? I want to repay the favor. Even something little is fine. I will do anything.”

“I would like to request you to cultivate rare materials for me if we manage to rescue your father safely. I said that I was gathering materials, right?”

“Got it. Leave it to me.”

Cidar-kun’s expression softened a little.

“And then there’s the most important duty.”


“What is it?”

“The duty of stopping the wild delusions of the nerds… even I cannot do something about it.”

“Kuh, I got entrusted with it.”

Cidar-kun finally smiled. While feeling relieved, Milfi pulled on my sleeve.

“I don’t like this! I will become stronger, too! The idea of letting only Rosary… letting my best friend face the danger alone while I live peacefully, I really, really hate it!”


“It was the same this time with Cidar-kun too!”



Cidar-kun whose name was suddenly brought up was startled.

“I also want to be of help! Why leave things to others, aren’t friends supposed to help when you are in need!?”

“O… oof.”

It’s a sound argument and I cannot retort. I got all flustered.

“Rosarin is weak against Miss Milfilia. But, I am of the same opinion. Although Cidar will be studying at the same school now, he is no longer just another stranger. And I cannot turn blind eye now that I know the truth.”

Aldin-sama was shining. Mr. Light, you are dazzling so please stop. It’s tough when you are so dazzling both mentally and visually.

“Rosarin, I’m going to do my best to help you solve this problem as soon as possible!”

My elder brother’s eyes that were looking at me were also beaming. Your eyes are not gentle a single bit! These glitters……… no, sparks! Are painful!

“I will also help out. It sounds like fun.”

Dark! These brothers really are extremes of opposite sides!! Although I am thankful for his help.

“Ugh… do as you please. Anyhow, let’s wait for Leor-san’s reply first.”

Leor-san is a capable person, so he will probably contact me in two or three days.

However, things turned out wonderfully. The perpetrator unknowingly turned the future rulers of Christia into his enemies.




The culprit is over, huh.




I was convinced of that.

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