Chapter 204

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Bonds can come from the most unexpected places.
The little ones were asleep and we reassembled. Zilva didn’t participate as I had told him to.
Well, I guess we’ll start with Cidar-kun’s case.

“Regular call, Leor.”

After a few seconds of ringing, Leor-san answered.

“Can I do something for you, Lord?”

“Yes, sorry for calling this late. Do you have time? Is Michuu-san there? Although I would be thankful if you came too, Leor-san.”

“Understood. I am free. There’s nothing that would require me to prioritize it over you, Lord. Also my Lord, you don’t need to use honorifics with me. Please call me Leor.”

“Ah~ or call me whatever you like.”

However, there was no response for him, as he was replaced by Michuu-san.

“Oh~ pardon me, I switched with him. Thank you very much for taking my younger siblings with you on a trip. I hope they haven’t caused any trouble for you?”

“Cidar-kun is here too to manage them and they are all good kids. It’s fine. There’s something I would like to ask you if I can.”


“Cidar-kun has doubts regarding your father’s matter. Let me ask you frankly. Do you think your father is innocent?”

“… Yes. Our old man is a research fool, and I don’t think he would or could have made connections with illegal channels in the first place.”

“Please tell me the circumstances that led to your father’s imprisonment, everything you remember.”

Cidar-kun’s family was originally a lowly noble family, but they were prone to producing people with Revelations, and were considered a special family.
Their father was rather famous in other countries as a scholar, and he spent his time studying plants while managing the Blessing of the Saintess.

One day, the Blessing of the Saintess was stolen. But only a little. However, the thefts kept happening, so he tried setting traps among other things, but without success.

Their father announced that he was going out for a drink with an old friend and never came back. Worried about his father, Michuu-san went out to look for him and heard that his father had been caught stealing and lying, which somehow led to him being accused of selling the Blessing of the Saintess. He went to see his father and asked him about the truth, but he would not tell him.

Their father admitted his guilt. The contract he sold had a blood seal on it, which matched his father’s. However, he did not tell any details and was still imprisoned.

“Hmm. First of all, that old friend is suspicious.”

“Yes. But the people who had been drinking with my father said that he had gotten so drunk that they had paid the inn to let him rest… I voiced out my doubts, but one of them received the management rights of the Blessing of the Saintess after our family.”

“Is that where the blood seal came up?”

“… Yes, most likely. My father refused to sell when a merchant asked him to, and it is unlikely that he would sell the rights. He said he was proud of his work managing the Blessing of the Saintess.”

I wonder if their father could have been threatened. With the lives of his family, for example.

“Leor-san, were you listening? Give me your opinion.”

“I also thought that the teacher’s matter was suspicious. Lord, could you leave this matter to me?”

“That’s fine with me, but… teacher?”

“Yes. Michuu’s father used to be a tutor of mine and Shushulina-sama. That’s when I got to know Michuu and managed to hire him to work for me.”

So that was the reason Michuu-san got hired, huh.


“That… Shushulina-sama is bad with these kinds of things, and the north is busy with a bandit problem, and I was very impressed by Lord’s story the other day. I will surely fulfill your wishes, Lord. Whether it’s plotting or negotiations, I will definitely be of use to you. Please, leave this matter to me.”

“My servant, Leor Felsen.”


“Get the results I want. The deadline is until my next visit to Wolfanea. I will leave the method up to you.”

“Thank you very much!”

“A man by the name of Ravioli Walse is currently in Wolfanea. If you need to examine the flow of money then he will be a reassuring ally. I will ask him to cooperate with you if needed. I’m expecting good news.”


And I ended the call.

“Umm… Rosarin, when did you manage to make the Duke of the East work for you?”

“No, I did not… did I?”

“You definitely did. I’ve been bothered by it since a while ago. What’s going on?”

Cidar-kun stared at me. It’s not only the East, but also the Duchess of the West, Marquis of the North, and even the royalty are my servants… well, it’s better that he doesn’t know!

“… No, well… that’s not important now! The Duke of the East is on your side now! We did it! Yep, yep! Rabisha-chan!”

“Yes. At your will, Ojousama. I will probe around. I request a mixed berry tart as a reward.”

“Sorry about that. The reward will be waiting for you. I’m relying on you.”

“Naturally! I’m Ojousama’s number one personal maid, after all!”

I sent Rabisha-chan, who was beaming with pride, to Ravioli-san’s place.

My elder brother pondered about something and then spoke to Cidar-kun as if he had made up his mind.

“Cidar-kun, there’s something I’d like to ask. What is your family name?”

“Family name? It’s Rattle.”

“Surely not… is perhaps your father’s name Mitchell Rattle-sama!?”

“Sa, sama? Y, yeah, that’s right.”

“As I thought! Ahh… what a disaster! Teacher Mitchell’s imprisonment is a loss for the whole world!!”

Elder brother’s switch… got turned on. His excitement MAXed out. Alphage-sama had the eyes of a dead fish. I’m sorry about my brother!
Mitchell, Mitchell… ah, the author of the book my brother treated like a Bible!

“Ahh… I was wondering why there were no new books from him recently, but to think he was imprisoned… Rosarin! Let’s go save him right away!”

“Nono, I just asked Leor-san to handle it, okay!”

It was seriously difficult to calm down my brother. Either way, it will be necessary to meet Cidar-kun’s at least once, so he finally calmed down when I promised to bring him along.
I guess you can never know how bonds are connected.

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