Chapter 203

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Cidar-kun and Zilva.
Today, we were staying at our villa. While we were having tea in the parlor, Cidar-kun was seemingly pondering something.

“Hey, isn’t that rice the Blessing of the Saintess?”

“That’s right. I have received permission in Wolfanea to popularize it.”

“Is that so? So there was also a way like that to eat it.”

“N?… You have eaten the Blessing of the Saintess before?”

Wasn’t that exclusive to the royal family? No matter how you look at him, Cidar-kun is a commoner, though…

“Only about a scoopful, though. We raised it at our home about three years ago. Our family lineage is prone to giving birth to children with the Green Thumb Revelation, you see. Our household got ruined though, so other houses should be in control now.”

“Erm… can I ask the reason?”

“My old man got imprisoned three years ago for selling the Blessing of the Saintess on the black market. I mean, we are still technically nobles, but… well, it’s just in name.”

“… What kind of person is your father?”

“Research fool.”

He described him in two words.

“He is a fool that loves to research plants, similar to Ru, actually. He cared for the Blessing of the Saintess with all his heart.”

He said with a nostalgic, warm expression. Perhaps… perhaps it might be just as I think it is.

“Cidar-kun, do you really think that your father is guilty of committing this crime?”

“… I still believe that the research fool that he was wouldn’t do something like that. He probably got set up by someone.”

“You really seem to believe him, Cidar-kun.”

Milfi touched Cidar-kun’s hand to comfort him.


“… Mm. First of all, let’s lull the pipsqueaks to sleep. I have something to consult with you later.”

Seeing the full smile appearing on my face, Dirk, the princes, and the knights turned stiff.


“What a bad smile…”

What do you mean? My Darling. Milfi’s eyes are full of expectations, aren’t they? Well, I won’t know if I live up to her expectations until I investigate, though.
If I’m right, it’ll probably be fine. Anyway, we put the pipsqueaks to bed and regrouped.

“Oh, sorry but you cannot participate, Zilva.”

“… May I ask for the reason?”

“I don’t trust you. You lack ability. You are unable to participate unless you can take at least one blow from Jash.”

“… I, I understand.”

Ohh!? He has grown up! He seemed frustrated, but he withdrew without talking back.

Cidar-kun’s story… well, I wouldn’t mind if he continued listening, but I also want to talk about the Evil, so I didn’t want him to heart that.

“… I cannot win against him. I will devote myself and have you recognize me one day.”

Ohh? What a good look he has. I smiled cheerfully.

“I am looking forward to that day. Milfi also now needs solid protection. The current you will only hinder her. Think carefully about what you need to do and grow.”


What a good reply. According to Milfi, Zilva is a weirdly complicated but serious type of person, so he has been recently working hard on his training and actively asking others for their opinions on what he is lacking.

“Ojousama, Zilva will be recklessly coming for me, though.”

“… Sorry.”

Jash was certified as a master, and was plainly troubled.

“But, to be honest, you are a good example of a great and competent subordinate. It might get troublesome for you, but I would like it if you taught him to an extent he won’t be a hindrance to our work anymore.”

“… I have no choice since you said so much, Ojousama.”

Jash’s tail was vigorously swaying back and forth. Is my subordinate all right? Isn’t he too easy?

It’s still a long way off before Zilva can earn my trust and recognition.

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