Chapter 209

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Rosarin’s battle.
Dirk and I were to sleep in an empty guest room. I asked Arisa and Kuurin to give Milfi a message for me just in case, so she wouldn’t worry, and then entered the room.
Dirk was clinging to me. Well, not in the sexual way like before, he was just acting spoiled, so I let him do as he pleased, but I had an early day tomorrow, so I wanted to go to bed soon. Tomorrow we’re going to go octopus hunting.

“Dirk, we should go to sleep. Take off your clothes.”


I’ve made a big mistake. I should have prepared sleepwear beforehand. Or maybe I could have managed with Mr. Waist Pouch, but I’m not stupid enough to wear a waist pouch to sleep. So I was in my nightgown.



And Dirk undressed. Everything.




I’ll say it again, because it’s important.

All of it, down to the last bastion, the pants. Right in front of me, a naked Dirk was ready for a hug.




As expected, it took me a few seconds to understand. I really didn’t think he would take it all off, you know? That was way too unexpected!!

“Rozawiiin, hug~”

Dirk didn’t seem to mind at all, and tried to hug me. Oh noooo! No way, no way! This is indeed impossible! At least put on your pants!

“S, stop! Stay! P, pants! Plplplease at least put on your pants!”

I was so flustered that I lost the strength in my back and fell on my butt, unable to stand up. Naturally, I was easily captured by Dirk.
So close, so close, so close! I can see the part that shouldn’t be visible! Hide it! At least hide it!!

“Rozawiiin, do you not like hugging?”

Dirk tilted his head with teary eyes. Both his ears and tail looked dejected. My mouth wanted to reflexively deny.

“I don’t dis—”Then, hug me~”

Ahhhhh!? That’s why, that’s why, pantsss! Pants are important!! Even I can’t stay calm when I’m being hugged by a completely naked Dirk! Th, the texture of his skin is so raw!!
But he’s got great muscles and that cuteness of his. Sexy and cute at the same time. His skin is silky smooth too… nono, I can’t! I mean, not good! I have to urgently make him put on the pants! Fortunately, Dirk libido doesn’t seem to be stirred at the moment. If there was a reaction over there, and he ate me up, Dirk might end up killing himself later.



“Please put on your pants.”

“Nyah. I now have Rozawin all for my own.”

Dirk was hugging me and not letting me go.

“I weally didn’t want to lend yu even to Mish Milfilia. I couldn’t enduwe. Rozawin is mine nyaw, so I won’t let go. Rozawin, luv yu.”

Dirk hugged me even tighter, trying not to let me go.



What do I do?




What are you trying to do by making my heart throb so fast!? Composure, is that delicious? I’m beginning to think like that!
My heart is throbbing so fast it’s going to explode! Why are you so atrociously cute!? I, I wouldn’t mind letting you cling to me as much as you’d like if you weren’t naked!

“I beg you, please put on your pants.”

“Nyah. I won’t let go… I don’t want to shepawatee.”


Dirk started sobbing. It appears that Dirk doesn’t want to separate from me. I asked him a question while patting his head.

“Dirk, why do you not want to let go of me so much?”

“I feel uneashy when Rozawin ish not awound.”

“… I see.”

I collapsed because of the Evil before. I must have caused Dirk to feel uneasy. And now that he’s drunk, all his worries that he was working hard on concealing are coming out.

“Dirk, do you regret it?”

I did not ask him what. Dirk seemed puzzled, but shook his head.

“I don’t have a single wegwet.”

Dirk held me up in his arms and placed me on the bed. Then, he entered the duvet with me as he was. Pants… it was not the mood to say that. I was hugged again while we faced each other. I ignored that something touching my leg with all of my strength.

“I’m happi to have met you, Rozawiin. I’m glad yu ae hewe. I have no wegwets. You have changed my world. You shee, my dweam is to someday live just with you… alone.”

“… Indeed. I would like a house on the hill with the view of the sea, and I would like to live with you until I become a granny.”

“Yeah. I will monopolize yu until our end. I want to have you all fo mishelf, Rozawiin.”

“It’s fine… you already have me all for yourself even now…”



“Ehehe… I’m happi.”

When I saw Dirk smiling so defenselessly, I no longer cared about his pants. My heart was full and I was experiencing happiness. As long as Dirk is happy, I’m fine with anything………………

I’m not!

Pants are important!! I nearly accepted his nakedness!! Dirk… what a terrifying child you are!!

Ah! I came up with a way to improve the situation somewhat!

“Dirk, I love you! I will spoil you as much as you want, so do a complete Beastification!”


At any rate, I felt a little better, only because the amount of raw skin was reduced thanks to the fur via the Beastification. Oh well, it’s dangling there heavily, but that can’t be helped. How splendid… nono! I cannot look!
I pulled my thoughts together and mofued Dirk. Howl! Golden Finger!!


“Miyuu… purr, purr.”

I’m worried about the nether region, but it will be my loss if I mind it! I will swiftly put him to sleep by mofumofu and put on his pants!


My plan was only half successful. Dirk fell asleep.

My plan also half failed. The Beastified Dirk was holding onto me tightly, and I couldn’t move at all. When I tried to remove his hold, he held onto me even tighter.
I cannot even use magic because the naked Dirk was glued to me so tightly. I had the confidence of exploding myself. I must concentrate!

And, my biggest miscalculation was how insanely sleepy I was. Moreover, Dirk was warm and fluffy, and he smelled nice… he was the perfect body pillow. Yep……… let’s sleep.
I’m sure Dirk will be sober in the morning. I let go of my consciousness.

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