Chapter 210

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Shy and love struck.
It seems it has become a morning. There’s something warm and smooth… n? Mofumofu…

“Hey, don’t! That’s…”

“… Funya?”

It seems that I have been unconsciously se*ually harassing Dirk. I looked at Dirk and spoke.

“… Please wear your pants first.”

Why did he not put them on yet? I swiftly left the room while Dirk was picking his clothes from the ground in panic, and returned to Milfi’s room.

Arisa and Kuurin seemed to have returned after explaining to Milfi as she was already dressed up and reading on her bed. I also changed from my night clothes to casual wear. Should I wear a swimsuit under it? We are going to hunt octopi, after all… while thinking such, Milfi spoke to me.

“Rosary, was Dirk-sama okay?”

“Ahh, yeah. Probably… anyhow, his hangover seems fine now.”

“… Rosary? Why is your face turning red?”

“… You seem to be having fun.”

Mifli laughed in a good mood. Well, yes.

“Fufu, don’t you think it’s normal to want to hear about my best friend’s love story?”

“Indeed. I also had fun listening to you talking about Cidar-kun yesterday.”

“Efu!? Y, y, you have it wrong! I, it’s not love… okay?”

“I never said anything about love, though? Didn’t I only say that I had fun listening to you talking about Cidar-kun?”

“Y, you bully!”

Milfi got angry. Super cute. My best friend is seriously a beauty to behold.



Well, it was time for breakfast in the canteen. I briskly served the food. Today’s breakfast is tamagoyaki, grilled salmon-like fish, a dried mackerel-like fish with wakame, tofu, and miso soup.

“Where’s Martha-san?”

“I had her forcibly take a day off. She’s probably exhausted and sleeping right now.”

I couldn’t say the truth, so I blurred my words appropriately. I couldn’t get in contact, so she’s probably sleeping, right? I think. It’s good for Martha to overwork once in a while.

“Eh? Even though she looks like she wouldn’t die if you killed her?”

How rude, Curtis!

“You are being rude to my Martha. I will never cook meat and pota—”I am deeply sorry for my words!!”

You really do love meat and potato stew, Curtis!!

“Hey, hey, Rosarin-chan.”

“What is it?”

“Is there not any for me!? Even though Curtis has it!?”


“It’s unfair, even Adeil has one!?”

I finally understood what he was talking about. A weapon, huh. If possible, I would like to give them the complete versions, though. I haven’t gathered the proper materials yet.

“”Well, it’s you, Hugh, we are talking about, so it can’t be helped.””

Adeil’s and my voices overlapped.

“So rudeeee!!”

“Fufu. Seriously, I would like to hand over the weapons to you when they are complete. I haven’t gathered enough materials yet, so I will give them to you once they are completed.”

“Ehhh, me too! I want the incomplete one, too! Adeil’s is an insanely good weapon, though! Are you perhaps a weapon-creating genius!?”


I do have a prototype, but what to do? It’s possible to improve on it while he uses the prototype, I guess?

“Alright. However, please evaluate it and report back to me if you think it should be lighter and stuff.”

Hugh’s weapon is the so-called Chakram Battle Ring, a throwing weapon. It is made to grow larger when in close proximity and has a handle. However, it’s usually a palm-sized ring-shaped throwing ring.

“Amaz… it feels so familiar in my hands…”

It’s a throwing weapon, so I’ve made quite a few of them. Hugh was quite happy to go and practice with them later.


“By the way, did you guys have a quarrel?”

Pitch Dark-sama mentioned something unpleasant. He was laughing with good humor.

“So it’s the truth then? I don’t know what happened between you guys, but how about you forgive Dirk?”

“There’s nothing to forgive, we had not quarreled in the first place, and I’m not angry.”

I quietly cast down my eyes. Yes, I’m not angry. Dirk stripped naked because of my careless remarks, so I have no element of being angry in the first place.
However, I couldn’t make eye contact with him.


Because I love him too much.


If I make eye contact with him now, I’m going to blush. I relaxed yesterday because I was terribly sleepy, but after waking up this morning, and thought about it carefully… I thought I’d die from moe. My heart nearly exploded! The cause of death: Heart rupture!

“I’m going to calm down before long, so leave me alone, please.”


Dirk was about to cry. However, I would like to avoid the shyness role play in public.

“… What is it.”

“D, don’t hate me.”

“There’s no way I would ever hate you… I love you very much.”

That’s all I managed to say while holding my tongue. I don’t hate you. It’s the other way around. So please don’t look like you’re about to cry.

“Fufu, Dirk. It looks like Miss Rosarin is only shy.”

Having been exposed by the Pitch Dark-sama, I snapped.

“That I certainly am! But you don’t have to expose me like that! Alphage-sama you big idiooot! Waaaaaah!!”

I, who reached the limit, threw a cushion at Alphage-sama’s face and ran away.




Anyway, I ran from the villa to the forest behind it. I thought I’d go back after I calmed down, so I sat down on a nearby stump, but Dirk came over. I can’t calm down at all!


Oh well. I am just embarrassed. I don’t want to make Dirk feel sad.
I returned a hug to Dirk who was holding me gently.

“U, umm… just what did I do yesterday?”

I told Dirk the whole story of his yesterday’s drunken incident without concealing anything.

“I am truly sorry!!”

He prostrated before me. No, I’m not angry.

“No, to be honest, it was a wonderful view, but as expected, seeing my fiancé naked was too strong of a stimulation even for me… the reason I can’t look into your eyes is because it made me feel so happy.”

“… What had?”

“Even though it was because of the alcohol, you were so obedient and wanted to be spoiled by me so much, and you told me about all your worries… and above all, I was happy to hear about your future dream.”

Ugh… speaking honestly is embarrassing.


“A detached house… where you monopolize me all for yourself.”

“Ahh… I remember something now… rather, hugging you naked like that, doesn’t that make me simply a pervert! Rosarin, you should resist at the very least! Don’t obediently hug a naked pervert back like that!”

“No, you weren’t the tiniest bit aroused, and you were so cute… to be honest, I was so happy to hear your honest thoughts even though you were stark naked… I fell in love with you all over again. And so, I love you so much and my heart beats so fast that I cannot look into your eyes anymore.”

I did my best! I did everything I could! Telling him this much, I’m sure Dirk will understand that I’m just being shy, and understand that is the reason for not being able to look into his eyes. I’m so embarrassed, my hands are trembling.

“Rosarin, you are so cute.”


Wait. Where is the cuteness? Am I cute for misleading him and making him think I’m cold?

“Ah~ I get it. You are certainly way too cute. I also love you so much that I feel afraid. What is it? Are you trying to kill me? If you tremble like that with your ears red… the gap between your normal confidence is going to make my heart explode!”

After agonizing over each other for a while, we calmed down and flirted for a while, then we returned to everyone while holding hands.

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