Chapter 211

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The small animal maiden.
I was embarrassed, but I had calmed down a lot, so we held hands and went back to the cafeteria.

“Looks like you have calmed down.”

Everyone was still relaxing in the dining room. Aldin-sama’s expression was clearly relieved. I’m sorry for worrying you. Alphage-sama was smirking. You son of a gun.

“I told you not to read my expression.”

“Sorry for earlier. Looks like I teased you too much.”

Kuh! If you apologize, I’ll have to apologize too. You Pitch Dark-sama bastard!

“I am also sorry for throwing the cushion at you.”

“No, it wasn’t fork or something, so don’t mind it.”

“No matter how unrestrained I might be, I wouldn’t throw a fork at my friend!”

“Is that so?”

“What do you think of me!?”

Alphage-sama chuckled and laughed. He hasn’t been even trying to hide the blackness in his belly lately!

“Sorry, sorry. By the way?”


“Why did Miss Milfilia turn into a small animal?”

“… Pardon?”

I checked on Milfi. She was taking glances at Cidar-kun while sipping on her tea. When Cidar-kun matched her gaze and she promptly looked away… and this repeated over and over again. She certainly is vigilant like a small animal. So cute!

“A complicated maiden’s heart is like a strawberry, you know?”

“I don’t understand in the slightest.”

“I got the gist of it.”


Looks like Curtis understood! Everyone except Milfi and my Elder brother were surprised. Well, my explanation was incomprehensible, after all. By the way, Elder brother was reading a book at his own pace. He was grumbling under his nose. Is he okay?

“Why is Milfilia peeking at me in the end?”

“I, I, I, I wasn’t peekwing!”

She bit her tongue. And she hid behind my back while trembling. What is this. She’s so adorable!

“… Seriously, what is this about?”

Cidar-kun was perplexed. Well, her behavior changed so much overnight, after all.

“Pwincess, do you hate Nii~ni?”

“Nii~ni likes you, so please don’t hate him.”

“You are wrong, Princess is only embarrassed, she’s hiding because she’s shy. She’s going to like him back before long!”

The third Cidar-kun’s pipsqueaks said proudly.

“You are wrong, you fool!”

Cidar-kun immediately interjected.

“How regrettable. He was correct about the first part.”

“Rororo, Rosary! You are so horrible for saying it!”

“……… Eh?”

“……… Ah.”


I grinned.

“Well then, we will excuse ourselves here.”

“Wait, wait, wait! My heart is going to stop if you leave the two of us behind!”

Milfi clung to me. It can’t be helped. She’s way too cute. You must be jealous, right Cidar-kun? He looked vexed when I grinned at him. There’s a response! I’m happy for you, Milfi.
Milfi continued clinging to me for a while, but then decided that she had to talk properly, so pulled away from me and went to Cidar-kun.

“Ci, Cidar-kun… that… yesterday I did something imimimimimproper, I’m very sorry about it.”

“… It’s not like I… don’t mind it, but you meant no harm. Don’t worry about it. I would dislike it if you kept avoiding me.”

Cidar-kun gently patted Milfi’s head. Milfi erupted like a volcano.

“Y… yesh.”


Milfi, who returned to me, was on the verge of death. She’s completely limp. She worked so hard.

“Rosary… my… my heart is beating so fast. Just why is Cidar-kun so cool…?”

I’m sorry, Milfi. You’re whispering, but they can hear you. Cidar-kun was turning red and writhing in agony. The little ones were rejoicing, “You did it!” while looking at Cidar-kun.
I’d better not show her what is happening in the rear for a while. Milfi might die of embarrassment.
Zilva’s eyes were overflowing with affection. When I asked him, “Didn’t you like Milfi?” later, he said that his love for her was that of an older sibling. Cidar-kun is a noble, and he really seems to love Milfi from the bottom of his heart, so he apparently recognized him.
Anyhow, let’s leave it at that.



My best friend is an angel!! No, unlike me, she’s super adorable! Unlike me, she makes you want to protect her with all you’ve got! I’m not sad saying that! Cuteness is justice!!

As I was thinking about the day before, a fluff poked on my arm.



Dirk was peevish. Crap! Cute! Eh? Are my fiancé and best friend trying to kill me with moe, perhaps? So there was heaven here!

“Ojousama! I am truly sorry!”

While thinking about something stupid, Martha came. Her hair was unusually disheveled…


I placed a scarf around Martha’s neck. Dirk’s face turned bright red. Cidar-kun’s too.


“Let’s talk. Sorry, I will excuse myself for a little.”

I quickly took Martha to a guest room and cast a soundproof barrier around us.


“Martha, you have a hickey.”

Martha patted her neck in fluster. She turned red up to her ears.

“Moreover, Beastmen can umm… recognize by smell, so… they will know even if you take a bath… so how about you rest for today? Your body must feel tired, no?”

“Ugh… I apologize… t, that brute…”

What happened? I will put Rudolph-san in his place later. Martha seems to be completely exhausted, but well things seemed to go smoothly, so I had her rest for today.

“Martha-chan’s young lady, it’s terrible!”

When I left Martha to rest in the room, a village’s uncle told me to go to the shore.

What is it this time!? It’s so busy since the morning today!

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