Chapter 192.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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It’s scary when a gentle person snaps.
“Ojousama, I investigated everything in detail.”

The documents you just handed me are super heavy, though? I skimmed over them first.

“Oh my, I see. So there were other victims beside Cidar-kun?”

“Yes. It’s unforgivable, isn’t it? And the victims were all families who were having trouble making ends meet, you see? As an ex-merchant… no, as a Beastman, that is unacceptable.”

“I, is that so?”

Whoah, is the temperature dropping around Ravioli-san or something? Gator and Rabisha-chan were… frightened!

“Ojousama, can you leave the tortu… discipline of those people to me? First of all, I’m going to punish… teach them mentally and physically so that they don’t do this kind of stuff ever again. Of course, I will look after them until they compensate the victims.”

Yeah, there were some dangerous words… but Ravioli-san unexpectedly is someone who can get really angry.

“I, I shall leave it to you then.”

“Thank you very much.”

Talk about a good or bad timing, a familiar pig Beastman was thrown out of the fields. There were also another Beastman I didn’t recognize, perhaps his accomplice?

“Cidar-san, Michuu-san, I will absolutely have them pay back double the money they took from you.”


“D, don’t overdo it?”

The rat siblings with strong common sense took a step back. Ravioli-san seems to become like that after his switch gets turned on. The Walse siblings are here too so… I think it should be all right to leave this to them. Ravioli-san dragged the two Beastmen away.

“Doubling the amount is tyrannical!”

Shouted the pig Beastman. Ravioli-san smiled softly, but his eyes… weren’t smiling at all! That pig stepped on the landmine willingly!

“Tyranny? Are you aware of what you did? Fine, I’m willing to submit the evidence and have the entire Arkogi disbanded. But then the victims wouldn’t get their compensation as repaying all of it would take time. So what do you choose? Submission, or death?”

Whoah… two extreme choices! Of course, the pig chose the former. You absolutely cannot anger people who are of gentle disposition.


“Huh? What’s up with Gator…”

He was looking at Ravioli-san feebly. Is that… acting?

“………… I’m just panicked. I became like that………… after what happened.”

“I also………… kept silent while trying to understand the situation……”

Just what happened? The Walse siblings were shivering. I understood something, though. That is to never anger Ravioli-san!


Ravioli-san left, so I reviewed the other problem. I don’t want to ask, but I have no other choice.

“……… What about the fields?”

“Yeah, you see! I spoke with Dil and we improved it! Isn’t it amazing!?”


“Yeah, it’s a revolutionary crop that can take down monsters and catch vegetable thieves! They will harass until you can’t resist anymore and then throw you out! The Beastmen from before looked worn-out, but weren’t they still alive!?”

No, well…… where do I interject?

“I don’t need my vegetables to be capable of fighting!”

“Nono, this is the outskirts, so they are a great monster repellent! They are tasty too! They are wonderful veggies!”

“Yeah! We did a good job, didn’t we!”

Kuh! It certainly makes sense… no, wait! There is a serious flaw!

“It even attacked harmless people who just strayed into the fields, though!?”

“Yep, that’s a point we need to improve on.”

“Thieves won’t necessarily be armed, so the challenge is to make them more cognize.”

No, this is very important in order to put them to practical use, alright!? What if a neighbor comes over!? I tried to scold the two nerds, but Cidar-kun spoke to me, so I couldn’t.

“Rosarin, you are my employer, right? It’s not Rupert, yes?”

“Yes? Ah, yes. I employed you under my name, and I’m also the one investing in you.”

“Alright. And so, these devastated-looking fields are not what Rosarin… my employer, desires.”

“Yes. That’s correct.”

“That makes things clear. Oyyyy! Rupert! Stop shitting me!! What did you make our fields into a jungle for!! There’s no way these extremely dangerous fields could be managed by ordinary people!! I don’t do work outside my contract! You better remove this all, or I won’t lend you the power of my Green Thumb ever again!!”

“”I’m sorry.””

Cidar-kun, with his rare Revelation of the Green Thumb, took leadership of restoring the fields back to their original state.

“Cidar-kun, you have a wonderful ability.”

“Ah… well, I had to look after my younger siblings, after all.”

“Cidar-kun, I now feel reassured of leaving my brother without worries.”


“Cidar-kun, you can control those two rampaging plant nerds with your Revelation as a shield! I will have him picked up in two or three days, so please take care of him!!”

“Stop pushing him onto me so casually! I definitely won’t do it!!”

“I will pay you double.”

“…………… Two days.”

“Certainly. Incidentally, if you manage to stop them when they go wild in the future, I will issue you a bonus. I probably can’t do anything about it myself.”

“… Do that. I don’t think I will be able to avoid getting involved because of my Revelation anyway.”

I had gotten my trump card, Cidar-kun, to look after the plant nerds. Then I returned to Christia without a care in the world, leaving my brother and Gator behind. The twins cried super hard before we left, but they stopped crying when we promised to come back. We closed our first outing for the summer vacation, hoping for the best when we come next time.

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