Chapter 193

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Going home and souvenirs.
I came home by teleporting. It was something of an intense schedule, even though I only spent two nights there. When I walked through the front door, everyone came running up to me.


No, it was Jend who ran up to me and hugged me with such force that I thought it was a lariat. Dirk quickly peeled Jend off and passed me to Martha.
Sometimes Martha’s hugs are a bit untamed, but today it was okay. Martha’s hands were shaking as she held me. I hugged Martha back.

“Oneechan, are you okay!?”

“Ojousama, thank goodness…”

“Ojousama, we were worried.”

“Oneechan… I’m glad.”

“Ojousama, don’t overdo it so much.”

“Oneechan, you are safe.”

A day had passed… or rather, I forgot all about it because of Ravioli-san’s sudden change and the jungle incident in the fields, but I collapsed and worried everyone.

“I’m home.”

(Welcome back.)

Looking at everyone’s smiling faces, I thought I was really at home. Geraldin-san, who’s expression was unusually meek, addressed me.

“Lord, do you understand the orders you gave me during the Great Tsunami?”

“Hm? Yeah.”

“Lord, if you die, everyone here will drown in sorrow. Please save your life, no matter how unsightly things turn. Don’t forget that everyone here is thinking of you.”

“… Yes. I’m sorry.”

“Lord, I’m on your side, no matter what. Make use of me.”

I touched Geraldin-san’s arm to thank him.

“I won’t use you.”


Oh, his ears and tail went soft. Listen to the end.

“You are not a tool. I will rely on you, request things of you and ask you to cooperate with me, but I won’t make use of you.”

“Yeah, I got it.”

His ears stood up and his tail wagged happily. So easy to understand.

“I want everyone to hear about this one.”




I told everyone about what had happened. And I asked them to gather information about the ‘evil’’. The deadline was seven years. I told them that I wanted them to collect the lore of ‘evil’ or similar beings from each country by then.

“Mm, leave it to us.”

“Ufufu, I will do my best.”

“Umu, I have helped several countries. They will surely be of help.”

“If it’s for Ojousama’s sake… this Martha will definitely meet your expectations!”


“Ah~ well, I will look into it in my spare time.”

I will share the details later. The kids were even considering studying abroad, but you don’t have to place your futures on the line!

In addition, on that day, I also talked to the people I trust.. Aldin-sama and others, and of course, Milfi. Christia’s royal family has a tradition of studying abroad, and Aldin-sama and Alphage-sama were planning on studying abroad from the start, so they readily agreed. Milfi was also planning to study abroad for the years she was able to skip in school, so she promised to help me.
I also asked Miss Butterfly to help me. She winked at me and said that it was fine because she was letting me make money. She said she’s been doing quite a wide range of business lately, and she’ll look into it while she’s stocking up on goods.

Now that everything is settled, it’s time for souvenirs! The highlight was still the transforming Valkyrie, after all.


“So cool!”

“………… (Sparkle).”

“Fumu, that’s quite amusing.”

Jend, Pochi, Nex, and Ordo were dazed by the Valkyrie. They were transforming and tinkering with it.

“Fu fu fu… look! Rocket punch!”


As you can imagine, not everyone was interested, but as for our boys, they had sparkles in their eyes as the Valkyrie detached its arm with a switch.

“That’s amazing.”

“Toys of the present age are something.”

“Lord, I want one too, though.”

“F, father!? No matter how much you want it, you shouldn’t beg your Lord for it! Moreover, it’s a toy meant for kids, you know!? No matter how elaborate it is, you shouldn’t be that interested in it!”

Dirk was curious about the rocket punch. My father and Ark were impressed with the elaborate design of the figure. Geraldin-san simply wanted one of his own. And Jash wanted one too, huh. There is no problem with the number because I bought extra (considering I might fail with the remodeling).

“I bought enough, so it doesn’t matter. I designed the rocket punch myself, so they cannot do that, though. I will give it to you if you are fine with that. I can give one to you too, Jash?”

“Thank you, Lord.”

Geraldin-san looked happy. His tail was wagging.

“I……… want one.”

Jash was obedient so I gave one to him, too. He seemed delighted. In the end, even Father and Ark demanded one from me. No matter how old men become, they like these kinds of things, don’t they?


Mary was pleased with the Saintess Transformation Set and was happily running around. Mary is a girl, but it’s Mary we are talking about, so it cannot be helped.

Mother was delighted with the picture frame. I had a shawl for Martha. I thought the distinctive, delicate knitting of Wolfanea would suit Martha, so I bought it for her.

“Ugh… I will make it my family’s heirloom.”

“Use it.”

She cried. So much? You were happy, weren’t you? I told her I thought it would look good on her and Martha looked at the shawl happily. I put it on her shoulders to try it out and it looked as good as I thought it would. Martha’s cheeks dyed red when I complimented her. She’s cute.
I got a dark bowl set for Manya. I don’t know why they were selling them at a stall, but they looked pretty good, so I bought them.

“As expected of my Ojousama!”

She liked it, but Martha nearly strangled her when Manya attempted a drop test. Yeah, there’s no helping it. There’s one of those guys here.

For Dan, I got a spice set and a knife from Wolfanea. For Grandpa Tom, new seedlings and farm tools. The two artisanal people were happy to try them out quickly.

I’m glad to see that everyone was happy with their souvenirs. Oh, later on, Dirk and the boys wanted me to modify the rocket punch, so I did it for them.
I gave one to Aldin-sama, and then Alphage-sama begged me to give him one as well. Then His Majesty came to secretly beg for it later. No, why don’t you just order one? Well, I gave it to him, though.

Everyone loved it! Valkyrie figure! I stopped importing there, but I thought… that it might get popular later on.

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