Chapter 194

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Magic Beast and Spirit.
I thought I’d ask the spirits to introduce themselves as usual, but I was surrounded by miniature mofumofu, smoothy-smooth and nice and cold.

Mofumaru on my shoulder, Snow Tiger Shirayuki-kun (kitten-sized) on my lap, and also Kamimura-kun the Thunder Lizard, Mahiru-san the Paralyze Snake, Suigetsu-san the Water Spider, Krys-kun the Crystal Rabbit, and Hojo-kun the Windhawk wouldn’t leave my side. They all stuck to me.

“… What’s wrong with you guys?”

“Lord, worried.”


It seems that as a result of making a contract with me, the magic beasts have sensed something wrong with me… and they were worried about me.

“I’m sorry for making you worry.”

I hugged each of them gently. After a while, they seemed satisfied, and finally separated from me.


Why is there a line like in the ramen shop… Rosarin? Why. Why is everyone queued up? Oi, even Sacred Beast-sama and Darkness-sama!? Something like this happened before, right!

Mofumaru, who was rolling on my lap spoke up.

“Everyone, wants Lord’s touch. Affection need.”

“Oof… is that so?”

Yeah, is this some kind of a harem too? I’m happy! I’ll love them all together! These cute fellows! Eventually, after three rounds, they were finally satisfied with the results. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep you company for such a long time!

Now, it was finally time for the spirits to introduce themselves. Everyone told Chita what spirit they were, plus their names.

“I’m Chita. A spirit of Greenery and Holy attributes. My main body is called Rose of Light. It’s a holy rose that received a favor from the Goddess.”

“Chita… are you a girl?”

Arisa tilted her head. Yeah… I’m curious about that too. I was worried I might somehow miss the chance to ask.

“I’m a boy.”

Silence… the place sunk in silence.

“Another pervert?”

Sui (wicked tongue) spat poison. No, that’s too much! Chita naturally fired back.

“What!? I am not really a pervert or anything, alright! I only dress like this because it suits me!”


I nodded, somehow. It does certainly suit him. Oh, but wouldn’t there be men’s clothes that suited him better?

“Hey, Chita. How about this? It has frills… and you can put a ribbon like this…”

I took out a pen and paper from my bag, and drew a frilly noble young master dress style design on it. It was flashy and I thought it would look good on Chita.

“Hmm… doesn’t look bad. I would wear this.”


I made it right away! I feel like my sewing skills have improved lately! …The finished product was still bloody, though. Why… why do I sting myself every time! I removed the blood from the clothes with purification and handed it to Chita. Poof, and his appearances changed.

“Ohh! It suits you so well! So cool.”


“W, well, it’s just so-so.”

Oh my? Chita who changed his clothes looked more manly. According to Chita, he seems to feel uncomfortable when the clothes don’t suit him. Well, that’s certainly true, but you know?

“Mama……… what about Arisa?”

“… Hm?”

My beloved daughter was looking at me with eyes sparkling with hope.

“Rosarin, you won’t say that you made clothes only for Chita, right?”

“… I won’t.”

I couldn’t deny Sui who’s heavy gaze was putting pressure on me. Oh, now that I look carefully, they were all looking at me expectantly! I promised to make new clothes for all of them. Hmm? All of them?

“Gora-chan… you are going to wear clothes that I make for you?”

“Umu. I will.”

“Understood! I will do my best! Please make sure to wear them properly!”

“I will wear them every day.”

Gora-chan wore them every day just as he declared. Even though I told him so much to wear clothes before, he didn’t… I don’t understand. When I happened to tell Chita about it, he seemed stupefied.

“Spirits want to be doted upon by their contractors. Since they are handmade clothes by his precious partner, even a spirit who hasn’t worn clothes before like him would feel happy about it.”

“… In other words, you like me very much too, Chita?”

“W, wha, stupid! That’s not it, alright!”

Chita turned bright red and ran away, cursing me. My spirit, you’re a tsundere. It’s so cute. And I was surprisingly loved by Gora-chan, too. Gora-chan has been wearing clothes properly ever since. It’s limited to the ones I made for him, though.

On the other hand, Haku didn’t want to wear them.


“Haku, you won’t wear them?”

“Yeah, such nice clothess are wasted on mee. I’m going to hang them up and gaze at them for a whilee. I would be sad if I dirtied them on the farmm.”

“Wear them! If you want, I can make you work clothes, too. Clothes are meant to be worn!”

I persuaded him. Overalls looked really good on our Totoro.



What I didn’t expect was Darkness-sama. Darkness-sama was wearing a baggy robe, and occasionally tripped over it, so I made him trousers to wear underneath… but he coiled it around his body for some reason, so when I asked him what he was doing, he told me that he doesn’t know how to wear it.

(You are old enough to know better.)

Holy Beast-sama was wearing Arabian traditional costume-styled clothes (in his Beastman form), which suited the majestic holy beast well.

“I, it can’t be helped, right! I’ve never received any clothes from anyone before!”

Holy Beast-sama looked dumbfounded, but he was teaching Darkness-sama how to wear them properly. What can I say, I think Holy Beast-sama is a very caring person.

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