Chapter 192.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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It’s scary when a gentle person snaps.
I deodorized us in the morning, so the scent extra disappeared… did you do something that forced you to deodorize the scent? Kyaa! Being young is nice! People got excited. There was no escape route for us.

This morning, we had pancakes, salad and fruit. Sausage and scrambled eggs. When I was about to draw on the pancakes with chocolate sauce, the twins had their own requests.

“Rozawin pweasenya!”

“Rozawin is sho coolnya!”

Cool Rozawin? There’s no way that’s me… ah, Valkyrie!

“… That’s Valkyrie.”



My ring turned into a mini Valkyrie on its own.

“It’s Rozawinya!”

“Stop making the misunderstanding bigger! Introduce yourself properly!”

“Hello, I’m Valkyrie.”

“Eh… that thing can talk!?”

It can. Fidia and the others who weren’t there yesterday got surprised. No, they were all surprised by the mini-Valkyrie.

“Why did you come out on your own?”

It had never happened before, and I didn’t even know it was possible in the first place.

“I wanted to talk with the children again. I received lots of magical power yesterday, so I have plenty of leftover energy.”

“Nya! It talks nyaa!”
“Nya! Happy nyaa!”

“Can’t I?”

I got stared by the teary-eyed twins and Valkyrie hung its head.

“… After breakfast!”


After lunch, the twins started playing nicely with the Valkyrie… Huh? Why are my brother and Diesel-san not present in the dining room?

“Umm, it appears that my brother and Diesel-san aren’t here…”

“Oh… sorry. They left for the fields to research early in the morning. I couldn’t stop them.”

“Oof… I’m so sorry for my elder brother.”

“No, your brother is still a child, so it cannot be helped, but… that fool of mine…”

We could only sigh at each other, and leave the research fools on their own, well… things were still manageable when it was just the two of them, but they could do some crazy things when they multiply in numbers.

“Dirk, let us go too!”


I’m sorry for the pipsqueaks, but I also collected the Valkyrie because I didn’t know what to expect. Sorry!





And so, the scene of the crime was chaotic.





“What do we do… no, how did it turn out like this!? S, someone, please explain to me!”

We teleported to Cidar-kun’s fields… or that was supposed to happen, but it was a jungle instead. Moreover, we were attacked……………… by vegetables.

“Pea seed Gatling!”


The Suzuran bracelet I received from my Elder brother activated. Was this such a dangerous attack?


“Leave our backs to me!”

I fought back to back with Dirk, mowing down the attacking vegetables. They were stronger than shitty monsters! ! Unlike monsters, we didn’t know what their weaknesses were or how to get rid of them quickly, so that made it even more complicated!
Moreover, the variety of attacks to get angry over were numerous. From plain, harassing tomato-throwing attacks to ‘this one is dangerous!’ peashooter.

“This is not going anywhere, I’m going to use Valkyrie! Dirk, I need to focus!”

“I will stall for you!”

Dirk Beastified and carried me on his back. He will never let me get hurt. I filled the ring with magical power and transformed it into Valkyrie.


“I told you to stop saying that!”

We escaped from the field that had become a jungle on Valkyrie. In the center of the field, there was a thing that looked like the rose monster I saw in the old Godzilla movies. Huh? A genre change from Otome game to a robot action movie!? As if!

As I was thinking about such a stupid thing, my brother, Diesel-san and Ravioli-san, who seemed to have noticed Valkyrie indeed and had a big smile on their faces, approached me. I also found a symmetrically pale Cidar-kun, Michuu-san, Gator, and Rabisha-chan.

Umm, what is seriously going on here?


“I’m sorry so please forgive meee!!”


I think I heard an audacious scream? Moreover, didn’t it sound vaguely familiar…?

“Ra, Ravioli-san?”

First of all, I asked the oldest one around here. Ravioli-san had… a calm… Bodhisattva-like expression on his face.

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