Chapter 191

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Anxiety and punishment.
I was worried whether my Elder brother and Diesel-san would sleep properly, but thinking it would be only for a day, I decided not to mind it. If they insist on staying again tomorrow, I’ll let them choose between deportation or putting a watch (Gator) on them.

I was relaxing in the guest room with Dirk, but my beloved My Darling’s wonderful ears and tail were lifeless.

“… Dirk?”

Come to think of it, he didn’t speak much during the dinner, too. Is he feeling down about something?

“Rosarin, are you not scared of me?”

“You are the one that is scared, no?”

We had a very similar conversation before. There’s no way I was afraid of Dirk.

“Oh, I find you a bit scary when you get angry. But, it’s my fault for making you angry, so it can’t be helped.”

“… Really?”

Dirk touched me on both cheeks softly, like he was treating a fragile object. I slipped into Dirk’s arms and acted spoiled.

“Yeah. What is it, all of sudden?”

“… Because black is the color of evil.”


“I’m sure it’s partly because of my hair that the Beastmen in Christia hated me, too.”

“… Dirk-san.”


“Rin is dark-haired and dark-eyed. Are you sacred?”



“…… I’m not.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Now I understand your feelings a little more. I would be saddened if you were afraid of me.”

I smiled. But Dirk didn’t seem to be convinced yet. I gently touched him.


Then I kissed him and pushed him down. I rubbed my face against the chest of the panicking Dirk… ahh, what wonderful muscles he has… I got entranced.
Dirk’s body stiffened, but he gradually relaxed… and gently stroked my hair. Then, he spoke to me as he continued to stroke my hair.

“… When we were trying to control the Evil, it probably thought we were of a similar kind. That is why I believe we were able to control it.”


“I’m glad I was able to be of use, but… I got scared at the same time. I felt repulsed being so close to the Evil.”

“… You are you. Even if you become an evil spirit, I will make you happy, so it’s all right!”

“Yeah… thank you.”

Finally having peace of mind, Dirk snuggled up to the spoiled me.

“Dirk, banzai.”

“Eh? Okay………… Rosarin.”


“What are you doing?”

“Tying you up.”

I tied both of Dirk’s hands to the bed’s headboard.

“… Why am I being tied up?”

“Eh? You seemed to be worried that I might be scared of you, so I thought of showing you just how much I love you with my body.”

“……… Eh.”

I smiled and delivered the final blow.

“It’s also called ‘punishment’. To think you would doubt my feelings… I can only punish you! Prepare yourself, Darling.”

“Please go easy on me… Honey.”

I shook my head. Nope, I won’t go easy on you.

“It would be better for you to familiarize yourself with the weight of my love. I will make it impossible for you to look for another woman that me.”

“Wha? W, what are you intending to do!? No, stop undressing me! Ah… waah!… Y, you can’t!? You cannot do thaaat… noooooaaah!?”




Well, in short, I played around with Dirk’s body. In a non-mofu way. Dirk’s body was still writhing.

“Ugh… it was really at a level where I cannot marry any other woman than you, Rosarin… “

Dirk was still in agony. Also, bright red. It was a feast! And tons of fun!

“Do you take full responsibility now?”

“Yeah… but, you would become my bride even if I had no responsibility, right?”

“Yes. Do you understand now?”

“… Yeah.”

I felt my heart skip a beat for Dirk, who was beaming. Then we snuggled up to each other and went to sleep.

We didn’t learn, what can I say, we didn’t learn. The steward who came to wake us up in the morning was bright red. I had forgotten all about the smell control!
We have had it coming since morning.

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