Chapter 190

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Enjoyable dinner.
Mr. Chef was all sparkly in the kitchen. Please don’t look at me like that.

Dinner was a vegetable-filled meatballs soup with the recycled hamburger steak from lunch, a salad with edible roses, and the main course were the ingredients we brought with us… Hundredth Million Buffalo steak. Carrots for the garnish were cut into flowers and rabbit shapes. I made roses out of the salad tomatoes, and the radishes ended up cut too much and turned out into leaf peonies instead of roses… W, well, it’s okay, I guess! It’s beautiful!

I returned earlier in order to stop the male nerds who were chatting even now. I walked past the Roses of Light and stopped.

“What is it? Have you been charmed by me?”

Chita said boastfully. Indeed, you are very pretty.

“… Yeah. I was. You said you don’t remember anything, but is there something you remembered?”

“N? N~? Just that I was blessed by the Goddess. I think the Goddess blessed me so I could fight against the Evil, but…”

“By Goddess you mean the God of Magic, huh…”

The Salvation Saintess apparently had the blessing of the God of Technology… It was clear from the literature kept in this mansion.

It’s said that there are four Gods in this world. Slength, the God of Martial Arts; Mystia, the God of Magic; Ingens, the God of Knowledge; and Shiva, the God of Technology. By the way, the only Goddess is Mystia. Christia worships all four Gods, but Wolfanea are strong believers of Slength and Shiva. So why are there roses that were blessed by the Goddess, in Wolfanea? I tilted my head in puzzlement.

Well, I probably won’t understand even if I ponder about it. I abandoned my thoughts early and went back to the dining room. A maid brought in the salad.


“It’s pretty…”

“Ish a flowenya!”


“Is this a rose?”

“It’s an edible rose~”

“So there’s this kind of roses too! Ru, are these common in Christia?”

“No, I made these at Rosarin’s request. But they are recently popular among the nobility.”

“I candied them to decorate sweets with them like this.”

Fu fu fu! Today’s work! Croquembouche! Croquembouche is a tower of cream puffs glued with things like caramel or chocolate. I wanted to do it at least once. I decorated it with candied roses.

“This is…”

“Is that edible?”

“Yes, it is. You can also eat the flowers. Say ahh~”

“Ish sweetnyan.”

“It smellsh nicenya.”

I let the twins taste the candied roses. I could have used violets, but Elder brother was talking about roses, so I went with the roses.

“It’s wonderful… it’s gorgeous to look at.”

“That reminds me, you said earlier that people here consider breeding flowers, not just roses, a rich person’s pastime hobby, but that is definitely wrong. Your roses have enough value as a product, Diesel-san. Right, Niisama?”

“Yeah, I would love to have them in our garden too.”

“Most of Christia’s nobility prefers roses over other flowers. They would be very popular there. It’s hard to find such a magnificent breed.”

“We have many hybrids, after all… we don’t grow decorative plants for our enjoyment these days as we have been prioritizing the improvement of the vegetables to counteract Wolfanea’s food shortage.”


“Yeah. I grew vegetables that moved to sunny places on their own. I basically grew hassle-free vegetables that would water and fertilize themselves on their own. It wasn’t well received at Christia, but it was accepted at Wolfanea.”

“That’s groundbreaking! Why weren’t they accepted in Christia?”

“I wonder why, Rosarin?”

Elder brother and Diesel-san looked perplexed. I don’t think my bro and I are going to agree on this matter.

“… I think it’s a problem of mentality. I couldn’t bear to eat such brave veggies…”

And as I thought, the Beastmen don’t seem to care about that. Rather, why?


“Speaking of which, did you ever try selectively breeding vegetables?”

“No, I don’t think Wolfanea even has the concept of selectively breeding something in the first place, no? The fieldwork in Wolfanea is done by the kids, after all.”

“Then, how about we co-develop it? We just happen to have plans for vegetable research in Wolfanea. How about it?”

“This is the outline of the research. Please take a copy.”

I promptly handed Diesel-san a copy of the research material. It’s roughly the same content I handed to Cidar-kun. It was quite a thick stack, but Diesel-san finished reading it in no time. Oh, his eyes were all sparkly.

“Please let me join in! You are staying the night, right? Why don’t we sit in my room and talk about future plans!”

“Okay! I’m looking forward to it.”

I reminded the two who were about to leave straight away.

“Please finish eating first. I tried my best to make you guys happy, you know? I even specially chose a rose motif, so please eat it properly. I’m not prohibiting you from chatting, but please eat your meals properly.”

“… You have a good little sister.”

“Yeah. She’s a bit… a little… considerably… very tomboyish… out of the norm, but she’s my little sister I’m proud of.”

Elder brother, oy. Are you praising me? Or denouncing me? I went from a tomboy to someone out of the norm… well… yeah. Let’s leave it oblique!
Fortunately, Diesel-san didn’t continue pressing on the matter.

“Oh well, I’m so jealous of you. My siblings are not interested in my research at all, and my sisters are especially violent, ferocious, and crude with no cooking skills…”

Diesel-san, behind you! A, awawawa!

“”Well, I’m sorry about that, okay?””

Sc, scaaaryyy! Their apologized while leaking blood thirst all over the place! The eyes of your sisters weren’t smiling at all, Diesel-san!!


Diesel-san got captured by his two sisters. Awawa, this is not good! S, something to distract them with…

“Y, you mustn’t! We are now going to eat a seriously delicious steak! You have to eat it while it’s warm! It’s made from a high-class ingredient that even we can eat only occasionally at home!”

“… Oh my.”

“… You have escaped with your life, Diesel.”

Hurray, they released him! Everyone seemed happy about the seriously delicious steak.

“This is yummy!!”

“Nom, nom, nom, nom.”
“Chew, chew, chew, chew.”


Everyone was captivated by the steak. Yep, yep. Seeing everyone eat happily makes me happy as well.

“It’s delicious, Rosarin.”

“I’m happy to hear that, Dirk. I made lots, so eat a lot more meat, okay? Say ahh~”

“Ahh~… it’s yummy…”

Dirk said bashfully… hau, thank you for the meal! I stuff the food I cook with love, only to see this smile! It’s a time of bliss!

“They are lovey-dovey, aren’t they?”

“Ohh, it’s nice to be young.”

“Lovey-dovey… indeed.”

“Oh myy, how niceee.”

“Looks like I will be able to hold a great-grandchild soon.”

The adults were making fun of us! I forget about the surroundings! What a blunder!
I served the dessert to divert their attention. Croquembouche was well received, and the pipsqueaks were wholeheartedly focused on the crispiness.

The enjoyable dinner passed in that manner.

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