Chapter 189

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Specialist = Nerd.
The case of Michuu-san’s missing money was transferred to the Walse family… or rather, I left it in Ravioli-san and Rabisha-chan’s hands. Gator is our resident guard for the time being.

“Ah~ so you were still crying, after all.”

“It has nothing to do with you, Niisan!”

Rabisha-chan puffed out her cheeks in embarrassment. Gator smiled wryly. You are a kindhearted brother, aren’t you, Gator?

“Ojousama, I will definitely show you how useful I can be!”

Rabisha-chan looked relieved and returned to her usual self. Yep, don’t overdo it. I’m glad you have gotten better.

“Although of poor ability, I will do my best to assist. It’s only natural to grant our Ojousama her wish. Moreover, I cannot overlook this as a former merchant. Leave it to me.”

N? Ravioli-san’s not acting as usual…? Is he… angry?

“Oh, Arkogi is done for.”

“There are people in this world that shouldn’t be made angry. My condolences.”

Nn? It seems that the father of the Walse siblings is someone you should never make angry. Let’s remember this.




Ravioli-san and Rabisha-chan promptly left to gather information. We, on the other hand, came to Ojiisama’s garden.


Elder brother was shining. His eyes were sparkling.
Gator and Tosaken had distant looks on their faces. Yeah… do your best. It gets lengthy when my bro gets like this!

“Niisama, there is an extremely lovely rose that has been bred over there.”

I led my Elder brother by the hand. He also obediently followed.


My bro was dazzled. Yep, he loves it.

“These petals look like laces… this one of gradient color! That’s wonderful! The balance of the overall garden is superb with great taste! Just what kind of soil and fertilizer is being used for this? Is the gardener around!?”

Yep, my Elder brother was super excited. Mr. Gardener, I apologize in advance. Sorry.

“Ohh… umm… I take care of those roses myself. There are the Roses of Light, and it’s the place my late wife and daughter loved, after all.”

“Is that so!? That’s wonderful! Are you doing the selective breeding yourself as well?”

“No, that’s done by my second son, Diesel…”


“I have questions for Diesel-san too, but I would love to know how you take care of it!!”

My Elder brother’s eyes were so sparkly I thought he would shoot out a light beam before long. Ojiisama was a bit taken aback by Elder brother’s vigor. The capable steward brought over the second son as a scapegoat. The second son was apparently a scholar with no talent for swords. His major was selective breeding of plants. Kamonegi! A duck that cooked itself with leek came over! A noodle dish with duck meat and onions is delicious! Let’s give it a try next time… nono, don’t avert your eyes from reality! Don’t escape… don’t run away… don’t run…

(TN: “Kamonegi” is explained here:

Ojiisama has been liberated thanks to the new sacrifice, but the second son has become a prey! I’m sorry for my Elder brother!!


Three hours have passed……… Gator looked like he was having a hard time, so I sent him to help Ravioli-san. Tosaken also looked like his soul was about to leave his body, so I sent him to help at the orphanage. He wagged his tail at me. So easy to read.

“Oh my, we somehow seem to be on the same wavelength! Rupert-kun… no, Ru! We are friends! You can call me Dil! Oh, what a great day this is!”

“Indeed, Dil! We really hit it off, didn’t we! I’m so glad to have met you! This is the first time I was able to talk with someone like this! We must be best friends… no, like-minded kindred spirits!!”

Diesel-san was not Kamonegi. He and my Elder brother were of the same kind. The male nerds understood and echoed each other. They are already at that stage. Soul mates. They seem to have been charmed by each other. My Elder brother, who is relatively shy of strangers, has fully opened up his heart to Diesel-san. That’s incredibly rare.

Diesel-san was a plant researcher by nature. In Wolfanea, where there are so many meatheads, it’s rare to find friends to talk to, as breeding inedible flowers was looked down upon as nothing more than a rich man’s hobby. Diesel-san was starving for a fellow nerd to talk to.
And, my Elder brother is also a unique existence within the Magic Institute. He likes magical plants, or rather, he loves all kinds of plants. He doesn’t fit among the people of the Magic Institute, where interest in magic prevails. My bro was also starving for a fellow nerd to talk to.




The two male nerds found each other.




Six hours later.

“I did expect this, but it doesn’t seem like we can return home today. I should let them know.”

I contacted the house that our plans changed. Hearing the phrase “A wonderful garden”, my parents understood that it won’t be possible to bring my Elder brother back no matter what. As expected of my parents. They understand my Elder brother well.

“It’s my first time seeing Diesel smile like that.”

“”Same here.””

This family was on the edge of their seats too. Diesel-san… talk all you want today. As for me… this sometimes happens to me, so I don’t really mind it anymore. He sometimes starts talking to me like that, but in those cases, I’m all about listening and it’s definitely not satisfying enough for him. I have been thinking about the layout of the garden with him, and I’ve given him some unusual flowers as gifts. However, I can never match my brother’s expertise. I can’t help but be pleased that he met a comrade who can speak on the same level as him.

No matter how many hours will pass… if not days… no, maybe even months. Anyhow, the men’s fever didn’t seem to ever cool down. So for starters, I will feed them a meal, forcibly if necessary. With that in mind, I headed to the kitchen.

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