Chapter 188

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I was loved more than I thought
Come to think of it, where did Michuu-san’s money go to? I heard that Michuu-san has a merchant who regularly goes back and forth between the eastern part of Wolfanea and the Royal Capital, and he asked that merchant to send money to his family. By the way, the merchant’s affiliation is…

“You know them too right, Rosarin? The Arkogi Company.”

“…………… Ahh.”

The place we purchased the former slaves before the Great Tsunami occurred. I don’t want to talk with that pig Beastman again. By the way, the merchant in question was apparently a good person, who seemed to be worried about Cidar-kun and others, so he talked with him about Michuu-san, and delivered the pipsqueaks letters free of charge. Anyhow, let’s investigate first. The ship has already embarked, after all.

“Maybe I should leave it to Rabisha-chan.”

“Oh, that fellow was crying, so I think she’s probably with our pops now.”

“………… Why?”

“She heard that you collapsed and asked to go as well. I told her to give it up because she lost in the lottery, and Martha told her to endure too, but you know her.”

Just where should I interject… so Martha wanted to come too.

“Why lottery?”

“Rosarin? How many people in our house love and worry about you? Since even the servants were worried, there’s no way the children wouldn’t, right? And it wasn’t just people, but even the magic beasts seemed to be weeping, you know? The cacti all turned pale and shriveled, alright? Yggdrasil was also about wither, okay?”

My bro explained in an unimpressed manner. My family seemed to have encountered trouble while I was sleeping.

“O… oof…”

Let’s spend time with the family when I return! It was an unforeseen catastrophe! I should just kneel… no, prostrate before them!

“Anyhow, I’m off!”

I was thinking such, but I now have something to do! I activated the teleportation magic.



My destination was the orphanage. Is Rabisha-chan here? When I tried to enter, I heard crying, shouting voice.

“Uwaaaaaaaaah!! Let me go!! I have to go to Ojousama, to Ojousama’s sideee!! Ojousama, Ojousama, Ojouzamaaah!! Waaaaaaahh!!”

Rabisha-chan cried desperately. Umm… this only in half a day? Eh? This is not all right at all! I immediately opened the door.

“Rabisha-chan! I’m sorry for having you worry about me! I am all right!”

The hair she always tied so beautifully was now unkempt. She was covered in scratches from all the rampaging crying. I hugged her and quickly healed her wounds.

“Ojou… sama?”


“O… jo… waaaahhh!”


She started crying again!?”

“Thank you so much for coming. She started saying that she would go to Wolfanea on her own…”

Ravioli-san was even more worn-out. Rabisha-chan is strong, after all… Rabisha-chan cried herself to sleep.

“Now then, what do you need from us, Ojousama?”

I told Ravioli-san about the events in Wolfanea.

“Hmm. In that case, either I or Gator can do it as well. You can leave the mingling with merchants to us. Don’t worry, we will investigate it perfectly. Mikelle-san, you are here.”

“Nyaa!? S, sorry…”

Ravioli-san noticed a presence… or rather, he noticed a noise. Mikelle was apologetic for eavesdropping.

“It’s fine. You were worried about Ojousama too, after all. I will be absent for a few days. I will leave the orphanage in your care.”

“Y, yes! Leave it to me!”

Mikelle acknowledged Ravioli-san. That being the case, I left the matter in Ravioli-san’s hands, but the problem is still Rabisha-chan. While thinking such, she woke up.



Rabisha-chan hugged me vigorously. Yep, there, there. She seems much calmer than before.

“I’m going too! Please bring me along!!”

Rabisha-chan was serious. It didn’t feel like I could decline.

“Rabisha, you help out too then.”

Thus, it was decided that Michuu-san’s missing money would be investigated by the Walse family.

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