Chapter 187.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Green Thumb and an unexpected connection.
“Oh? Do I talk into this? Rather, what business do you have with me?”


“It’s Niichan’s voice!”

“… Niisan? Michuu Niisan?”

“Oh? Cidar? What is this about, Rosarin-sama?”

“Michuu-san, are you aware that Cidar-kun and the rest are living in poverty?”

“… Eh?”

“Do you know that they lived so poorly that Cidar-kun had to resolve to stealing?”

“Rosarin, stop it!”

“You should talk it out properly. Leor-san, are you listening? I will do Michuu-san’s work on his behalf, so please lend him to me. I will pick him up with magic.”

“Oh, we will help you with it.”

That being the case, Michuu-san went to Cidar-kun’s home. Instead, we worked in Leor-san’s office. Everyone except Tosaken, the amateur, helped too. Dirk, in particular, got really good with paperwork recently, and Gator is strong with numbers, so the documents steadily decreased.

“… How old are you and your Oniisama, Rosarin-sama?”

“I am seven.”

“I’m nine.”

Leor-san’s ears and tail drooped. He seems to be down?

“Hahh… just how incompetent am I?”

“… You cannot compare yourself to these two. The majority of people are incompetent when compared to them. In the first place, Rosarin and Ru have been temporary secretaries of the Prime Minister since they were three and five years old, so both are odd in various ways.”



Gator and Tosaken were surprised. That can’t be helped. Rather, calling us odd is way too blunt.

“I will just add that I am a Beneficiary, so the truly odd one is just my Niisama.”


“Owowow!? Niisama, I give up, give up, give up!! Sorry, excuse me, forgive meeee!!”

My bro drilled his fist onto my head. Truly painful!

“You get along so well.”

Leor-san smiled bitterly. This person is totally different from the first impressions he gave off. He’s not so dazzling as before, but with a plain good sense. By the way, he’s apparently Leor Fersen. Yep, Kanata-san… I’m leaving the tsukkomi to you!

(TL NOTE: Reference to Axel von Fersen from Shoujo manga “The Rose of Versailles”.)

“You said you were possessed by the Evil because of your inferiority complex, right?”

“Yeah, I cannot beat Shushulina in anything, after all.”

“Hmm… do you want to win?”

“Well… yeah.”

“By the way, there are plenty of ways for you to win, you know? If you consider your options properly.”

“………… No, I want to win head-on.”

How honest. That is how this person originally is, though. Is this why Michuu-san couldn’t abandon him?

“Head-on, huh… Even if there is a gap in strength between the two sides, it can be reversed by the way you do it. It’s all in the way you do it. I lost 49 straight matches to Dirk, but I won the last match!”


“”Rosarin had 49 consecutive losses!?”

Eh? You are surprised about that? Niisama and Gator didn’t seem to believe me either.

“Well, I would probably lose if Rosarin used Valkyrie… it was without Valkyrie, after all.”

Dirk added. Leor-san seemed to be thinking about something.

“Victory and defeat aren’t only decided in a fight. I don’t know you that well, Leor-san, but aren’t you better at desk work and negotiation-related things?”

“That’s… well…”

“Happiness and comparison are the same. There is an upside and a downside. If you look too much up, you will be mean. If you look too far down, you will become arrogant. The point is balance. If you look up, it leads to ambition. If you look down, it leads to overconfidence.”

That’s a tough one, how do I get the message across?

“You never stopped trying to improve yourself, despite the fact that you assumed you couldn’t win. It will certainly help you. Acknowledge your efforts and you won’t be defeated by the Evil again.”

Yep ,having the correct mindset is important. I might have to suppress the Evil regularly in the future.

“Thank you very much, My Lord!!”

“Rosarin is an excellent motivational speaker, isn’t she…”

“Yeah… she’s quite a scam-artist in everything except love”

“”That’s so fitting!””

Dirk, Gator, and my Elder brother were talking. Who is a scam-artist? Don’t just call me names!

“The only one I want to deceive is Dirk!”

“Ah………… okay.”

“”””Thank you for the meal.””””

I treated everyone to my lovey-dovey Dirk meal. Dirk seemed happy. While having such a stupid exchange, I was contacted by a sorrowful voice.

“Rosarin-sama… we have finished talking.”

“D, did it go alright?”

Why did they tell me they were doing fine when they obviously weren’t? He asked me. When we came over, Michuu-san looked devastated. His family was troubled too.

As it turns out, Michuu-san’s money, which he thought was regularly sent home, was embezzled, and was too busy dealing with Leor-san’s crazy situation to notice.
Cidar-kun was also having a hard time getting a hold of him due to the effects of Yggdrasil, so he wasn’t able to contact him.

“I will send a group of the ex-slaves to work on the fields, so why don’t you come with us, Cidar-kun? I can have you picked up with magic, so come to school with us. I will pay you for helping Niisama with his research.”

“Is that okay!?”

Michuu-san seemed eager. He was worried about Cidar-kun not being able to go to school even though he was so intelligent.

“Please take care of him.”

Okaasama, please don’t prostrate on the floor before me. You don’t have to do that either, Michuu-san. First of all, I stopped them. Why do I feel like the Beastmen like prostrating themselves on the ground before me, for some reason?


Cidar-kun seemed to be hesitating. Let’s push on his back.

“Cidar-kun, this is for your future career options and to increase your salary. We’re getting an excellent worker. It’s a win-win situation for both of us, don’t you think?”

“… I get it. Please take care of me.”

“Negotiations concluded then!”

That being the case, Cidar-kun will come to Christia with us.

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