Chapter 187.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Green Thumb and an unexpected relationship.
After the meeting, I opened the door of the parlor,



……………… and closed it.



Yep, let’s pretend I didn’t see it. However, the door got relentlessly opened again.

“I’m sorry to interrupt! A great number of huge vegetables have appeared in the town! It doesn’t seem to be the… Saintess-sama’s doing.”

The huge vegetables in the past were my doing, but I have been in the midst of discussion until now, so I’m innocent this time. The country’s top will testify of my alibi.
In other words, the culprit behind the huge vegetables is…

“What have you done, Niisamaaaa!?”

The culprit is my elder brother! I shouted without thinking.

“Oh, your brother came too?”

“What will you do, Rosarin? Well, there seem to be no harm done, and they don’t seem hostile either, but…”

“Anyhow, let’s confirm with Niisama first.”




I had Dirk take me in his arms and moved out. I’m in a princess’ carry! The speed was too scary, so I clung to him tight! Tehe. Dirk smelled good as usual.




“Welcome back, Rosarin!”

Ah, this guy’s hopeless. I realized when I saw my brother. Gator, who was his guard, was making an apologetic gesture. This is not your fault, Gator. I have doubts about whether I would be able to stop him myself. Tosaken seemed to be frightened by the huge vegetables. Well, it cannot be helped.
Elder brother’s eyes were sparkling. Ahh… yeah. There was apparently something that he took interest in. Cidar-kun was obviously perplexed, but was he part of this? I mean, the huge veggies seemed to be emotionally attached to the two, you know?

“Sorry, Rosarin.”


“Umm… these vegetables, half of it is my fault.”

Cidar-kun, surprisingly, seems to possess a Revelation of the Green Thumb. But when I think about it, he was growing vegetables, although on the thin side, even with Yggdrasil’s mana all dried up.
And my, my Elder brother seemed to be greatly excited when they met, most likely because it was the first time he met someone with the same Revelation as him. It appears that the effect of magic gets improved when multiple Green Thumbs around, and the result was a great number of huge veggies.

My Bro was cheerful. He seemed to be having fun… I thought such, but this is not good. What are we going to do about these veggies!

“… What do we do about these?”

“Should I ask the neighboring aunties to handle it?”

Cidar-kun asked the aunties from his neighborhood to cut the vegetables in exchange for half of them. The aunties from the neighborhood cut the vegetables into easy to eat sizes with their wonderful knife mastery. The number of huge vegetables decreased by half, but there were still more than thirty of them left.

“It can’t be helped. Put them in a waist pouch, I will sell them at the castle.”

“… There’s no way they will enter inside, you sure?”

“Well, all of them might not, but they will go, no worries.”




As a result, all of them went into the waist pouch. All thirty of the five-meter tall vegetables entered the waist pouch. What’s going on!? I’m surprised by the result myself.


“… What the hell is up with that waist pouch!”

“I expanded its space with magic. However, to think all of them would fit… that was unexpected.”

“So it was unexpected!?”

“I made it myself, but I did not test what its capacity was… anyway, wouldn’t it be convenient if they automatically got cut into easy to eat chunks?”

I was careless. As I got surprised by my own careless and nonchalant remark, the waist pouch began to shine.



However, only the waist pouch shined. S, surely not…! It was the surely not. The veggies I just stored were all neatly chopped!! I unfastened my Mr. Waist Pouch.

“Look, you don’t have to be so convenient just because I uttered such nonsense! It’s all right to be normal!!”

“… What a thing.”

“What a surreal scene.”

Elder brother and Cidar-kun were astonished. I desperately talked to the waist pouch I placed on the ground. Seeing my actions, Elder brother’s excitement decreased and his sanity returned.
I forced the sale of the veggies at the castle, but my brother brought Cidar-kun back to Christia with him… no he didn’t, but he wanted to. He was enthusiastically trying to persuade him to go.

“I can’t, I have a sick mother and pipsqueaks to take care of!”

“She’s sick? You should have said so earlier. Arisa.”


It was a disease Arisa was able to manage, and it got promptly cured.



The mother and child embraced. The pipsqueaks joined in too.

“Mama, have you recovered?”

“Rosarin Oneechan, thank you!”

“Rosarin Oneechan, give snacks please.”

I was asked for snacks, so I gave snacks to Cidar-kun’s siblings.

“Cidar, I have been a burden on you all this time, but your mother can finally move now too. You can do as you like.”

“Kaasan… but I have promised Michuu Niisan to protect the family!”


That’s a familiar-sounding name… Michuu-san?

“Erm, does your Oniisan work for the Eastern Duke?”

“You met him!? Is Niisan all right!?”

“He didn’t seem to have any injuries from what I could see.”

“Is that so?”

Cidar-kun smiled, but something felt wrong. Michuu-san had a sharp tongue, but he was an upright person. He didn’t strike me as someone who would leave his family to fend off for themselves… I’m curious.
I gave Leor-san a communication magic tool earlier, should I talk to him?

“Call, Leor.”

“Saintess-sama, what is the matter?”

“Stop calling me Saintess. Go with Rosarin, thank you. Is Michuu-san there?”

“Yes, he’s here. Michuu, my Lord wishes to speak with you. Try to not be too rude.”

Don’t say anything unnecessary, Leor-san yo.

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