Chapter 183.1

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East and gold.
Everyone seemed to be very satisfied with the meal. I also let Mr. Chef have a taste… or rather, I made a share for him too and he applied to become my apprentice.

“I’m sorry, I do not aspire to be a chef, but I aspire to be Dirk’s bride instead, so I will have to reject you.”

“That can’t be!? You are not going to popularize this wonderful cooking?”

“I’m fine as long as Dirk enjoys the food. I want to be a housewife in a small house on a hill.”

“… Wouldn’t that be difficult? I’d like to make it a reality as soon as possible, though.”

“We can realize it once we are old. We can push the work onto the children… we can live quietly alone after they take over.”

“Yeah, that sounds nice.”

Dirk smiled cheerfully. Mr. Chef looked regretful.

“I sold some recipes to Miss Butterfly, so these kinds of dishes are being distributed around Christia, you know?”

“Miss Butterfly…? The Miraculous Recipe Queen!?”

Hey. Wait a moment. Some strange name came out of his mouth!? I did not want to ask, but when I asked anyway, he told me that a merchant named Miss Butterfly put recipes on sale. The dishes made from these recipes were all so delicious people started calling them miraculous. Eventually, the other chefs and cooks began to praise the author of the mysterious recipes.



“The Miraculous Recipe Queen”! Miss Butterfly never leaked the author’s information. The only thing people knew was that she was a woman.

“How did it turn out like this!?”



Although my excitement dropped, but since my identity was not exposed, oh well… I gave up. Next, we returned to the castle. The pipsqueaks were taking a nap, Ojiisama was preoccupied with work so I came with Dirk and Disk-san who came as my guard for some reason.
Jess cast a spell on the King who wanted to skip the work again by saying that he would give him chocolate gâteau (what’s left from the lunch) if he did his job properly. The effect was superb, so I got worshipped by Jess. I’m telling you to stop praying to me.



“… He did not come?”

The representative of the East is apparently not here yet. Eh? Can I go home then?

“Hey, hey, sorry for making you wait!”

A sparkling… no, a dazzling man appeared. He had a golden fur… a lion? Shushu-san’s tribemate? He gave off a bad impression… rather, isn’t he quite rude?

“… Can I go home?”

My real intentions came out unintentionally. I wanna go home. I don’t want to accompany this kind of person.

“No, let’s do our job properly, okay?”


Dirk patted my head. I’m getting healed by Dirk… ah, Mr. Dirk seems to be irritated quite a bit too, actually? His eyes weren’t smiling. I shall heal you once in a while, too!

“I love being patted by you, Dirk… pat me more?”

I rubbed against Dirk’s hands. Dirk continued patting me with a gentle smile on his face. Has he been healed? He did not seem angry anymore. His expression was gentle.

“Umm~ can leave for the East soon? They are waiting.”

The dazzling man who was left alone spoke. They are waiting? I have a bad feeling about this. And I was correct.




A parade was waiting. Nope, I’m not getting on! I don’t get it!

“What is this parade for?”

“The East was the only place that got damaged by the Great Tsunami! Everyone was feeling down! That’s why I made preparations to cheer them up! There, I heard that Saintess-sama was present! I thought this was what we needed!”

In other words, you want me to join in comforting the impoverished people of the East? No, I don’t get it. Why me??

“Sorry, but she doesn’t like to stand out. Please excuse us, but we decline to participate in the parade.”

“Eh? You were at the Muscle Festival, though?”

“I was only invited as a guest of honor, and there was a proper request for it.”

Dirk stood up in front of me and conveyed my opinion. So reliable!

“Wha… you don’t really ha—”Please excuse me. I will scold him later properly. This is not time to do this, yet this shitty Lord of mine would not listen…”

The dazzling man got picked up by a Rat Beastman. Eh? He got thrown away, you know?

“Please forgive us. I will apologize in place of my crappy Lord.”

This is another strange master-servant relationship… the Rat Beastman was called Michuu-san. The dazzling man was Leon.

“You shit Lord, if you want to do parade then do it alone. Saintess-sama is a busy person, so give up once you have been declined, you shite.”

Don’t you say shit and crap too much? Although the contents mostly consisted of scolding, it did seem like I could talk with Michuu-san.

“That’s right. I want to get my job done as soon as possible. Can you guide us over there? Also, I’m Rosarin. I am no Saintess.”

“Please forgive my rudeness, Rosarin-sama. It will be my honor to guide you.”

“I, I’m going too!”

Eh~? We don’t need you anymore. Go enjoy the parade, Dazzling-kun! However, Dazzling-kun followed us. The people in the parade were instructed to follow a planned route.
We teleported to the Eastern village via a teleportation magic stone.

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