Chapter 183.2

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East and gold.
“Magic is convenient, isn’t it?”

Michuu-san uttered such as we arrived at the farm.

“Valkyrie, magician mode! Everyone, this is the last time! Lend me your power!”


There were one too many replies, after all! I concentrated on the magic formula while having such thoughts. I then released the magical power.

“Greenery Harvest.”

With my magic, Yggdrasil’s mana rapidly filled the soil. The farm was revived in no time.

“Ohh… the fields…”

“We can manage to eat now!”

“Huh? That child is the master of the magic beasts who had saved us during the Great Tsunami! She also used expensive items to help us avoid the monsters!”

Eh!? I certainly might have come here during the Great Tsunami before… to think they would remember…

“What!? That means that little lady is…”


“Eh!? How come!?”

“Saviour-sama! Thank you so much!”

“Thank you very much!”

A, awawawawa! I got surrounded! There are no tough guys tried to climb up Valkyrie, but we cannot move!

“Everyone, you are troubling Rosarin-sama… our Saviour-sama! If you want to thank her, go back to work! If you are so free, then go watch the useless Duke’s parade!”

With Michuu-san’s thundering voice, everyone quickly returned to work. Although the way Michuu-san speaks is bad, he’s spitting sound arguments as always. The good-for-nothing Duke grew timid.

“The mission is complete then.”

“Thank you very much. We would like to thank you properly sometime at a later date.”

Michuu-san bowed his head deeply.

“No, I was troubled when being surrounded too. Thank you for earlier. Also, please stop calling me Saviour.”

I gave Michuu-san my thanks. When the work was done and I tried to return to the castle to report, the useless Duke screamed out.

“Why are you ignoring me! Shushulina… that woman must have spoken bad about me, right!?”


I got surprised, why was this guy suddenly speaking badly of Shushu-san?

“She wouldn’t do something so boring, you dumb Duke! I’m sorry, please don’t pay any attention to him.”

I wanted to leave, but the worthless Duke was gushing out black… no, to be precise, magical power of various colors mixed with black was oozing out of him.

“… Arisa, can you do something about that?”

“Mama, it resembles a curse closely, but it’s not one. Arisa cannot purify it.”

“It’s finally my turn then!”


A gorgeous gold. A pretty girl… girl? a boy? which is it? that emitted light even during the day appeared.

“Please give me a name. I will do something about it.”

“Eh? Ahh… how about Chita?”

I suddenly thought of a golden crystal called Titanite (TN: spelled Chitanaito in Japanese)

“Fufu, I like it. Lend me your magical power. One shot is enough for someone blessed by the God like me!”

“I, is this going to be okay!?”

Feeling the disturbing presence, Michuu-san panicked. What we are trying to defeat is not the useless Duke, but the black something.

“It’s going to be fine. Rather, it will probably worsen if left alone. Chita, do your thing.”

“Leave it to meee!”

The golden glow melted the black something.


“Ufufu, I managed to exorcise the Evil.”

“… Evil?”

“Yeah. Don’t you know about evil influence?”

Chita tilted her head. I wasn’t aware they exist. This is my first time hearing about evil influence.

“Huh? I…”

The good-for-nothing Duke stood up unsteadily. Then, he fell down.

“W, what have I done… Michuu!”

“Eh? Ou.”

“I’m sorry for acting selfishly up until now. I also did such a thing to Miss Shushulina… I disguised my feelings of inferiority by saying something like that to her… I am the worst!”

“… Leon?”

Michuu-san called out to the useless Duke… or not, he called Leon-san. Leon-san, who was depressed for a while, stood up and spoke to Michuu-san.

“Michuu, let’s finish the work! I cannot stay slumping down forever! Saviour-sama, I’m sorry for all the disrespect I have shown you. I will definitely apologize properly at a later date.”

He told me so and quickly walked off. Michuu-san chased after him in a hurry, but shouted to me first.

“Thank you!”

I couldn’t keep with the rapid development. Leon-san’s character obviously changed, right? According to Chita, Evil possesses negative emotions in humanoids and amplify them. It seems that only the Holy attribute is capable of exorcising the Evil.

Anyhow, I have a lot of questions for Chita, but I decided to return to the castle to report first.

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