Chapter 184

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Evil and dream.
We returned to the castle and I reported that the East has been safely restored. Both Jess and Judas-sama couldn’t be happier.

I told Judas-sama about Leon. He was clearly relieved.

“I see, he was liberated.”

Apparently, it was Judas-sama’s fault that Leon got possessed by Evil. He secluded himself in the Sanctuary to not cause any more casualties.

“Arisa, is Judas-sama cursed?”

“No, he’s not. It’s a parasite…? I can’t tell. It’s something stronger than Arisa.”

“What about you, Chita? Can you tell something?”

“It’s Evil… sorry but that one is impossible even for me… I think. We can only give it a try…”

Judas-sama nodded. Of course, he would nod, yes.

“Well, let’s give it a try then. Is that okay, Judas-sama?”

“… Please.”

Judas-sama removed the bracelet from his hand. That black aura closely resembling magical power that seems to have melted all of the colors flooded out of him.


“Leave it to me!”

Chita’s light enveloped Judas-sama’s body, but…


The black aura resembling magical power broke through the siege of light and engulfed me instead. Does it mean to cut off the source of the magical power!?


“Don’t get close! I have Chita and Arisa, but you have nothing to resist, Dirk!”


“As if I’m going to lose master that I found with great trouble!”

“Rosarin! Shit, move it!”

Wha!? Chita-san, your character changed!? Arisa, Chita, and Haru struggled to rescue me.


However, the black-something completely covered me and my consciousness fell into darkness.




It’s dark. Pitch black.
… The moment I thought such, various images were projected before me. I wonder if it’s trying to amplify my negative emotions… It’s all stuff I don’t want to remember.

“Whoah… it’s my dark past.”


It’s the period of Rin-san’s jagged heart. Ugeh.
Now then, what do I do? It’s not as damaging as I expected, but it’s annoying. We are Rosalia who kept experiencing dreams of her death, and Rin who continued to fight the unavoidable death. Both of us are mentally strong, after all.

Although the projection kept playing for a while… I received no damage. It only makes me recall how tough my past was. While thinking absentmindedly, a huge centipede appeared out of nowhere.


I used the ring twin swords to cut it up and it disappeared. Ah~ that surprised me… oh, there’s more. I chopped them all up. What is this about, I wonder?

After that, I was harassed… by all means possible. I think it’s supposed to be harassment? I got really impatient by the time a huge number of cockroaches came out, so I burnt them to cinders.
There was also Dirk (fake) cheating on me, but it didn’t feel like him, so I received no damage since it only resembled him. I’m used to seeing my own death, and I intend to avoid the future where everyone dies anyway.

Huh? Since I was able to burn the cockroaches to cinders, does it mean that I can use magical power? Is this a dream? It’s similar to when I entered Rosalia’s dream a long time ago. I can do as I please then, no? My body is mine. I have the initiative. If this is my dream then it should be easy to interfere. I interfered with my dream, like Sui and Haru did in the past.

The field of view became vivid at once. Our spiritual world is a mixture of familiar forests and a chalk-white castle. Perhaps because the number of my spirits increased, there were ponds and volcanoes… quite a pretty view.

… in.

N? I heard something.

How come!?

Was it a boy’s voice? When I walked towards the unfamiliar voice, my hand got suddenly pulled on.

“Rosarin! Rosarin!”

“… Dirk?”

It’s probably the real one. Eh? Why? Dirk hugged me as if to make sure of something. I nonchalantly mofued him. Yep, this mofu belongs to the genuine Dirk. Huh? Dirk was trembling. What happened? I stroked the anxious-looking Dirk.

“We found her!”

“I was so worried!”

“Mama! Mama! Waaaaah.”

My spirits were in full force. Arisa was… looking carefully, all of them were crying. Eh? Ah, did they intervene with the dream? Are they crying because of me? Did I make everyone so worried?

“Let’s return.”

Dirk took my hand. Of course, I want to return, but what was that voice about?
When I tried to look back towards the direction of the unknown voice, I heard it clearly.




“Why is it only you that is loved! I don’t need someone like you!!”




Feeling something akin to a push on my back… I felt as if I popped out of something and my consciousness was rapidly brought back to reality with a truly sorrowful cry in the background.

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