Chapter 185

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Waking up from the dream.
I felt a blinding light and opened my eyes. As soon as I got up, I felt an impact.




“Rosarin-chan… you are such a sleepyhead.”



“Good morning, Tousama.”

Eh? Why am I being hugged by my elder brother as soon as I woke up? Bro, it hurts as little.
Rather, where is this? Why are my parents here?

“The signs of Evil have disappeared completely. How are you feeling?”

A gorgeous curly hair that shone softly in gold… oh, it’s Chita. I remember now. I got engulfed by the Evil.

“N? Yeah. I feel fine.”

“Rosarin, you weren’t waking up for half a day, so we were worried! You… stupid fool… ku… sniff…”

“A, au… I’m sorry.”

Elder brother was seriously crying. Aaahhh, I’m sorry! I’m sorry for worrying you! I will prostrate on the floor or anything, so please just don’t cry! I patted the back of my Elder brother who was hugging me to soothe him. All of my spirits were also looking at me worriedly. Everyone seemed close to tears. I, I’m sorry.

“By the way, where is this?”

“A guest room in my residence.”


“I received a report from the castle, so I relayed it to your family.”
“I’m sorry for causing trouble.”

Elder brother stopped hugging me, so I bowed to Ojiisama properly.

“No, I’m glad you are okay. Looks like Dirk was able to be of help too.”

“… Yes. It seemed that she would be able to manage on her own, but I think she was able to wake up earlier thanks to your help, Ojiisama.”

Dirk smiled gently. It seems that it was Dirk himself who came to pick me up in the dream, after all.

“Rosarin, what happened in your dream?”

“Eh? N~… the Evil seemed to want to increase my negative emotions, but I’m super strong mentally, so… if I had to say the conclusion, then the Evil came to hate me.”

The place fell into silence. Did I say something strange? I think that last shout was pretty much it.

“You are saying the Evil had consciousness?”

Ojiisama seemed to be in disbelief.

“Probably, yes. I don’t know about Leon-san’s case, but the fellow possessing Judas-sama seems to have one. First, he showed me the time Rin was told she couldn’t live until adulthood, then it made me watch despairing scenes that made me sulk.”


Dirk turned pale. My family looked sorrowful. No, they are things from the past, you know? My body is healthy now, so I don’t mind it anymore.

“My body is healthy now, so I just thought it was yucky. When it realized it had no effect, it showed me projections of me dying over and over again instead.”


Everyone seemed saddened more than me, though. No, Haku was weeping. Don’t cry, I’m doing great, okay? It was just unpleasant.

“Anyhow, I saw a lot of similar images because of my Revelation (the images in the Revelation were much worse, actually) and Rin is here to change that future. Rather, there was such a pattern. I was thinking about what the cause might have been, but it seems to have been this. And so, it seems it understood that what it showed didn’t work so a huge number of gigantic insects came out next.”


Elder brother was about to faint. Are you okay, Bro? You hate insects, don’t you?


“I was really surprised, but I didn’t care much after considering them as monsters. I managed to take them all down with my swords and magic. And then, huh? Is this a dream? I thought and took the initiative to take control of my dream to get back.”

“What a thing… Rosarin.”

“I can only say, as expected of you, Rosarin. One would not usually have the idea of defeating gigantic insects, and they wouldn’t be able to think of a way to get control of my dream back.”

Sui and Haru who I have a long relationship with seemed unimpressed. No, you know? If you notice something like that, you would try to regain it, no? Do you usually not notice in the first place?
Ahh… that sounds about right. I used to play with Rosalia in my dreams, after all.

“At that time, it shouted ‘Why is it only you that is loved! I don’t need someone like you!!’ at me. That’s why I think it has a will of its own.”

“Rosarin, you were fighting even in a dream, huh.”

“Yes. Thank you for coming to get me. You guys came immediately after I regained control. I didn’t know where the exit was, so you were of big help.”

“Dirk’s magical power manipulation was splendid.”

“Magical power manipulation?”

“Dirk manipulated his magical power to control the Evil and to find you. It is our lineage that is capable of manipulating the Evil.”

Ojiisama thanked me. It has never been done outside of the Wolfanean royal family, he said. Huh? Why the show of loyalty!?


“Rosarin-sama… no, Saintess-sama. This is a national secret related to the founding of our country. I would like you to listen to it at the castle.”

“Ehh? I (don’t wanna) mind it, but… w, why are you swearing loyalty to me, Ojiisama…”

“We were surely waiting for you to appear.”

I only get a bad feeling about this! Eh!? Seriously!? What is going on!?

“Ni, Niisama…”

I asked my Elder brother for help, but let me down. Yeah, I picked the wrong person!

“We will be waiting for you at home. Anyhow, you were sound asleep for half a day, so I won’t let you sleep tonight.”

Uahh… Niisama, what a nice smile you have… I received a scolding! I, it cannot be helped. I let him worry this much, so scolding was unavoidable, yes. I reap what I sow.

“Yes… I will be prepared when I return.”

“Umm, Saintess-sama was only trying to help His Highness the Second Prince, so… “That is that, this is this.”

Ojiisama trying to help me when I was down. To silence him like that, as expected of my elder brother! No, I have no excuses. It would be all the same even if we were in the opposite position. It cannot be helped.

“Oh, but I don’t want you to return yet, Niisama. Please take a look at Cidar-kun’s fields while you are here. I tried to explain things to him as well as I could, but there are some parts you should explain to him yourself.”

“Okay, I got it.”

“I will pick you up on our way home. Let’s go home together.”

“I will be waiting for you then.”

“Let’s take a walk in this garden together if there’s enough time. Niisama, the roses here are amazing.”

“Is that so!?”

Niisama’s eyes sparkled. This is my brother.

“I think they are so beautiful you would want to stay overnight.”

“Let’s definitely take a walk here before returning home!”

“Yes, it’s a promise then.”

I made a promise with my Elder brother. Is it just my imagination that I feel like I’m getting warm smiles from everyone? I got hugs from my father, mother, and all the spirits. Yeah, guys… I’m sorry.

I’m going to the castle with Dirk, but as a conclusion, it was a great decision to send my brother to Cidar-kun. That’s a story for later.

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