Chapter 186.1

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The truth about Wolfanea.
When I went to the castle with Dirk and Ojiisama, we were immediately brought to a parlor.

“You are safe, Lord!”

When the door was opened, Jess flew out of the room.


He bumped into me with great force. I couldn’t avoid it because it was so sudden.

“I told you not to call me like that… I’m fine. I’m sorry for causing you to worry.”

His Majesty, Judas-sama, Shushu-san, and Leon-san were there. Judas-san looks somewhat off? That is troubling.

“Rosarin, I’m sorry… I took advantage of your kindness and did something so terrible…”

“Either of us wasn’t aware that it had its own will. I am safe and sound too, so there’s really no problem.”

“… Sorry.”

I flicked Judas-sama’s forehead. Judas-sama did not make the slightest movement.

“Apologies are prohibited. I’m accepting words of gratitude, though.”

“… Thank you.”

Judas-sama seemed troubled, but sure enough, he smiled softly. When the mood in the place had eased, the Ojiisama began to speak.

“Now, what I would like you to hear, Saintess-sama, is about the role of those of us who are here. We have received a certain mission from the Salvation Saintess and have been carrying it out it all along.”

To summarize, the Salvation Saintess sealed the Evil in this land, but she did not destroy it. She sealed a portion of the Evil within the blood of the Silver Wolf Clan, who are less susceptible to magical power interference, and arranged for the Magic Panther Clan (Ojiisama’s clan) to be capable of controlling the Evil in case of emergency, and made the Golden Lion Clan (Shushu-san and Leon-san’s clan) who innately have the holy attribute, to be the Lords of the four cardinal directions. She also placed the Magic Leopard Clan in the north and the Silver Wolf Clan in the south because of the high mountains in the north and the valleys in the south. So it was a formation to prevent the spread of demons to other countries.

However, there was a miscalculation here. As a result of repeated endogamy marriages, the number of children decreased, and perhaps instinctively to thin out the blood, the number of mates outside the clan increased.

In fact, Judas-sama is a mixed-race of the Silver Wolf and a Dragon, while Leon-san is also a mixed-race of the Golden Lion and ordinary Lion Beastman.

As the blood diluted over the years, a part of the Evil manifested within Judas-sama. Neither Ojiisama, nor Shushu-san and Leon-san were able to suppress it.

“Moreover, I got possessed when I was attempting to suppress it.”

Leon-san said with a sorrowful expression.

“I had an inferiority complex from being compared to Shushulina-sama that got dominated by the Evil. But the fact that I hurt Shushulina-sama and was taken advantage of by the Evil is no excuse. I feel really apologetic. Moreover, I… I concealed the fact that I was possessed by the Evil… I’m the worst Beastman!”

Leon-san burst into tears. Well… yeah… what you did to Shushu-san was unforgivable, but…

“You still suppressed it, didn’t you, Leon-san?”


“Since Michuu-san is safe and sound, you kept the Evil from possessing anyone else, no?”

“… Yes.”

“There were no other victims, and frankly, there’s no point in dwelling on the past as it doesn’t change things.”

“Fufu, indeed. I also agree. What was in the past, stays in the past, Leon-dono.”

Shushu-san smiled softly.

“Well, I understand you couldn’t bring yourself to ask for help after hurting Shushu-san. I understand that you couldn’t say it because of your pride. You better ask for help the next time, though! That’s all!”

“Umu, you better pay more attention, Leon-dono. I will also be careful.”

Leon-san was stunned. He nodded with teary eyes. Shushu-san and I smiled at each other.

“Umu. It’s no use looking back on the past.”

His Majesty nodded.

“That’s right. And so, Judas-sama, about the future… Judas-sama…”

Huh? When I tried to grab Judas-sama’s hand, he ran away. When I tried again, he avoided me.

“S, sorry… my body did that on its own…”

It seems that it wasn’t Judas-sama’s intention to avoid me. In other words, I’m being disliked by the Evil.

“Oh, that’s the face you make when you are having sinister thoughts…”

Dirk pointed out. I laughed complacently.


I tried to hug him, but Judas-sama avoided.


“M, my body is moving on its own!?”

I chased and Judas-sama kept running away.


“S, so tight… geho!?”

I chased. Judas-sama choked when he tried to escape.


“Uaaaaaan! I don’t know what’s going on anymore!”

I chased. Judas-sama screamed and shouted… ah no, it was the Evil. Fuahahaha, I won’t let you escape!!


“Scary, scary, scary, scary, scary! Don’t come at me while making that faceeee!!”

In fact, I didn’t laugh at all and just kept saying “Ahahaha” with a straight face. The others froze as we ran around the room. In the meantime, Judas-sama’s Evil was finally cornered in the corner of the room.

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