Chapter 182

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Lunchtime with everyone.
I received an invitation from Shushu-san to thank me, but because I promised to cook lunch at Ojiisama’s mansion today… I politely declined.

When I reported at the castle and said that I would revitalize Yggdrasil in the East after lunch, the twins let out unnecessary information.

“Onee~chan, whyat ish for lunch?”
“Omurice was delishnyaa!”

“… I plan on making Hamburg steak.”

“Hamburg steak? The one Kanata wanted to eat? Umm, could you please tell me how to make it?”

Shushu-san took the bait. Ugh… well, it was inevitable.

“Su-”I want to eat it too!”


A lively old man… king appeared. Stop eavesdropping, you are the country’s king! Moreover, where did you come from!? Why were you in a vase… were you skipping work!? What do I do with these landlords? Shushu-san aside… if the old ma… king comes, Jess and Judas-sama will probably come too so that he wouldn’t escape after, right? Ojiisama nodded with a distant look on his face.

“I don’t mind if you promise me to do your job properly. I will not cook for you ever again if you skip it, Your Majesty.”

“I promise you.”

His Majesty said smartly.

“”Thank you very much.””

Jess and Judas-sama thanked me. That being the case, although we have grown in number, we returned to Ojiisama’s mansion.

“… Welcome back.”

As expected of the capable steward. He was overwhelmed for a little, but quickly put on his smiling face.

“Shushu-san, come with me. I will show you how to make it.”

“Okay, excuse me then.”

I headed to the kitchen together with Shushu-san. There was something I was curious about, so I decided to ask her.

“Did Kanata-san say something to Andre-san?”

“N? Yeah, when they first met… umm… ‘I didn’t know someone like Andre was here too! I absolutely won’t lose to you, alright!’ he seemed fired up to compete for some reason.”


It appears that Andre-san met Shushu-san before Kanata-san. Kanata-san, who I have never seen before, stop it please. Shushu-san is not Oskell-sama, okay! She resembles him, but she’s not him, okay!

Shushu-san seemed happy that Kanata-san was jealous of Andre-san. By the way, Andre-san has a mate with whom he’s married with, so it’s impossible for him to cheat.




When I arrived to the kitchen, Mr. Chef seemed nervous. Why.

“You don’t have to be so nervous, you know?”

“I can’t not be nervous with Wolfanea’s War Princess around!”

“War Princess?”

“She’s a celebrity alongside the Wolfanean heroes! She became a Duke despite being a woman, and she fights as the vanguard for her people! There’s even a Saga written about her, you know!”

“Eh? Seriously? Where do I buy that?”

“In the booksto-”I am in no way famous like Hero-dono is! Aren’t you also famed the Meat Saintess, Rosarin-chan! Not only Sagas, but there also are picture books about you!”

“Eh? Meat Saintes-samaaaa!?”

Mr. Chef apparently wasn’t present at the Muscle Festival and wasn’t aware of my identity. It was the considerable steward’s kindness, huh. Thank you very much. I got exposed just now, though.

“… Well, anyhow. We are going to cook lunch now.”

“… Yeah. Rosarin-chan, please teach me.”

Lowering each other’s tension, we started cooking. Only Mr. Chef’s tension was high up in the sky.

“First, you have to mince the meat. Finely chop it into small pieces.”

“Umu, I’m good at that!”

Just as she said, she was amazing. Her kitchen knife technique… no, that was a sword technique. I could only say her moves were splendid. She had a large amount of minced meat ready in no time.


I kneaded the minced meat with seasonings.

“Hamburg steak is a complicated dish, I see.”

“Well, most foods are only cooked with salt in Wolfanea, after all…”

It might feel like a complex dish compared to that. Mr. Chef was also helping earnestly. Later, when I told him that I was giving the recipe to Shushu-san, he desperately pleaded with me to give it to him as well.




“And it’s done! Rosarin’s special kids’ meal!”

“So it’s not the Hamburg steak?”

“There’s Hamburg steak in it too, but a plate like this with a menu that children prefer is called a kids’ meal.”

By the way, it’s Hamburg steak, ebi? fry (fried shrimp monsters which are found in the rivers), beautiful mount-shaped rice, Napolitan, octopus-shaped sausages, and salad.
And also chocolate gâteau for dessert.

“It looks delicious!”

The children’s Hamburg steak had rabbit ears made from the sausage. I drew the face with ketchup.

“It’s a wabbit nyaa!”

“Sho cutenyaa!”

“A bunny…”


The pipsqueaks were delighted. Umu, eat up.


Oi! Don’t eat before thanking for the food, you geezer king! This freedom geezer!


He received a blizzard from the royal brothers. The geezer was feeling properly dejected from the scolding. I can’t tell who the parent is.

“Well then, let’s eat!”

Everyone is so so fast! They eat too fast! They must have been hungry.

“Rosarin, it’s delicious.”

“I’m the happiest hearing that from you, Dirk. There’s plenty more, so eat a lot, okay?”


After having such an exchange, Shushu-san spoke to me.

“Rosarin-chan, I don’t think this is the hamburger Kanata was talking about.”

“Can I ask you what he said exactly, as much as you can remember?”

“I wanna eat hamburger, fries and drink kola… is what he said. Is that one a beverage?”

“Cola is a beverage, the rest is food. I see, he wanted that hamburger. I don’t think I will be able to reproduce cola, but the hamburger and fries are very possible.”

“I see! Thank you, Rosarin-chan!”

Shushu-san smiled at me. I reconstructed her Hamburg steak into a hamburger. Additionally, I wrapped it into a wrapping paper for sandwiches, and drew a uselessly high-quality Shushunald logo on it. I also made a fast-food style container out of cardboard for the french fries. And lastly, I handed a high-capacity time-suspension bag to her.

“Shushu-san, this bag can preserve hot meals without causing them to spoil. You can give this to Kanata-san.”

“Thank you! I’m sure Kanata will be delighted! Please definitely come the next time Kanata is here! I will welcome you with my all.”

“Yes, gladly.”

I promised to come to play with Shushu-san the next time. Shushu-san was a busy person and left to work after finishing her meal. Follow her example, you geezer king!

“I’m happy for you that you could make a good friend.”

“Yes. I’m looking forward to meeting her next time.”

I can meet Kanata-san next time as well! I can’t wait to see what he brought back, and I’m looking forward to chatting with him!

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