Chapter 181

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The West farm and Shushu-san.
We traveled to the western dukedom in Valkyrie’s airship mode.

It was greatly exciting. Both for children and adults alike.

“Ohh, it’s flying! We are flying! This is wonderful, Rosarin-sama!!”

“Nya~! Whoosh~ in the air!”

“Nya~! Sho fastnya~!”

“Wooow! So hiiigh! So fast! Super wooow!”

Ojiisama, the twins, and Lagras-kun were excited. Ojiisama, please stop attaching -sama to my name.
Rather, I would like you to use -chan instead.

“Ohh… t, this is so high………”

Disk-san seemed to be slightly scared. His ears and tail were twitching. Are you okay? You look pale, you know?

“Wow… this is amazing, the town looks like a toy…”

“Whoah… it’s wonderful.”

Myudia-san and Lara-chan were quietly delighted. Their ears and tails were swaying in a good mood.

“And then! Kanata said—!”

And, Shushu-san (who forced me to use only Shushu because her name was apparently too long) was telling Dirk and me endlessly about the splendor of her mate. And also Shushu-san’s attendant, a Lizard Beastman, Andre-san, who was continuously ignoring everything she said with dead-fish eyes.

Both were making quite unique expressions.

Let me summarize the story of Shushu-san’s romantic encounter with Kanata-san, who is presumably a Beneficiary from my home country.
Shushu-san had a complex about her masculine appearances. By the way, she’s a tall person with a solid shoulder width. A slender beauty. Shushu-san’s ex-fiancé didn’t like her appearance, so he canceled the engagement while showering her with abusive words. Although they were both children of Duke, she had no choice but to cry herself to sleep. During that, she made a wish. Her heart was screaming, even though she wanted to die, she made a wish.

(I want to meet someone who will love me without caring about my appearances.)

And it was Kanata-san who answered her wish.

“Oh, there’s an Oskell-looking beauty here. Eh? Is this a dream? I don’t care if it’s a dream, she’s totally my type!”


Although confused, Kanata-san said Shushu-san was his type so he persuaded her enthusiastically every day, until he eventually won her over. This was when Shushu-san also understood that Kanata-san was her mate, but she was still worried because unlike Beastmen, humans can have affairs. Shushu-san who had no confidence in herself was told over and over how cute she was by Kanata-san. Shushu-san who smiled bashfully said that she would surely like Kanata-san even if he wasn’t her mate.
Kanata-san is currently working hard as a merchant to persuade Shushu-san’s, now retired, father to recognize their engagement.

“And so Kanata, Kanata you see.”

Shushu-san who talked about Kanata-san was very lovely.

“Saintess-sama, I admire your patience.”

Andre-san, the snake with dead-fish like eyes said.

“I am no Saintess. All women in love are lovely. I am a woman too and I like talking about love, so it’s no pain for me.”

By the way, I like listening, but I’m poor at talking.

“… I admire you.”

He sighed, as if he was talking from the bottom of his heart. No, once in a while, I don’t care how much people around me talk.




“Fumu, here should be good.”


The citizens are obviously suspicious and armed, you know? I think it would be better to land a little further away!

“I will go.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Shushu Ojousama is flashy, and she will survive even if she gets stabbed by mistake.”

“What part of that is fine!? Getting stabbed is out of the question! Haru! Amplification!”

“Sure thing.”

“Hello~! We are coming from the Royal Capital on His Majesty’s orders! Shushulina Ojousama is onboard too! Please put down your arms! We are landing! Please evacuate if you don’t want to get squashed!!”

As expected of Beastmen. Everyone quickly ran away. I took a look around and landed the aircraft. With Shushu-san in the lead, we explained the situation.

“Now then, Rosarin-chan. I will leave the rest to you.”

Escorted by Shushu-san whom I got totally along now, we arrived at the farm.

“Valkyrie, magician mode!”


“I told you not to shout my name!”

“Sorry… I got too excited…”

Valkyrie bowed to me repeatedly in apology. Yep, what a surreal scene.

“Gyant-san can talknya?”

The twins looked at Valkyrie with sparkles in their eyes.

“Yes. Yes, I can.”

“Sho smartnyaa!”

“Thank you very much.”

Valkyrie was also healed by the twins’ cuteness and didn’t reject speaking as before. Nice follow-up!

“Rather, don’t be having a normal conversation…”

“Looks like our children will become bigshots in the future…”

“……… It can talk…”

Lagras-kun, Myudia-san, and Lara-chan muttered. I was also shocked at first.

“Now then, let’s do our best! Sui, Arisa, Gora-chan, Haru! Lend me your strength!”


As I thought, there is one reply too many… how weird. I wonder why? However, unnecessary thoughts lead to failure. I amplified my magical power via Valkyrie and led it through a composed formula.

“Greenery Harvest.”

The greenery magic drew Yggdrasil’s mana, and amplified it further… the greens then started growing up from the center of the farm.

“Shooting upnya~!”

“Getting bignya~!”



“Truly a miracle…”

“My, oh my… how incredible.”

Ojiisama was wary because of what happened before, so he had Dirk stay on guard.

“A miracle!”

“It’s surely the Yaoyorose!”

“Eh? You are wrong about that! The hell, you are too wrong! You probably mean Yaoyorozu! No, I am no Yaoyorozu either!”

(TN Note: Yaoyorozu no Kami are gods belonging to the Shinto religion.)


“Yaoyorose hurrah!”

“L, listen to other peoplee!?”

My sorrowful cry echoed. There, Shushu-san came forward and…

“Everyone, calm down! Yaoyorose has the meaning of myriad gods! Rosarin-chan is a single god who saved many! In other words, she’s Senju Kannon!”

(TN Note: Senju Kannon, Thousand-Armed Goddess of Mercy, is a venerable entity of Bosatsu, Bodhisattva, which is worshipped in Buddhism.)

“That is also wrooong!! I don’t have thousand arms!”

“Mu? However, Beneficiaries have the divine protection and favor of gods… a Shaman then! Alright! Let’s all praise Shaman-sama!!”

“… Even though I’m not…”

I feel like it’s useless to say anything now… no! There’s still something! There is a way!

“Haru, amplification.”

“N? Oh~”

I took a quick breath. Rabisha-chan, please lend me your (acting) power!

“I came here at the request of Shaman Kanata-dono. Kanata-dono and I come from the same town. Kanata-dono was very saddened and hurt by the present circumstances. I also wanted to be of help, despite my poor ability.”

“… Rosarin-chan?”

Secret technique! Pushing the achievements onto others!
It would be wonderful if Shushu-san could finally marry Kanata-san with this!

“You should not be celebrating me, but Shaman Kanata! Despite knowing all the dangers, he went to secure food! I wouldn’t come here if not for his request! Now, let’s all praise Kanata! Kanata!”




Kanata-san will definitely be shocked by this, won’t he? But, it cannot be helped. I have never seen you before, but please forgive me, Kanata-san.

I succeeded in pushing the credit onto Kanta-san.

“Shaman-sama, please take this.”

“Shaman-sama, this is delicious, you know?”

I succeeded in pushing the credit onto Kanata-san, but I couldn’t escape the title of Shaman… huh? T, this is…!!

“… Chocolate?”

“You know of it? This is a special product of this region. To be accurate, this is a fancy sweet called Chokoreit.”

“… Do you have cacao!?”

“Kakao? The raw material for Chokoreit? We do.”

“I won’t sell it, okay! I want to enjoy it at home, so please sell it to me!”

Shushu-san was pulling away, but I got my hands on chocolate and cacao!

“You seem to be in a good mood, Rosarin.”

“Chocolate is delicious, you know! Dirk, you try it too!”

“Hm? Thank you.”

“Here, say ahh~”

I fed a piece of chocolate to Dirk.

“Eh? Oh, ahh~”


“…………… Y, yeah……”

Dirk was behaving a bit suspicious after he took the piece into his mouth. I tried a piece too. It was good, but… it felt a bit grainy. Well, there’s room for improvement.




“Oh, they are all lovey-dovey.”

“They are lovey-dovey indeed.”

Shushu-san and Andre-san… I didn’t realize that the folks at the farm were watching us warmly.

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