Chapter 180.2

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The impossible.
“You, how old are you?”

“I am seven.”

“You are youngeeeer!?”

“I’m younger than you, yes.”


This time, it was Ojiisama and the adults who were startled. Eh? How come?

“Y, you are only a year older than me…”

Lara-chan seemed to be in a shock too. Eh? Why?

“How can you understand so much about politics at that age!? What kind of education does Christia have!?”

“Ah, no, Rosarin is not normal. She has served as the temporary secretary of the Prime Minister when she was three years of age.”

Hey!? What do you mean by saying that I’m not normal, Dirk-san!? Well, it would be certainly impossible for a normal three-year-old to be a minister’s secretary, though! Ojiisama muttered absentmindedly.

“… As three-year-old?”

“Whatnya?” ← Three-year-old
“Funya?” ← Three-year-old

The twins (three years old) were stared at by everyone.

“I, impossible!”

“Ah~ I am a Beneficiary. The Beneficiary in me was an adult, and I grew up mentally faster because of my Revelation too, so…”

Anyhow, they somehow consented. The carefree pipsqueaks were resting on my lap since a while ago. And I nonchalantly mofued them. The pipsqueaks are so adorable. In the end, I spoiled both plentily as we played. They become completely attached to me. Dirk’s tail that got jealous also participated! He was appealing for my attention! Gladly!
This must be the mofumofu paradise, no!? I have found heaven! This is bliss!




“How long are you going to keep me waiting!”

A Lion Beastman, no a woman…? With a gorgeous blonde hair that looked like she would really match roses and musical-like music violently opened the door and entered inside.


“Osca… cough.”

I almost said Oscar-sama out loud. Oscar-sama (temporary) stared at me.

“Are you a Beneficiary? My mate is a Beneficiary. He also called me Oscar when we met for the first time.”


So there was a Beneficiary who said it out loud? Is he brave or simply a fool… and they seem to be a Beneficiary from seemingly close generation!

“They must be from the same country like me then. Is your mate here?”

“Unfortunately, he set to other countries to purchase food due to the food shortage… ahh… I’m worried that Kanata is going to get seduced by someone over there!”

“It will be fine, no one would be stupid enough to cheat on a beauty like you, Oneesan.”

“You are a good child, aren’t you…!”

The big sister was delighted. She said she will invite me over when her mate returns from abroad. I definitely want to meet him too!

“Shushu Ojousama, don’t forget the main problem.”


The big sister’s name was Shushulina and she was the Duchess of the West. Although she was a woman, she was the representative of the West, and she’s come with a gleam of hope to overcome this plight. Although she received a sudden summoning from the palace, she couldn’t leave her territory so easily, so she apparently got impatient. Yep, was it my fault that we all got distracted?

“I’m sorry. Let’s go to the West immediately.”

“Rosarin, are your magical powers all right?”

Judas-sama asked worriedly. I won’t overdo it.

“Summoning Valkyrie consumes a lot of magical power, but I’m keeping it out and have plenty of magic potions! There are no problems!”

“I will leave it to you then!”


That being the case, we set for the West.

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