Chapter 180.1

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The unbelievable things.
Rosarin Rosenberg is currently experiencing a major mental health crisis.


“Here, take this.”

“I’m no goddess! You are wrong! Stop tying up your vegetables on it!!”

The farm’s aunts and grandmothers deftly tied the vegetables revived by my magic to the Valkyrie. Valkyrie doesn’t move because she would injure the aunts and grandmothers by doing so. She cannot move. Why are you so full of the sharing spirit! Oh, zucchini-like veggies… that’s a good stir-fry! Should I just give up?

“Ah~ eh~ you are troubling her so sto… fugyaaah!?”


Ojiisama who was trying to do something about the situation was swept away by the wave of aunties!

“O, Ojiisama!”

Dirk quickly rescued Ojiisama. Then, he climbed the Valkyrie with Ojiisama over his shoulder and came to me. Ojiisama doesn’t seem to be hurt anywhere. I’m glad…

“… You need to know when to give up in life.”

“Oh, yeah… it was inevitable this time.”

We looked into distance… by the way, the pipsqueaks evacuated safely.

“S, sorry…”

You are not at fault at all, Ojiisama. The aunties probably don’t have any ill feelings either.

“”This is not your fault, Ojiisama.””

We just kept waiting for the aunties to settle down. Aunties in Wolfanea, they’re so active, it’s kind of scary! The aunties finally left when Valkyrie was covered in vegetables. We will be having veggies for lunch today…




The vegetables were delivered to Ojiisama’s residence. Since North is OK now, we will be going either west or east next. I had Valkyrie enter the energy conservation mini size and went to the castle.
The pipsqueaks wanted to see it again, so they are accompanying us. Ojiisama, Disk-san, and Myudia-san went too as their guardians.

As soon as we arrived at the castle, we were ushered to the parlor where Judas-sama and Jess immediately arrived.

“You were fast. How did it go?”


“North has no problems. Yggdrasil’s mana is flowing with no issues.”

I reported to Judas-sama. Jess seemed to have made the documents immediately.

“These are the documents for the student exchange. Check it.”

I nodded, scanned over the documents and smiled.

“This is good. There are no problems, it’s perfect. As expected of you, Jess.”

“Umu. I’m glad I was able to be of help to you, Lord. Then, stamp the seal.”

“I’m telling you not to call me Lord… when are you going to give up?”

“I don’t think I ever will? How about you give up instead, Rosarin?”

“I refuse!”

While having such a barren exchange, Jess instructed his attendant to stamp the seal. I knew he was capable of running the work of the royal family almost single-handedly. Huh? Ojiisama… and the adults were stunned. Lagras-kun too.

“Miss Rosarin… no, Rosarin-sama.”

“… Yes?”

Why -sama? The faces of the adults and Lagras-kun turned pale, why?

“You are Jutiess-sama’s lord?”

“No, I’m not.”
“That’s right.”

The denial and affirmation came simultaneously. We are not giving in at all. Dirk, who couldn’t let it go like that, answered instead.

“To be precise, after a number of events, Jutiess-sama began to regard Rosarin as his lord but Rosarin has refused to accept it. They are now in a temporary master-servant relationship.”

“Rosarin-sama, Jutiess-sama is a wonderful person, you know?”

“It will be Wolfanea that will be in trouble if Jess leaves now. I have no desire to let Wolfanea, which I just helped, crumble, and I don’t need anymore troublesome servants! Besides, if Jess leaves, it will most certainly cause both domestic and foreign turmoil!”

“”Thank you very much.””

Judas-sama and Ojiisama who understood my meaning bowed their heads. Disk-san and Myudia-san were still absentminded. Lagras-kun, who had recovered from his rigidness, asked me a question.

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