Chapter 179

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Goddess of Harvest
When I told Fidia-san that I was only seven years old, and we didn’t do anything sensual before returning to the castle, she got shocked. She must have thought I was thirteen or fourteen. It seems that people marry at the age of ten in Wolfanea, so it left me shocked instead.

“We would wait only for three years if we stayed in Wolfanea, huh…”

Dirk seemed to have considered moving to Wolfanea quite seriously, but I decided not to ask. I still have a lot of work to do to survive, so… three years would be tough. I’d love to, though. Marrying Dirk, you know.

Anyhow, we used a teleportation stone to move to the castle town, from which we will go to the castle. Judas-sama received us.

“Rosarin, what did you want to talk to me about?”

“Thank you very much for making time for me. Is Wolfanea’s food shortage perhaps not resolved yet?”

“………… Yeah. We somehow managed to resolve the problem with meat thanks to you, but not the vegetable problem. Most of the vegetables we were going to harvest this year got spoiled. The huge vegetables were able to grow only in the vicinity of the capital.”

“Ah~ so it was like that, after all. I investigated during our stay at Dirk’s grandfather’s residence, but is it possible Yggdrasil managed to enrich only the southern side of the country?”

“… Indeed. But, we cannot—”That being the case, let’s make a deal!”

“… Again?”

Judas-sama smiled wryly. I smiled with a business smile.

“Again it is!”

“What do you want in return for Yggdrasil’s revitalization?”

“A student exchange at Christia’s noble school!”

“… I don’t mind, but.”

“I will send you the relevant information after I return to Christia. Well then, the negotiations are concluded! I’d like to start the revitalization immediately, but there is a farm owned by Ojiisama in the north from Yggdrasil, so let’s do it there. Please specify the locations for the west and east revitalization or refer me to a person in charge.”

“I will arrange it. When you are done in the north, return to the castle.”





That being the case, we returned to Ojiisama’s residence. I told Ojiisama about the transaction we made, and he allowed me to work my magic on the farm.

The farm barely had crops and most of them were withering. However, even this seemed to be considered a good harvest.

I poured magical power into my ring. I could use a wand, but it seemed easier to adjust the output and range of this wide area through Valkyrie. That being the case, it’s your turn!


“I told you to stop that!”

The grandpa who was working in the fields was unable to stand up due to the surprise appearance of Valkyrie. Grandma, your dentures fell off! Sorry for startling you! Ojiisama seemed to be explaining something to them. And stop calling my name over and over again, Valkyrie!


“So cool nyaa!”


“Eh? You were the Muscle Saintess!?”

“I’m nooooot!! I’m not a Saintess! Stop bundling me up together with muscleeees!”

The pipsqueaks stared in wonder. I retorted with all my might to Lagras-kun.

“Valkyrie, magician mode!”


Stop it already! Stop propagating my name! I gulped down a magic potion to restore my magical power while scolding Valkyrie in my mind.

“Sui, Arisa, Gora-chan, Haru! Let’s go! Lend me your powers!”


Huh? Wasn’t there one voice too many? Was it just my imagination? While tilting my head in puzzlement, I activated the magic I had my Elder brother come up with. I wish I called him over too… well, there probably won’t be any problems if I do it all by myself.

“Greenery Harvest!”

My magical powers got greatly amplified by Valkyrie. In response to my magic, Yggdrasil’s mana rapidly filled the soil. And then, the farm revived at once, and the withered greens changed into lush crops.



“They shoot up onye aftel anothew nyaa!”


The children seemed amazed by the crops that grew so rapidly. The farmworkers gathered and stared in blank amazement.

“Ohh… it’s a miracle.”

“Thank goodness…”

“Saintess-sama… no, Goddess-sama!”

N? I’m getting worshipped… I am no Goddess! I have no divine powers!!

“Everyone! Let’s all thank the Saintess… the Goddess!”

“Thank you very much!”

“Goddess-sama hurraaay!!”

“Goddess of Harvest! Thank you! We can manage to survive now!”

While the adults were in high spirits, the pipsqueaks who stared in blank amazement approached me timidly.

“”Onee~chan, awe you a Goddessh nyaa?””

“I’m noooooot!! I am no Goddess, okaaay!? I am an extremely normal girl, okay!!”

(You absolutely aren’t.)

When I said so, Dirk, Ojiisama, Lagras-kun, Lara-chan, and everyone at the farm replied with a serious look. Why!!

How exactly did this happen!?

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