Chapter 178.2

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The first act in the morning.
“Delicious! It’s incredibly tasty, Rosarin!”

“Onee~chan, I wyant a dwawing too nyaa!”

“Mnya too nyaa!”

I drew cats with ketchup for the twins.

“It’s a nya~nya~!”

“Nya~nya~ ish so cute nya~!”

You two are also cute. I mofued them nonchalantly. They were soft and super comfortable!
I drew a rabbit for Lara-chan.

“A rabbit… he’s so cute. Thank you.”

She smiled gently. I mofued her nonchalantly. She was silky and smooth like silk itself.

Everyone started eating after that, so when I tried to return to my seat, my sleeve got caught.
It was Lagras-kun.

“Drew something for me too.”

“… Please draw.”

That’s not an attitude you should take when asking for something, right? As soon as I thought that Lagras-kun asked me properly. So I drew Valkyrie for him. Yep, it came out well.

“………………….. Amazing.”

“Wow, so cool nyaa!”

“Cool nyaa!”

“Whoah… amazing.”

The pipsqueaks stared into Lagras-kun’s plate with great interest.

“… Niisan, are you going to eat that?”


The family fell silent. The twins were teary-eyed.

“… It’s difficult for me to go without breakfast.”

Well, of course. Just the soup and salad would not be enough for him. Lagras-kun seemingly made up his resolve and inserted a spoon into the omurice.


“Dyon’t eat something thish amaznyaa!”


Lagras-kun was super troubled. What the hell, this is so amusing. I was just a spectator, but Omurice is best when warm.

“I will draw it for you again next time, so eat up.”

“Yay~! Thank nyaa!”

“Let’s eat nyaa!”

“… Yummy.”

“………… Delish!”

Now, all the kids started eating the Omurice… and the adults already ate everything. So fast!
Fidia-san, who was elegantly drinking tea after the meal, dropped a ridiculous bomb.

“Still, your scent that is coming off from Rosarin-chan is quite something, Dirk-chan. Even though Rosarin-chan’s scent is mixed with the scent of kitchen… so energetic… it’s good to be young, huh.”


We choked. That was totally a surprise attack.

“Big sister!”

“Even though we all understood, why did you not keep silent like us, Neesan!”

“Fii, why are you like this… what a hopeless daughter you are.”

“Oneesama, speaking of this in the morning…”

Well, you could tell by the smell, couldn’t you? The adults seemed to keep their mouths shut while guessing about the night, except for Fidia-san.
I, I cannot endure this! I shouted out, desperately trying to change the subject.

“W, who wants seconds!”

They all offered their plates. Before long, the kids were finishing their food. The seconds was fried rice, which was also well received. The conversation flowed nicely.
They were rather concerned that I was eating a small amount of food, but I was worried that if their food intake was considered normal, then Wolfanea is still in a serious food crisis.

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