Chapter 178.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The first act in the morning.
Now then, it has become morning. Wonderful pectoralis muscles were before me… what a nice scent. And there’s even the fluff. What a blissful sensation.

While rubbing against it and enjoying the feeling, I was hugged softly. Moreover, my head was gently stroked. A wonderful patting technique that made me feel drowsy again! However, thinking about it carefully, being in this state is not good! As a result of mofuing Dirk with all my might yesterday, he was still wearing the speedos. And he feels fluffy, so he must be still Beastified.

“Dirk, Dirk!”

I lightly hit Dirk over and over again. Dirk woke up, but he still seemed sleepy.

“Hm? Rosarin… morning…”

Wow, my lips got licked… nono, don’t put the tongue inside!?

“Nu, you can’t! Please urgently put some clothes on! You did not change, did you!?”

“Clothes…? …!?…………!!”
Dirk swiftly dressed up. I took a lot of glances. That was a beautiful sight. However, he dressed up quickly.

When Dirk finished dressing up, the sensible steward from yesterday knocked and entered… and turned back with a smile on his face.
Why!? You had something to tell us, didn’t you!?

“Excuse me. I did not think you were enjoying yourse—”That’s not it, you are wrong, nonono! It’s fine! Do you have any business with us!?”

Dirk responded in tears. The steward’s face blushed, but he apparently decided to state his business.

“Is that so? Well then, Rosarin Ojousama, the matter you have been talking about is good to go, will you go now? Your physical condition…”

We didn’t do anything physical condition consuming. I’m too scared to ask what he thought we did.

“There’s no problem. I will dress up immediately. Could you guide me there?”





And so, we moved to the kitchen. I have already decided on today’s menu! I’m sorry to the residence’s chef, but this is my chance to make a warm breakfast for Dirk! I’m all fired up!

A gorilla? Beastman chef with a good physique seemed to have a good temperament as he handed me the seasonings and ingredients without making a displeased face.

“Thank you very much.”

“Eh? Ah, no, you are welcome.”

When I thanked the chef, he started acting suspiciously. Did I say something strange?


“Umm, did I say something strange?”

“N, no… missy is a noble young lady from Christia… right?”

“Yes, more or less. You don’t need to use honorifics if you aren’t comfortable using them.”

“Ehh? Then I will stop, but… do you treat servants in your home which are in the same position as me the same way?”

Servants in my home… in the same position… Dan?

“Well, yeah… we often cook together. We devise the menu, discuss and sample the food together…”

“Alright, I understand that you are a strange one, Missy.”


“I was born and raised in Christia, you see. I worked in a Christia’s noble’s kitchen for a while, but I was told that they wouldn’t eat food made by filthy Beastman. I happened to get picked up by Master after getting sacked.”

“… I’m sorry.”

“No, I found a good place to work thanks to that. I was just thinking that nobles like you do exist.”

“… As I thought, is cultural exchange necessary?”

“… Missy?”

“No, I need to make a transaction with Jess… sorry, I was thinking about useless stuff. Shall we get started?”

And so, it was done!
I made omurice and a salad. The serving of omurice was super large. It was a food fight tv show amount, but I thought this much would be needed. Everyone eats a lot, after all…

“Thank you for waiting. This is my specialty, Omurice!”

Fufufu… I have confidence in my Omurice! My Omurice is served on top of ketchup rice.

“You eat it like this.”

When I cut the omurice in half, it melted over the rice like a soft-boiled egg. There, I drew a heart with ketchup and placed it in front of Dirk.

“It’s full of love, so eat a lot, okay? This heart drawing symbolizes love. In other words, it shows my passionate love for you, Dirk!”

Dirk’s face turned bright red. Anyhow, he gives it a taste.

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