Chapter 177

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Night date.
We parted in the garden and were shown to a guest room. Probably because we so loudly declared that we are mates, Dirk and I shared the same room.

“U, umm…”

Dirk was fidgety.

“I’d like to go to the garden. Just the two of us.”

“I would gladly accompany you even to the edge of the world!”

If it’s an invitation from Dirk, then I will go anywhere!



That being the case, we returned to the garden. The roses of light illuminated the area softly. I was wondering whether this was what romantic meant, and also guessing just how happy Elder brother would be if I brought him even one as a souvenir.



Dirk kneeled before me. N? It’s not the show of loyalty. Is it to match my eyes?

“I love you from the bottom of my heart. Once you reach marriageable age… when you turn fourteen, please marry me.”








I just got proposeeeed!!
Eeehhhhh! It’s a proposal in a romantically illuminated rose garden at night, you know! It’s perfect!! Perfect, I say!! Every maiden’s dream has just come true for me~!! (Confused)

“Rosarin, your answer?”

Huh! It felt so wonderful I blanked out for like two days! Bells were ringing in my head as my brain ran towards the sunset!

“Yes. I might be incompetent, but please take care of me forever. I also love you from the bottom of my heart, Dirk.”


I got hugged and kissed. Then, we smiled at each other and laughed.

“My mother told me that if I swore love in this rose garden that I would receive the blessing of love. That’s why I wanted to come here. She also swore here with father and they got married and became happy… she often talked about it.”

“I see. That’s dreamy.”

However, what miraculous roses these are. It’s like it was a spirit… nonono. Yep, that’s just my imagination! For a while after, Dirk and I enjoyed the night date in the garden. We spent the time peacefully while listening to Dirk’s memories of his mother.




“Umm, Rosarin… even though it’s summer, isn’t this too light?”

“Eh? It’s fine, it’s fine! It’s just the parade’s costume, no?”

“Didn’t you reject it for being too obscene!?”

“Yes. Only I am allowed to see, after all!”

“………… Uuu.”

Dirk looked wonderful in the speedos and bedsheets. No, I said it was fine when we were alone, and it’s my reward for preventing him from wearing it at the parade. Thank you for the meal.

“What is fun about this?”

Dirk wrapped in the bedsheets and shivering. So I can’t assault him? I will get scolded, definitely.

“Eh? I like admiring your muscles. Those quads and glutes are usually hidden by your pants… incidentally, can I touch them?”

“De… depends on what you intend to touch.”

“…………… Let’s start with abs.”

“… Well, sure.”

Well, I occasionally touch his abdomen, so this went as I expected.

“And your thighs.”

“…………… Well, I don’t mind…”

“Then your butt.”

“No way! What’s fun about touching a man’s ass!?”

“It looks tight and pretty… can’t I touch it? You didn’t have to show yourself like this on the parade, and I also revived the garden. I think that’s a reward I could accept.”

“Uuu… o, only a little.”

Dirk was troubled and troubled but he said OK in the end. To think he would accept! In fact, it was my fault that Dirk had to show up during the parade in the first place, so there was no need to reward me, but I will accept before he changes his mind!




I will tell you only my impressions. It was super fun! Dirk’s muscles are the best! And Dirk who writhed under my pats… a sight for sore eyes!!




“A, auuuu…”

Dirk was still in agony. Hau… so cute. I retrieved another item from my pouch.

“Dirk, Beastify. I will brush you.”


“I always wanted to try it, whole-body brushing!”

Dirk’s expression became that of despair. He knows very well that he cannot stop me once I become like this.

“Please have mercy.”

“Yes, I will keep it in mind.”

“……………… Okay.”

Giving up, Dirk allowed me to brush him. And after brushing, my golden fingers exploded. I made him nya nya all over the place.
As for having mercy… I couldn’t do it. Because, you know, he was so cute! He was too cute! Something in me blew up when I heard Dirk purring and snuggling up to me in a spoiled manner.
And I seriously enjoyed mofuing Dirk. Until now, I was holding back doing it away from home, but… I was 100% invested and something inside me got triggered. Dirk turned back after the mofu session, but as expected, it took him the whole night to recover.

The next morning, there was the bright red, dead tired Dirk and me in a super good mood. It’s been a while since we’ve had time to flirt as much as we could, and I’m very happy with that! Good thing we came to Wolfanea!

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