Chapter 176.2

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Garden and Ojiisama.
The garden was illuminated with light magic so it could be seen properly. It was a wonderful garden.


“This is incredible.”

“It’s back to normal…”

The garden full of colorful flowers was revived. The pipsqueaks were happily running around.

“Rosarin, the flow of Yggdrasil’s mana is not very good around here. It has recovered a bit, but it’s better to make it easier to flow.”

“Oh crap, so it’s just as I thought. I have to report to Jess later… can you help me with this?”


“Of course.”

“Sure thing~”

“Arisa will do her best, too!”

It’s going to be busy tomorrow, too. Wolfanea’s Yggdrasil was north of the Wolfanean capital. I made it easier to let its mana flow before, but it doesn’t seem it reached the vicinity of Ojiisama’s residence, which was located north of Yggdrasil.

When I explained it to Ojiisama, he spoke to me with a thoughtful look.

“I understand what you are trying to say, but Dirk aside, what reason do you have for doing this? The Great Tsunami, too. You should have no attachments to Wolfanea. Beastmen and Humans aren’t exactly on friendly terms. What’s your purpose?”



The uncles and aunts looked with criticizing looks at Ojiisama. Nono, that’s because Ojiisama is normal. I would also find myself suspicious.

“To put it simply, it for my self-satisfaction.”


Everyone stared in dumbfoundment. Dirk was chuckling to himself.

“The Great Tsunami was like that, too. I don’t have the courage to watch innocent people get slaughtered when there’s something I can do to prevent it. It’s the same with Yggdrasil. The only difference is that it’s either letting people get slaughtered or starved to death. I just don’t want to abandon the Beastmen without doing what I can.”

“It’s also the thing I love about Rosarin so much.”

Dirk laughed. Yep, but I do not need a ‘good person’ setting. Let’s break it.

“Apart from that, I love mofumofu!”

Yeah, Dirk, Sui, and Haru looked at me as if I was a good-for-nothing! But, this is who I am!

“……… Mofumofu?”

Ojiisama was stunned and he couldn’t comprehend. Hm, he doesn’t understand, huh?

“Yes, mofumofu! To me, Wolfanea is the mofumofu paradise! Mofumofu refers to the wonderfully fluffy fur of the Beastmen’s Beastification. Dirk’s fur is of the finest quality! You could call it the supreme mofumofu! I couldn’t leave Wolfanea in fear of losing the mofumofu… and that’s how it is.”

“… Why did you throw your image out like this?”

Haru seemed to be disappointed from the bottom of his heart.


“Well, I don’t want people to think that I am a charitable person. I also had an ulterior motive of avoiding the war with Wolfanea, though.”

“… I understand it roughly. You really are an amusing young lady. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and Dirk more in the future.”

“Ah, yes. It is I who wish for your everlasting support. We will come to play with your great-grandchildren someday, so please live for the longest time.”

“Ha ha ha! I cannot allow myself to kick the bucket now! Great-grandchildren, huh! I am looking forward to seeing them!”

“Yes! Huh? Dirk?”

My Darling curled up in a ball with his entire face bright red.

“Gr, great-grandchildren… kids…… my… s, surprise attacks are not allowed!”

“Eh? I think making children comes as a set with marriage.”

“Ahhh, geez! I know that!”


I got embraced. Ehehe, this is happiness.

“I have no doubts now. Miss Rosarin, take care of my grandson. Dirk must have it hard in Christia because of his appearance. You can visit us in Wolfanea whenever you feel like it.”


Are there any misunderstandings? The Beastmen… aren’t looked down upon recently.

“Erm… there aren’t any Christia nobles who speak of Dirk badly these days, you know?”

“… What?”

“There might be some shadows of doubt left, but our efforts had paid off… the other day I heard a noble who spoke badly of Beastmen has been verbally beaten to a pulp by a bunch of noble madams.”


“Nowadays, there isn’t a noble who doesn’t know of my lovey-dovey engagement with Dirk.”

“………………… I see.”

Ojiisama seemed relieved and resigned… and a bit happy.

“Ojiisama, thank you very much for worrying about me. I may encounter difficulties with diplomacy and such, but I will do my utmost best. I will not run away from my responsibilities, and I will definitely come to see you again. Please give me pointers next time as well.”

“Umu. Come whenever you want.”

“Come to see us too.”

“Of course. I will definitely come with Rosarin again… and I will bring Father next time as well.”

“I will bring delicious souvenirs with me. Is there something you would like to eat again?”


“Alright, I will bring everything again. I will also bring other sweets I recommend. Let’s all have a cup of tea in this wonderful garden.”

I made a promise with everyone in this calm mood. I’m really looking forward to meeting them the next time.

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