Chapter 176.1

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Garden and Ojiisama.
We have arrived at the garden with Dirk holding me in a princess carry. The adults were already there and Ojiisama then showed us around.

“The kids often played hide-and-seek there, Fidia’s skirt got caught on a hedge causing her under—”Kyaaaaa!? Otousama! Don’t tell others my dark history please!”

“Over there, Disk fell into a manur—”Father!”

The dark history of the relatively active aunt and uncle were apparently all over the garden. But Ojiisama, maybe you don’t need to tell us about the incident of a skirt ripping off aunt’s butt and about uncle falling into a heap of manure? The two are bright red with tears in their eyes, you know?

“This is the rose garden Dija loved. Now all the roses had withered…”

Ojiisama looked lonely. I signaled Dirk and he put me down.

“Ojiisama, may I make the garden bloom again?”

“Can you?”

“To be honest, I don’t know whether I can return it perfectly since I don’t know how it originally looked and if the flowers are completely dead, revival would be impossible. However, I will do everything I can.”

“… Please.”

“I heard you! Haku, Kuurin, Sui, Arisa, Haru, Gora-chan! Everyone, come here!”

“Yess. What do you need us to doo?”

“Haku, can you check the soil of the flowerbed and plow the hard soil to soft?”

“Yess… it looks finee. It’s a well-managed soill, so it should be finee with a little helpp.”

Haku started working immediately. I will take a look at the entire gardenn, he said and left.

“Kuurin, you give water to the flowers that have been revived by the Greenery magic.”

“Okay~! Leave it to me, Oneechan!”

The light blue goldfish is cute as ever.

“Sui, Arisa, Gora-chan, I would like you to take a look at the flowers and revive as many as possible. Haru, please support everyone!”

“Can’t be helped. I will do my best.”

Sui flew around in his fairy form because it was easier to maneuver that way.

“Leave it to Arisa! Mama, Arisa will work hard!”

Arisa followed Sui. Those two will be fine left alone.

“Leave it to me. Having my comrades to wilt also brings me sorrow.”

Gora-chan who unexpectedly didn’t look like a pervert flapped his……… wings? that resembled radishes. How surreal.
I asked Sui later, and apparently, most of the spirits have wings. On the other hand, many mixed races don’t have them. I know nothing of such spirits!

“I will follow Gora.”

“Yeah, please do that. I’m worried about (what might) Gora-chan (do), so please keep an eye (so that he doesn’t do anything weird) on him.”

“… You don’t trust Gora at all, huh… it will be fine this time. He’s taking it seriously.”

Hearing the voice of my inner heart, Haru followed Gora-chan with a cramped smile.


Huh? Isn’t everyone staring at me dumbfoundedly?

“T, that just now…”

“They are my divine protection spirits. They are of earth, water, greenery, and all-attributes spirits.”

“I, I see.”

Eh? Did I say something strange? They look dumbfounded even now?

“Spiwits? It’sh my fiwst time seeing thenya!”

“So nyany Spiwits!”

The pipsqueaks came along before I noticed. Oh, I see. The spirits itself are rare in Wolfanea where magic has not been developed properly yet! Dirk later told me that it was impossible to have multiple blessings of the spirits in the first place. Hmm… looks like that was my cheat!

According to Sui, the withering flowers were sleeping due to the suspension of Yggdrasil.

“Blessing of the forest.”

With the magic to revitalize the plants, the wilting roses quickly turned lush green and the buds became golden roses. In the blink of an eye, the golden roses tangled around the arch and spilled golden light. It was a very magical sight.








Did I overdo it again or something? Why do the roses feel like they mega-evolved??

“The roses of light have been revived!”

Saaafe! I’m probably safe!! I wasn’t aware of this, but the roses in this garden were magic plants. There apparently are many rare roses from Christia Dirk’s father sent here. Let’s bring Elder brother here the next time. He will be surely super excited.
I made the roses bloom one after another. There were roses with laced petals, ones that were rainbow-colored… the withering flowers were surprisingly this beautiful.


When I restored the blue roses arch, I discovered something buried at the base of their roots. It was a tiny treasure chest. Inside was… a conch… no, a magic tool. The old type one. It should be a recording/playback magic tool. The sage had a similar one. When I triggered it… Ojiisama’s immediately perked up.

“… Fu…”

Tears spilled out of Ojiisama’s eyes.

“Let’s leave him alone for a little.”

The message left on the conch was addressed to Ojiisama. From what Dirk said, it must have been a gentle message. Ojiisama returned after a while and thanked me. I’ve just finished doing the magic, too.

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