Chapter 175

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Magic and pipsqueaks.
Back to Rosarin’s point of view.
Time goes back a little. I decided to play with the children.

The capable steward I met back in the castle guided us to a different room. Is this a dance hall, I wonder? It seems to be quite spacious. How thoughtful.


The pipsqueaks looked at me with eyes full of anticipation.

“I will show it to you right away.”

I put my original magic I planned to show as my hidden talent to use. I created animals with water magic, and made them fly and jump with wind magic. Additionally, I created a rainbow using light magic.
I sang and made the water panthers and birds dance along with the song. Sometimes, I made the animals touch the pipsqueaks, making them happily dance together.
The song ended and the water animals disappeared. The twins clapped their hands hard. Oh, mister steward was also applauding.


“That wash fyun!”

I mofued the pipsqueaks with sparkling eyes. What wonderful mofu they have. Their fur is softer than Dirk’s. Is it because they are little?”

“Wanna shee magic!”

“Mowe magik!”

The pipsqueaks begged, so I had Valkyrie enter the Airship mode… just in a mini, three-person size.

“”Sho cool!””

Fuhaha, boys love things like these, don’t they?

“Come up~”

“”We can wide!?””

The kids were super excited. When I helped them on top, they went kya~! When the airship started going they went nya~! After playing in the airship for a while, another pair of kids arrived.

“What is that!”

“Shall we take a little break?”

I helped the twins off and returned Valkyrie to my ring.
I took out lots of cheesecake and cookies out of my waist pouch.
Mister steward poured me a cup of tea and hot milk to the children. He’s seriously thoughtful!

“It’s human food, huh…”

The two who came earlier were a brother and sister of higher or about the same age as me. They seem to be the children of that passionate auntie of Dirk’s. The little sister is Lara. She looks obedient and cute. The elder brother is Lagras. He doesn’t seem to like me. Both were black panthers. I definitely want to mofu them.

I spoke to Lagras since he seemed to be cautious of my snacks.

“You don’t have to—”Delish!”

“It’s delish! Oneechan!”

The pipsqueaks devoured it greedily. They are exactly like their mother. There’s cheesecake stuck on their mouths. I left Lagras alone and silently wiped off the cheesecake from the twins’s mouths.

“Thank you, Oneechan!”

“It’s delish, Oneechan!”

“Oh, it is delicious…”

Seeing the twins eat, Lara also tried it. Silently but quickly! She must like it.

“This is great! The hell is this!?”

“It’s called cheesecake. I have eaten a little while ago, would you like to taste it too?”

I replied to Lagras and presented the cheesecake to mister steward. He declined at first, but mister steward must have been curious about it too. He tried a mouthful.

“Delish… ah, i, it’s delicious…”

Mister steward corrected his speech in a panic. I didn’t really mind. Anyhow, I seem to become the big sis after feeding people… does the food I make have such an effect, I wonder… surely not.
While thinking something idiotic, I recommended a snack to mister steward.


“Please have some more.”

“Thank you very much.”

He seemed to like it as he swiftly finished. Now then, the kids… ate everything. How quick. They were currently standing off for the last cookie in silence.

“… Let’s finish with one last cookie for everyone.”

I took out cookies from my emergency storage (Dirk’s snacks) and gave them one each.
The children looked happy. Delicious snacks seemed to reduce his wariness as Lagras vigilance completely faded.

“Shall we play a game?”


“Let’sh pway!”

“What are we playing?”

“… Can’t be helped.”

In the end, we decided on a niramekko (a kind of game in which children make funny faces to try to make others laugh and lose) because of the age difference. The rules were simple, so even three-year-olds could play it!

“Niramekko, I will stare at you~ if you laugh, you lose.”


Rin has never lost a niramekko! Fuhahahaha! You better plead for mercy before my ultimate weapon, the lethal crazy face! A disappointing face that transcends all beauties!


The kids exploded in laughter just as I expected. And, what was unexpected was the person that shouldn’t be here.

Dirk’s body was trembling! I, I was seen!! I was seen by the person I did not want to be seen the moooost!!

“Ah, Dirk!? A, awawawawa… w, we are playing a game where we try to make the other person laugh first…”

I was teary-eyed. What am I going to do if I fall from grace because of this!?

“Fufu, looks like you have become friends. As expected of you, Rosarin.”

Dirk was smiling as usual. I’m glad… he doesn’t hate me! My strange face from earlier was totally out for a girl, but the generous Dirk seemed to decide to ignore it.

“How did things go at your end?”

“We spoke a lot thanks to you.”

Dirk smiled and patted my head. Ehehe, what a bliss.

“Rosarin, I got permission from Ojiisama, so let’s take a look at the garden together.”


“Sorry, I will borrow her for a while.”

Dirk told such to the children and lightly lifted me up in his arms. It’s was the princess carry, admired by all maidens!


“Hm? Oh, even though they are children, I don’t like the smell of other boys on you… I have to keep you in check.”

I think he means the twins by other boys because I mofu’ed them… keep me in check? I feel that Lagras received a shock, but… let’s pretend I didn’t see that.

“Sorry, this girl is my mate and future bride.”

Dirk left these words as he made his way towards the garden with me in his arms.

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