Chapter 174

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Ojiisama and family.
Dirk’s point of view.
Rosarin and I have arrived at Ojiisama’s mansion. And then, Rosarin was hugged by a black panther beastman female as soon as the door opened. When I tried to pull her away, she was working as usual.

“What a jealousy-inducing pair of boobies…”

I wonder why Rosarin is so fixated on it? I still don’t understand. Well, I understood she was doing just fine.

“Umm, I am glad to meet you… Fidia Obasama…?”

Mother often told me about her. Her cheerful and lively little sister. She often laughed about her unruly black hair.

“Yes, that’s right.”

Fidia Obasama smiled without a hint of insincerity.

“My mother often spoke about you. I am happy to meet you.”

Huh? Fidia Obasama and Ojiisama both froze in place?

“What did she say!?”
“What did she say about us!?”


Is this what they caught on? I found it strange, but I nostalgically told them briefly about the stories my mother often told me when I was a child.

“Ahhh, that’s so unfair! Oneesama! We want to hear from you too, Dirk-chan! Naturally, about us, too! You will tell us, right!”

A slender black panther beastman female with silky smooth black hair that gave off a calm impression, entered.

“Myu Obasama…?”

Her real name was Myudia if I am not mistaken? Myu was a nickname my mother came up with for her. Myu Obasama nodded repeatedly in a good mood.

“That’s correct! Now, come in, come in! Let’s have a good talk!”

The aunties took us to what seemed to be a parlor… I think? A long-haired man with a well-built body and a short-haired man with a slender body were already waiting inside. Both of them were black panthers.

“How do you do, I am Dirk Barton. Are you perhaps Disk Ojisama and Diesel Ojisama…?”

Disk Ojisama opened his eyes wide as he nodded, while Diesel Ojisama laughed happily.

“Hi, we have been waiting for you.”

Diesel Ojisama pulled a chair for Rosarin and me.

“Oh, I made sweets as a meeting gift. Please have some if you’d like!”

Rosarin took out a basket. Yep. You would normally be surprised. She took out a basket three-times the size of her waist pouch, after all.

“I also have a cake!”

What Rosarin took out next was a… cheesecake? That thing is really delicious… The black panthers other than me looked alternately between Rosarin’s hands and her waist pouch. It’s strange, right? Magic tools are quite rare in Wolanea.

“Since her pouch is a magic tool, its capacity has been increased via magic. The sweets she makes are really good, you know?”

They seemed to be convinced of my words. Tea was served and Rosarin’s sweets were also arranged. It were cookies and souffle she had in the basket. The cheesecake was divided. I usually eat the whole thing, but sometimes it’s fine to eat cut like this. Rosarin’s sweets are yummy as always.


Ojiisama opened his eyes wide. Yep, yep, it’s delicious, isn’t it?

“Yes, Rosarin’s sweets are the best in the world.”

Everyone was smiling, but they began stuffing their cheeks with Rosarin’s sweets silently. And they all disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“They are really the best!”

Myu Obasama looked at Rosarin with sparkling eyes. Umm, there’s cheesecake sticking to your mouth, you know?
Rosarin’s sweets were greatly popular.

Fidia Obasama and Myu Obasama both have kids and both said they would love their children to have a taste, so Rosarin gave them some to take home. By the way, Fidia Obasama’s children are ten and six years old, and Myu Obasama has three-year-old twins.

My mother was the eldest sister, with a second sister, third sister, first brother, and second brother in the family. In other words, Fidia Obasama, Myu Obasama, Disk Ojisama, and Diesel Ojisama was the age order. The two men are still unmarried. Obaasama apparently died a short time after giving birth to Diesel Ojisama.

Fidia Obasama and Myu Obasama are already married, so it was just a coincidence they were here for the Muscle Festival. I’m glad about the timing.

“… I work for the Knights Order. I’d like to have a match later. I saw from a long distance, but your swordsmanship skills are wonderful, not at all inferior to the Hero.”

“Yes, let’s spare later!”

When I responded to Disk Ojisama with a smile, I saw small creatures at the edge of my field of vision.

“Welcome, Madilla, Marula. Let me introduce you, Dirk-chan, Rosarin-chan. They are my sons.”

I looked at the little children and smiled.

“I’m Dirk, hello.”

“I’m Rosarin, let’s get along.”

Rosarin also smiled softly. It was a perfect smile, but as a long-time mate of hers, I ended up noticing. These children must look like kittens to her. How would I explain this, her face is telling me: “I want to mofu them!”

“Nyo! I won’t get alon with a hwuman!”



“Marula! Madilla!”

Myu Obasama promptly scolded the two. However, Rosarin laughed.

“Eh~? Even though I wanted to show you magic if we could get along. How unfortunate.”


The children ate the bait.


“You can magic?”

The two spoke to Rosarin with sparkles in their eyes. Rosarin winked at me and left to another room with the kids.

She’s surely making sure they won’t disturb my business. Let’s talk about the reason I came here.

“Ojiisama, my mother had regrets. I came here to tell you that.”

“Your mother, Dija… was she not happy?”

“She was.”

I shook my head. That’s not it. She was happy.

“She was happy every single day she spoke to me. But, she told me she regretted not having a proper talk with you, Ojiisama.”

“Was she holding a grudge?”

“No, her last regret was not taking me here with her. Ojiisama, my mother was happy. I will tell you my mother’s last words.”

I took a deep breath. I recalled my mother’s last moments, making sure I didn’t get a word wrong.

(I am happy. I have a wonderful husband and a lovely child… I feel sorry for not being able to witness Dirk’s growth, but please tell that stubborn father of mine that I was happy until my last moments… tell him that I am sorry.)

That was my mother’s last moment. She happily… closed her eyes to sleep.

“Also, my mother often talked about you all. She wanted to introduce you to me sometime and show me her beloved garden. Wolfanea from mother’s stories always seemed fun, I always asked for more.”

“Otousama you fool!”

“That’s right, you blockhead! It’s all because you didn’t recognize Oneesama’s marriage!”

“O, owow! Stop scratching! I, it can’t be helped! She married a human of all people and she wanted to live in Christia where the discrimination against the Beastmen was severe!”

“Mother understood what you were worried about, Ojiisama. Also… aunties and uncles, Ojiisama sent flowers to mother every year.”


“He sent her beloved roses on her death anniversary every single year.”

“You knew?”

“Yes, my father was keeping a letter for me. Originally, he should have come himself, but he’s busy working. Besides, I wasn’t really supposed to come myself.”

I smiled naturally. A few days before I went to Wolfanea, on the anniversary of my mother’s death, my father and I were visiting her grave together in Rosarin, and we happened to be talking about her will. Then Rosarin smiled at me.

“Shall we go meet them then! I will have Jess arrange the stage for us! It’s fine, it’s fine! No matter how cold your Ojiisama is to me, I’m confident we will get along in the end!”

Somehow, I felt like Rosairn could do it. Rosarin persuaded her father to write a letter, and the trip was arranged in no time.
Her little back is very dependable. If not for her, I probably wouldn’t ever come here.

“It all started with an impulse of my fiancée and mate Rosarin, but I am really glad to have come here.”

Mother loved these people and they still love her. I’m glad she told me many times that she didn’t hate Ojiisama. We talked a lot and I asked a lot. The stories of my mother were all very interesting.
I want to see you, Rosarin. I want to say it’s all thanks to you.




After the talk, we went to look for Rosarin.





The children were bursting in laughter. Somehow, the number of kids increased. Moreover, they seemed to be getting along really well.
Meanwhile, Rosarin was showing a strange face unbecoming of a lady.


“Ah, Dirk!? A, awawawawa… w, we are playing a game where we try to make the other person laugh first…”

Rosarin tried to justify her actions in panic when I started laughing out loud. She was panicking with her face all red. She usually acts mature, so this was an unusual look for her.

My beloved mate is truly unexpectedly funny and adorable… she’s just the best!

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