Chapter 173.2

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Business at the castle and Grandfather.
“Now then, let’s finish your business first, Jess. Give me a hand. I will examine your magical power.”

While Ojiisama was looking for the steward, I had to finish my business. Jess obediently presented his hand. The flow of his magical power was stable, flowing without stagnation.

“Yeah, it’s fine. Your growth won’t be stopping anymore. Your magical power is very stable.”

“Is there a possibility for it to stop again?”

“I improved the flow of your magical power the last time, but it might turn back to its previous form depending on the person. Yours is flowing as it should be now and there is no stagnation, so everything should be fine. I don’t think anything will go wrong, but just contact me if things go wrong by any chance.”

“Got it. Sorry, Lord… I’m the only one on the receiving end…”

Jess hung his head down. Nono, this is a give and take. One-sided relationships don’t last.

“You called me your Lord. Then you know it’s not like that. You have arranged this opportunity for us this time, and you did your best in the revival of the Wolfanea in the first place, so there are actually many things I have received from you.”

“… It’s my duty as royalty to protect Wolfanea, but… I see. I will work even harder.”

“Just don’t overdo it.”

Jess and I laughed at each other. Then, I glanced at Judas-sama. The bracelet on his wrist darkened slightly.

“Judas-sama, that bracelet is a disposable magic tool. It will eventually become useless. That is the judgment of the Christia’s Sage, so I have no doubts about it.”

“… I see.”

Judas-sama seemed aware as he smiled powerlessly.

“Elder brother…”

Jess’s expression turned sorrowful. If there’s no bracelet, will he have to go back to the sanctuary… is probably what he thought.

“… That being the case, let’s make a transaction!”


“I was able to replicate Judas-sama’s bracelet!”

“Ku… hahahahaha! A transaction, huh. What do you desire, Rosarin?”

“I’d like to spread the blessings of the Saintess to Christia. Rice is excellent preserved food and it’s delicious, yummy, and tasty.”

“… You seem to love rice, Rosarin.”

“Yes! It’s my favorite! So, how about it? Your Majesty.”

“Fumu, I don’t mind. That onigiri thing was certainly delicious. It’s a good thing that there are more and more good things to eat, even in other countries. It’s not easy to grow, that’s why it was only available to the royal family.”

“I see. How about I offer an indefinite supply of the bracelets in return?”


“Are you not losing out, Rosarin?”

“I will make a profit on the rice, and even if I don’t make any, I wouldn’t mind as long as the rice becomes widely available for eating in shops.”

Why does everyone look dumbfounded? Bread is nice, but I was starving for rice! It’s something different from Christia’s Jasmine rice too!
We officially signed a contract and I handed over the bracelets I had.

“I will make more if you run out, so just let me know.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mind it. I also have my reasons.”

While we had such a conversation, Ojiisama returned.

“Dirk, Miss Rosarin! I have arranged a carriage! Come to my residence! Your Majesty, Your Highnesses… we will excuse ourselves here.”

“Fufu… it’s unusual for you to be this cheerful. Make sure to take care of our Saintess and Hero well. We originally intended to let them stay in the castle, but this is the Hero’s wish. I can only grant it.”

“Yes! Dirk, Miss Rosarin! It’s an order from His Majesty. Let’s enjoy ourselves.”

“Yes. Thank you for listening to my selfishness, Ojiisama.”

“I’m looking forward to visiting your house, Ojiisama.”

Somehow, Ojiisama is really cute! His ears and tail move the same way as Dirk’s when in a good mood.

“Umu! You better have high expectations!”

This is how we left the castle with a very cute grandfather.

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