Chapter 173.1

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Business at the castle and Grandfather.
After the parade, there was a banquet. We changed our clothes and were guided to the hall. I won’t let any undesirable temptresses near Dirk this time! I fired myself up as such, but he was already swarmed by them. Get back to work! Waitresses go away! Smoke was escaping from my nose. However, Dirk moved faster than I could.

“I’m sorry, but my mate doesn’t like it when other women approach me. We don’t need waiters.”

Dirk politely declined. He won’t make the same mistake twice, huh. Yep, it somehow makes me happy.


“Rosarin! Wow, you look cute! It suits you well.”

Both Dirk and I were wearing ao dai costumes prepared by the Wolfaneans. My hair was done in buns too.

“You look wonderful too, Dirk. The waitresses…”

Dirk’s expression cramped up. Nono, I’m not scolding you.

“I’m happy you declined them for my sake. I don’t find it amusing whatsoever when other women cling to you.”


Dirk looked obviously relieved and happy. I sat down next to him. It looks like the person who is scheduled to meet with us is still not here.

“Marquis Charte has arrived.”

An old black panther beastman has arrived. Seeing us, he looked surprised. We stood up from our seats and went to greet the elder.

“How do you do, I’m Dirk Barton.”

“Hello, I am Rosarin Rosenberg. May I call you Ojiisama?”

The elder averted his gaze. He didn’t seem to dislike it. His ears and tail showed… nervousness?

“… I don’t mind.”

“Thank you very much!”

Fufufu. I will definitely get along with him! I have conquered the tsundere that is Milfi! I’m someone who can do great things when I put my mind on it!
This time, the objective is to get along with Ojiisama. This person is Dirk’s grandfather from his mother’s side. Dirk’s mother ran away from home and married his father. His mother sadly passed away from disease while she was still disconnected from her parents’ family.

I talked to Dirk in advance and asked Jess to cooperate. When we took a seat with Ojiisama, he nervously spoke to Dirk.


“That… you are a… knight?”

“Yes. I was a knight. I have retired from the Knights Order and I’m currently studying to succeed the Marquis household. If you don’t mind, I’d be happy if you could teach me as my senior.”

“Oh! I, I see, I see. You can ask me anything!”

Ojiisama looked happy. Dirk seriously asked about diplomacy and the difficult work around it. The discussion was getting quite enthusiastic. Jess and Judas-sama were smiling. His Majesty… was absorbed in eating.

“You were of great help, thank you very much.”

It appears their job-related conversation was finally over. Ojiisama looked tense. What happened?

“Y, you too… c, c, can call me Ojiisama. Y, you are my real grandson, after all!”

He bit his tongue! Ojiisama, you don’t have to be this nervous, Dirk is very kindhearted, you know?

“Yes. Thank you very much, Ojiisama.”

Dirk smiled gently. I’m happy for you, Ojiisama. You look super happy.

“V, visit us sometimes to play! We, we will welcome you wholeheartedly! You are also Wolfanea’s hero! You also have a duty to uphold! Y, you don’t have to hesitate to visit! You can even come today!”

Oh, Ojiisama’s steward quickly went out. Did he go to contact the residence? It’s not like we have to stay in the castle or anything… what do you want to do? I asked Dirk with my gaze. Dirk nodded. So we are going? Roger that.

“Is the rose garden still there? Mother spoke about how much she loved it, so I always wanted to see it at least once.”

“Of course! But… there are no flowers now.”

It seems that all flowers withered because of the incident with Yggdrasil. Originally, it’s supposed to be a wonderful garden with many colorful flowers.

“Is that so… but, I still want to see it. Could we intrude then?”

“Umu, I don’t mind! Robert! Robert!? My steward is not here! I will go look for him! We have to contact the mansion first!”

Ojiisama went looking for mister steward with quick movements. How lively~

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