Chapter 172.2

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The reason for being called.
A while later, Dirk was fleeing.

“That thing is not possible for me! Absolutely not!”


I was having a cup of tea in a different room and was waiting for Dirk. The half-naked Dirk was clinging to me. What a wonderful view. A sight for sore eyes. Thank you for the meal.

“What kind of punishment game are those string-string panties supposed to be!?”

“Ahh… it’s a Muscle Parade, after all. I guess it’s for showing off the muscles?”

“Don’t nod in understanding! Anyhow, Rosarin! Take me and run!! Right this instant!”

“No, I’m here more or less for the diplomacy, so…”

Usually, I would shout out ‘Gladly!’ but, I’m here on an official visit, so boycotting the festival would be a little too much.


The teary-eyed Dirk is cute… now is not a good time. I would need a good excuse for boycotting it.

“I will do something about it, let’s go, Dirk.”

Dirk obediently followed along.

“Ah, Dirk-sama!”

“Surround him!”

“Don’t let him escape!”

Wha! I got surrounded by machos in speedos! They are huge and scary!! Stop creeping towards us! Scary, scary, scary! Why is your breathing so rough! No, I understand it’s because you are exhausted from running around, but it’s too scary!!


Auuu, I’m scared… there’s no way I can persuade them! When I looked at Dirk with tears in my eyes, he snapped. Why.

“Look here, you guys. I’m still fine with you chasing after me. You did your best for the sake of your festival. But you know, what do you mean by scaring my precious mate?”

Shieeeeet! Scary but cool! Eh? Did he snap for my sake? Seriously~? Is he scary or is he cool… no, he’s both! My heart is throbbing. However, people who are usually gentle are scary when they snap in anger, aren’t they!
This time, it was the machos who got scared. Yep. I’m scared too. It can’t be helped.

“Dirk, thank you for getting angry for my sake. I was really scared.”


Dirk smiled fluffily. Yep, Dirk’s smile is the greatest.

“Well then, I have looked for you gentlemen to file a complaint.”

“Yes? What is it about?”

The favorite for the championship macho asked.



“Dirk’s lower half of the body is mine.”



——Silence reigned over. Yeah. I said it wrong. Nah, I’m going to push it as it is.

“Only I am allowed to look at Dirk in his underwear. I will allow millions to see his upper half, but his lower half is another thing. As his mate, I cannot give you my consent.”

“No, but it’s a tradition, so…”

It can’t be helped. I will have to get specific!

“Gora-chan, c’mon!”

“You called?”

Gora-chan tilted his head cutely.

“JUST THIS ONCE! I will allow your big form with no clothes on for a limited time.”


I pointed at the pervert… no, at Gora-chan who was wearing a leaf as I spoke to him.

“You’re not much different in terms of exposure than Gora-chan here. No, you look even more obscene because the line between your nether regions is more revealing than Gora-chan’s.”

“More revealing…”


“I will not present my beloved mate in this obscene form to the public! Only two of us can enjoy this!”

“You did not need to disclose that information, okay!? You could have just said that you didn’t want others to see it, no!?”

“My real intentions just… it’s fine if it’s just the two of us though, no?”

“Ugh…………… if it’s just for a little…”

When I teased with my head tilted to the side, I never thought I would be OK’ed! I will definitely make him wear it later!
Somehow, the machos were covering their crotches bashfully. Have you just become self-aware and embarrassed?

“W, what should we…”

“Doesn’t Wolfanea have a fantastic national costume that is fit to show off muscles? Go wear that.”




The parade was a big success. For some reason, I also rode the float together with Dirk. Why? There was no need for me, right? I did not want to show my face, so I was wearing a mask as always.

“Saintess-sama, banzai!”

“Muscles, meat, meat!”


“Meat, meat! Muscles!”


Someone started responding to another person’s weird call!

“Is that the Muscle Saintess?”

“She’s still just a child isn’t she, our Muscle Saintess.”




I am no Muscle Sainteeeeess!!
Darn it, which one of you started the Muscle call & response! At this rate, I will become the Muscle Saintess!

“Muscle Saintess, banzai!!”

“Muscles! Muscles!”


“Muscular muscles!”


Stop iiiiiiit!! Won’t that make me look like a brawny muscly girl!? I certainly do have muscles, but! I am not musculaaaar!!

To alleviate my great deal of stress, I decided to gaze at my precious mate.

“Whoah… you are wonderful, Dirk…”

“T, thanks.”

Dirk was wearing the Wolfanean national costume, ao dai. Moreover, it came with an option to expose the chest area a little! I want to fondle it later! No, I’m absolutely touching it today!

Other machos were also wearing pen ao dais. Even in this world, giving a glimpse seemed to be romantic, so the barely showing muscles were apparently more popular than if they were wearing speedos. The following year, the Muscle Festival became Wolfanea’s martial arts competition, and the parade was done in ao dais.

Thus, the Muscle Festival ended with a slight change in the Saintess’ title.

Why did it turn out like this!?

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