Chapter 168.1

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Knights Order and his resolve.
Today is the closing ceremony. It’s the school in the morning, followed by working at the Knights Order in the afternoon and cleaning up. The summer vacation is starting tomorrow, but my schedule is heaping full.

After parting with my classmates and promising Milfi to play together during the vacation, I headed to the Knights Order.

“Rosarin-san, can you please stay after work today?”

“Ah, yes.”

There’s something I wanted to do too, so this is fine. I replied to Dober-san and informed the family that I will be late today.
Originally, my job was supposed to be taken over by Jash, so the transition went smoothly.




After tidying up after myself, I was taken to another room. A cracker-like magic tool resounded, and smiling knights appeared before me.

“Thank you for your hard work!”

I received words of gratitude from everyone. There were some middle-aged men who were crying among them.

“Oh geez, we are going to miss you.”

“Let’s work together again!”

Everyone spoke to me with a smile on their faces. I replied with a smile of my own.

“Today is a party just for you. Enjoy yourself. I am especially grateful that I am able to return home on time now… I can’t express my gratitude with just words alone.”


You were really overworking yourself… the amount of work you did was comparable to my Father. I miss the days of hunting the muscleheads.

“Rosarin~ I brought you the reward~”

When I looked towards Curtis’ direction, I saw my Prince… no, Knight-sama. He looked so wonderful I got dizzy, so the wonderful Knight-sama panicked and embraced me.

“Rosarin!? Are you okay!?”

“Ah… yes… no, I’m not okay. The circuits in my brain got snapped! So wonderful! Too cool! Can I take you home with me!? Rather, please kidnap me, I will accompany you to the end of the world!”

“Oh… eh?”

Dirk was perplexed. Dirk was dressed in the Knight uniform and his hair was raised up!

“Good job, Curtis!”

“Oh~ you are pleased more than I expected… did you not see him in the uniform several times before?”

“Nono, I told you so, didn’t I? Standard is the best. Even though she saw him in the uniform before, she had not seen him with his hair done like this, right? It came out well, didn’t it?”

Hugh winked. I was still being supported by Dirk. What a bliss this is!

“Hugh, Curtis, thank you so much. What a wonderful thinking. I am very happy.”


“I don’t get women~”

By the way, their other plan was apparently dressing Dirk in female clothing. I wanted to see that, but the person himself was against it, so they gave up.

“This is from me.”

Adeil smiled as he shook the manicure. He’s good at nail art.

“It’s fine once in a while, no?”

As expected of Adeil who’s feminity is above mine. When I sat down, he took out a colorful nail polish set.

“Do you have any color in mind?”

“Not really…”

Just as I said not really, I got stuck with an idea. What do I do… no, woman’s courage! I have to convey my hopes!


“Err, umm… I would like it to match my l, left-hand ring…”

Ugh, so embarrassing. Dirk oy, don’t look so pleased. This is too much! Just recalling that I said something this maiden-ish is making me feel embarrassed!!

“Left hand? Riccar flower… huh? Where did I see this ring before…”

“It’s a matching ring with mine.”

Yep, Dirk had a smile plastered on his entire face. Looking at Dirk’s ring, Adeil nodded in understanding.

“I get it now. So that’s why you reacted like this. Fine, I will make sure it matches the ring very well.”

I waited for Adeil to finish applying the nail polish on my nails.

“Since we are doing this, could you do the fake fingernails too?”

“Fake fingernails?”

“This. You attach this to the nails.”

“Oh, that looks nice.”

“Fufu, if you do my nails nicely, I will give them to you too. How about it?”

“You promised. Why don’t I show you the best nail art ever!”

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