Chapter 167

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The returning tranquility and the greed for fluff.
In the end, I decided to work in the Knights Order in the afternoon. I was currently having a happy time with my beloved Dirk.

“It’s been a while since I had your lunchbox…”

Dirk joyfully stuffed his cheeks. He really ate it deliciously, so it was worth making.

“Hah… I’m full… what a bliss.”

Now then, it’s time to ask a request from Dirk, whose appetite was satisfied. I erected a barrier.

“Dirk, I worked really hard.”


“I wasn’t unfaithful in the mofumofu paradise called Wolfanea. I endured.”

“… Yeah.”

Dirk’s face changed between red and blue. He must have had a good idea of what I was trying to say.

“I request a reward.”

“…… Right now?”

“If you turn me down now, the interest will be—”Right now!”

Well, I had no intention of postponing it. Now then, where do I mofu you…

“I wish I had taken a shower… I won’t be able to recover when you tell me that I stink… I can’t believe my desire to hurry so I wouldn’t be late would backfire on me like this…”

I buried my face into his neck and sniffed. I could only smell a nice scent.

“Hiah!? D, don’t smell me when I am this sweaty!”

“It’s fine, you smell good.”

“It’s not fine at all!”

He’s more of a maiden than me, as per usual… my cute Dirk. I’m itching to use my skills to use after so long.

“I’m going on a patrol in the afternoon shift, so please go easy on me, okay?”

“Alright, I understand.”

I was still sane at this moment. I was intending to hold back so he would be sound and safe for his afternoon shift.

“Dirk, Beastification please. The complete one.”


Dirk obediently Beastified and I did as I pleased. We were alone after such a long time, so while feeling the supreme bliss of fluff, my reasoning power started to trip.


“Funya… Rosarin? Your eyes are somewhat scary, though…”

“Ufufufufufufufufu. Hau… mofumofu… happiness… Dirk, everything’s fine… everything will be all right.”

“I don’t feel a speck of things being fine… funya… fumiyuu… n, not good… it feels too good……… nyaan, purrpurr… nono, this is not the time for my throat to rumble…”

“Ufufufufufufufufu, my cute Dirk, I love you. Leave everything to me, relax, okay?”

As a result of entrusting obediently himself to me… the situation deteriorated.


“…………… I am truly sorry. My greed for fluff exploded.”


What I saw after my sanity finally returned, was Dirk who was looking at me with a blank look.
I over did iiiiiiiiit!

To explain myself, I suppressed my mofu cravings to some extent with Mofumaru’s help. However, I noticed something. I have a different stomach for mofumofu…


Dirk is just too special to me and his fluff has a separate account created in my bank. It’s not possible for me to vent out elsewhere, it has to be Dirk to let me vent out. As a result of neglecting the venting out in Wolfanea…




There was a great explosion.




It was already too late when I regained my sanity. It pleasure seemed a step below from an adult manga, but I feel calling it a Mofu Fallout would be suitable.
The adorable black kitty couldn’t even do a person speech. I tried grasping his tail to shock him back to reality as the last result, but his soul seemed to leave him for good. He just felt that good.

“Dirk, come back… kyaa?”

My cheek was licked. I felt for a moment that it would be fine if this cuteness lasted for longer… but I endured.
In the end, Dirk’s sanity returned after I played with him with a foxtail for a while.

“Even though I told you to go easy on me! Moreover, you even did something so… so embarrassing… with my tail…”

Dirk recalled the memory of mofu and sobbed. When fluffed too much, his animal nature gets stimulated. I learned something new.
And as I thought, my method to deal with the stimulation quicker with activity was the correct method. Dirk naturally had no time to play with foxtail in Wolfanea, so you could say he was also at his limit.

“I’m sorry. As a result of my love for you, who is just too special to me, I found out that the greed for fluffing you can only be vented out by fluffing you.”

“… Eh?”

“I was able to distract myself with Mofumaru, but I learned that I have a separate stomach for your mofu.”

“That makes no sense!”

“It can’t be helped. To me, you are the supreme fluff! And also my beloved fluff! That’s why I can’t just replace it even if I wanted!”

“In other words?”

“Because I love you too much, because of your wonderful fluff, I can’t be satisfied with anyone else except you.”

Dirk had his doubts, but he was convinced. It seems that he’s able to stand up after playing with the foxtail took effect.

“I will see you tomorrow then.”

“Yeah, see you soon.”

While looking at Dirk’s retreating figure with a little regret, he returned.

“I made a mistake, let me re-do this.”


“I’m off, Rosarin.”

“!! Have a good day, Dirk.”

Feeling so happy that I hugged him and kissed his cheeks, he returned the gift with a kiss on my lips.
Kyaaaaa!! Dirk’s so handsome, I’m going to fall for him! No, I’m already infatuated, though! My tension is too high!! It’s that!


Super High Tension!!
I feel that I could defeat the Demon King in one hit right now!!


The Super High Tension Rosariiin who did not fear anything was calmed down instantly by Dober-san.

Dober-san who came to get me glanced at me and his face blushed.

“Umm, just what did you do for the scent to be so… no, I’d rather not know.”

My tension turned back to normal at once. And I got embarrassed. Looking carefully, Jash’s face was red too. I’m seriously considering using perfume next time. The scent of Beastmen is too incredible.

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