Chapter 166.2

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School, parents, and a dazzling person.
“This trip also served to better our relationship with Wolfanea. You might have been aware, but Christia and Wolfanea’s relationship was poor. Encountering the Great Tsunami was an unforeseen incident. We weren’t on the front lines. We were only providing aid at the castle. There certainly was danger, but it was hard to come by experience. Gav, Rufna… you guys were transporting the injured, right?”

The two nodded.

“Even though stained from blood, the two continued carrying the injured people inside. Mirul, Pochi… you guys were earnestly helping to make potions.”

Eh? Is Aldin-sama perhaps aware of the movements of all of his classmates?

“I was in command of the tactics and Aldin supported his classmates with logistics.”

Alphage-sama said with a strained smile. Don’t read my mind. That startled me.

“I can read most of your expressions when you are not careful. I will be more mindful from now on.”

“We also were frightened of the Great Tsunami at first. However, one person bravely stood up.”

I have a bad feeling about this. Aldin-sama, stop reaching out to me. I’d like to refu…

“Come here, please.”

You better remember this! I will definitely return this favor back!! I was pushed so strongly by Alphage-sama, I found myself next to Aldin-sama the next moment. Aldin-sama extended his hand to escort me.

“She, Miss Rosarin… has promised to do something about it. That’s why we were able to respond to such a desperate situation without panic.”

“Kaachan, Big Sis was amazing!”

“Only Big Sis went to fight!”

The honest classmates of mine all agreed.

“Additionally, what is most magnificent is that during this devastating Great Tsunami, Wolfanea had no casualties.”

The parents were noisy. That is normally impossible.

“I think your children are all great for providing support during this difficult situation. Both the Wolfanean royalty and the physicians praised them for taking care of the lightly injured, which allowed the physicians to concentrate on those who needed treatment the most. They all participated in the victory parade.”

“That’s right! We all got to ride special carriages and floats!”

“We all were present at the parade!”

The classmates cheerfully informed their parents. I saw some of the parents smiling softly at their kids.

“We certainly met with danger. However, I really believe it was hard to come by experience. Both humans and beastmen stood together against a common threat, and everyone did what they could. Everyone got their job done without complaining.”


“That’s right!”

“I did my best, you know!”

All of my classmates were smiling cheerfully. The angered mob of parents had already calmed down completely. Aldin-sama is strong!

“Aldin’s purification is no longer a single target, huh…”

Adeil-san had a distant look on his face. Purification, huh. Yep, for a natural airhead to be able to do this much means he really is talented… huh? Aldin-sama has a halo above his head. He could change his name to Spark☆din or something. He’s too dazzling, though.

I briefly contacted Jess in Wolfanea while everyone was distracted by Aldin-sama. Jess promised to send each individual a letter of appreciation and a monetary gift, although with a bit of a delay. When I informed the parents, they somehow came to an understanding.




To thank us for earlier, we were having tea in the backyard with Aldin-sama.

“Miss Rosarin, why are you dissatisfied with me? What’s more, why won’t you look at Aldin?”

“I’m not giving you any snacks because of your care from earlier. Aldin-sama is too dazzling.”


It wasn’t a halo that was illuminating Aldin-sama, it was something else that made Aldin-sama radiant.

“A Spirit of Light has taken a liking to you, Aldin-sama. You are super dazzling. Try calling out to it.”

“Eh? Oh… are you pleased with me? Show yourself to me then.”

A light brighter than sunlight descended on top of Aldin-sama’s palm.

“I will give you a name. Rad, how about Rad?”

“I like it. Nice to meet you, Aldin.”

The blonde-haired spirit with honest-looking eyes smiled fluffily at Aldin-sama. Ohh, it’s the spirit that appeared in the game.

By the way, thanks to Rad’s influence, Aldin-sama earned nicknames such as The Shining Crown Prince and the Prince of Light. I don’t know whether it was Rad’s mischief or he did it deliberately, but from this day onwards, Aldin-sama became a prince physically illuminated by a halo.

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