Chapter 166.1

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School, parents, and a dazzling person.
Well then, well then, it’s time for school today! When I wore my knight’s uniform after a long while and made my way to the school… there were a great number of parents in front of the gate. I don’t think I will be able to get through. Just as I thought it was troublesome and I should just teleport directly to the Knights Order, I heard angry shouts of the parents.

“Call the person in charge for us!”

Were they having complaints? This was as far as I was concerned about other people’s affairs.

“My child told me they encountered a Great Tsunami on his trip, ya know!”

“You didn’t put the kids in harm’s way, did you!?”

They were the parents of my classmateees!? When I think about it carefully, of course they are here! It was an inevitable force of nature, but their precious children could have died if handled poorly, after all! Awawawa… scary! What do I do!?

“We are leaving! I’m going to transfer you to another school!”

“Kaachan, listen to me! It wasn’t dangerous!”

No, it was dangerous. The eyes of Rufna, who was desperately trying to convince his mother, met with mine.

“Big Sis! Please persuade my Kaachan! I don’t want to change schools!!”

For the time being, I decided to act like the daughter of a Duke. I changed my uniform to a silver dress via my engagement ring. Then I turned my other ring into a folding fan.

“You are being quite noisy since morning.”

The surroundings buzzed. Ugh… I’m getting attention, but it cannot be helped.

“What is this ruckus about? I hope you have a reason for preventing me from going to school, yes?”

I poured my magical power out on purpose and the temperature in the vicinity dropped.

“T, that’s…”

“I’m glad it was me who came first. Depending on who might have come before me, you might have been detained for lese majeste.”

I wonder if the commotion was heard. The headmaster and the homeroom teacher led the parents to the auditorium. As there was no need for me to stay here anymore, an unfamiliar auntie grabbed my arm.

“I heard this child was the one who incited all of this! This child should give us an explanation as well!”

Eh~? Even if you say that, the Great Tsunami is truly an unexpected occurrence, so there’s nothing I can say about it. I don’t want to be late at the Knights Order, though.

“Kaachan! Stop it! Don’t be rough with Big Sis!”

So it was Gav’s mother, huh. They certainly have similar tiger tails and ears.

“Erm, please don’t be rough with our student. Rosarin-kun, please follow us as well.”

Seriously. Shouldn’t you cover for me here, Headmaster? There was nothing I could do, so I followed the crowd to the auditorium.




Rather, what are we doing about this? I don’t feel like there’s anything I could do either. The parents will start rioting if handled poorly.

“So, give us an explanation already!”

“Are you taking us for fools!?”

The Headmaster asked them to calm down first, but they naturally didn’t. Just when I started thinking that I seriously should do something about this, someone tapped on my shoulder.

“Leave this to me.”

Saying that to me, Aldin-sama stepped in front of our classmates’ parents.

“Forgive me!”

Aldin-sama apologized loudly. The parents were stunned. A royalty was bowing to them. Even if they didn’t know Aldin-sama was royalty, they could tell that he was a high-ranking noble from his appearances. It would be bad if they found out who they made apologize!

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