Chapter 165

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Ojousama and servant.
After I quickly evacuated from the Sage’s room, I just returned home and went to the bed.

A modest knock resounded, and Jash with a puzzled expression came in.

“What can I do for you, Ojousama?”

“Oh, I wanted to have a secret talk with you. I don’t have a confirmation yet, so I wanted to hear your opinion.”


“At the same time, I thought I would talk about the details of Wolfanea in a funny way.”

“Please talk normally! Concisely and clear!”

First, I talked about the happenings in Wolfanea as a light jab. Jash curled up. No, this was a dogeza. No need for dogeza. I’m full of it already.

“I’m truly sorry for the rudeness of my relatives…”

No, I don’t really care about it. They already passed down my throat.

“Now then, the main problem. I will ask something strange. Are there two Second Princes?”

“… No, there’s only one, but… sometimes, he gives off very different impressions. I don’t know why Judas-sama couldn’t leave the vicinity of the Sanctuary. Father might know something, but…”

“His nonexistent explanation ability, huh… Tousama’s interpretation prowess has a limit too.”

We both sighed. However, there’s one thing that is certain.

“This bracelet has a purification effect of the Holy attribute. When I had given it to him, the Second Prince was able to leave the Sanctuary.”

“Holy attribute… that reminds me, Jutiess-sama and Judas-sama’s mother was a Holy Dragon. Judas-sama was always calm when Jutiess-sama was around.”

In other words, something within him is being suppressed by the Holy attribute? I can only deduce, and I can’t pursue it too much. It’s not like he sought help from me. I also have no obligation to help him. I wonder why that person was worried?

“How unexpected, though.”

“What is?”

“It’s you we are talking about, so I thought you would help him, Ojousama.”

“No, I’m not a champion of justice or anything, and he didn’t seek help from me either. Moreover, I hate ghosts the most… this is just my intuition, but I don’t think the current me would be able to help him.”

“By the way, why are you so bad with ghosts?”

I averted my gaze from Jash.

“They have no physical mass, they seem kind of cursed, I dislike them because I can’t understand them well.”


Jash seemed to be pondering about something.

“… In other words, so you hate them because they scare you?”

“………………………… I said it in a roundabout way, so you don’t have to be so direct! Anyhow, I don’t like them! I hate them!”

“… I’m sorry.”

Jash turned his head away and his body shook. Laugh if you want to laugh, you son of a gun!

I tried to have a serious discussion, but Rosalia’s Future Clairvoyance does not work on Judas. Moreover, in fact, I don’t know the true ending. The route opens up after the King witnesses the endings of all capture targets.
I have seen all capture target endings, but the true ending had quite severe attribute value adjustments… I did not see the ending because you had to part ways with my beloved Dirk-sama along the way. I should have seen it! I regret a little.

Well, anyhow, I can only do my best at what I can do. For now, it’s managing the Magic Institute and providing him with a supply of bracelets on regular basis.

By the way, I did not know that this choice of mine would have a big impact in seven years. I don’t think anyone would have been able to predict that to happen.

I asked a follow-up question to my servant who was still shaking even now.

“Do you know the reason why Judas hates Christia?”

“Yes. It’s quite a popular story… Judas-sama had an engagement with a young lady from Christia, but the young lady feared Judas-sama’s complete Beastification and called him a monster. Their engagement was naturally broken off, and it is said that this was the reason Judas-sama wouldn’t leave the Sanctuary.”

Is this why he asked if I wasn’t scared of him? And somehow, he gave off the impression of an introvert, so I felt he was a shut-in.

This is the extent of the information available at present. When I told Jash that this was enough for our secret talk, Jash bowed. It was a bow of gratitude.

“Even though I abandoned Wolfanea… I must thank you for saving our country. Pardon me, I wish I had better words to say, but… I am grateful to you from the bottom of my heart, Ojousama. I don’t know if I will be able to return what you have given me in my lifetime, but I will do my best.”

I patted the lowered head of Jash.


“You know, I told the same to Gator, but… can you hear my request?”

“Yes. Anything you like.”

He said it. I got his word!

“Be happy.”

“… Huh?”

“Be happy and smile a lot. I can then be satisfied that I did a good deed. In the first place, I don’t seek compensation from you. You have already repaid me plenty. Seeking Rulan’s aid really helped, and I’m really thankful for your attentiveness and care… Jash?”


Jash… your beauty got spoiled. You don’t have to cry that much. It’s not like I said anything weird.

“Don’t cry.”

I wiped his tears with a handkerchief. Stop that runny nose, you are a beauty, after all.

“I’m sho happi… I weally am happi.”

“Then it’s fine. Will you make me sweets again? I ate them in Wolfanea too, but the ones you make are tastier.”

Jash’s pretty face was spoiled by tears and runny nose, but his happily nodding appearance was cute. His tail was wagging too.

The next day, Jash served sweets during the tea time. They were delicious. By the way, Rulan and the Crystal Dragons seem to like them too as the compensation for helping were these very sweets. Only I and the Crystal Dragons know that Yggdrasil… no, that Wolfanea was actually saved by sweets.

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