Chapter 164

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Sage, magic tools, and his wife.
There was something I was curious about after returning home with Mikelle, so I made a visit to the Sage’s messy room. At once, I threw things that were piled up before me to make space without hesitation.

“Hey, don’t come here and throw things all of a sudden!”

By the way, I got permission from his wife, so I had no restraint.

“It will break, it will break! You will break it!”

I was irritated that the dirty room I cleaned returned to what it was like in just a few days.

“I apologize! I will apologize, so please spare at least that!?”

The owner of the messy room, the so-called Sage, wrapped around my waist and begged.

“… Nope. I have nowhere to sit.”

I grinned. Additionally, I activated the picture recording magic tool.

(Seriously, please spare me this time!? If I do it next time, I won’t say anything, no matter what you destroy!)

“The me from two weeks ago is stupid!”

I cleaned up and got down to the business.

“Mithril and… silver, I guess? Give me a little.”

“Sure, what for?”

I applied heat to the lump of metal to embed a magic stone, and reproduced the bracelet I received at the treasury. I also fused it with the magical powers of Holy Tree’s crystallization, Magchelia flower, and Yggdrasil fruit.
The magic tool I had given to the Second Prince was successfully reproduced.

“Jiisama, appraise this for me.”

The Sage’s Revelation is Magic Eyes. He is able to understand the effects of a magic tool just by observing its magical power.

“It’s a bracelet with a purifying effect of the Holy attribute. Powerful magic tools like this are not readily seen…”

“Then, this one, too.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

When I handed him the thing, the room was overflown with dazzling light.

“The messenger of the wisdom of a long time! The Sage G☆SAMA is here!”

“The hell is this shit!?”

An old man with bunny ears, wearing a miniskirt one-piece dress and knee-high boots appeared. Jiisama was holding his skirt down with tears in his eyes. His legs were slender with no hair. He was normally cute.


“What kind of prank is this! You devilish disciple!”

However, what a terrifying wand this is that even Jiisama who has many measures against the spontaneous discharge of magic tools would fall prey to it.

“This wand was a souvenir from the Cathedral where it was passed down generation after generation, I received in Wolfanea. It was apparently a national treasure.”
“It certainly amplifies magical power. To think a magic tool this old would still work properly.”

“This magic tool is part of the Salvation Saintess’ dark history to bully Wolfanea.”


Jiisama got super baited. To the creators of magic tools, the Salvation Saintess was a God. I wasn’t aware.

As Jiisama begged me to tell him more, the front door opened.

“I’m home…”

The wife of Sage who returned home closed the door. And she opened the door again.

“Honey!? D, don’t misunderstand this outfit! It’s my disciple’s prank and definitely not my hobby, okaaay!?”

The Sage’s wife was a beautiful woman wearing man’s clothes, with short black hair and ice-blue eyes. The nickname people attached to her is the Noble Youth of Ice. That very lady was staring expressionlessly at Jiisama.
Jiisama felt she was seriously going to divorce him, so he was desperate.

The lady grabbed the old man who was clinging to her and gave him a deep kiss.

“Nu!? Fu… n~!”

Too long! And Jiisama was completely worn-out. Oxygen deprivation?

“Wearing such cute outfit… are you tempting me?”

“I, I’m not… wait a minute! My disciple is here, stop undressing me… why don’t you hurry home, my discipleee!?”

The cool lady smiled and waved her hand at me while stripping the Sage clothes piece by piece.

“Thank you for the wonderful present. I will accept it deliciously.”

“Oh, you might turn out similarly if you touch that wand, so please be careful.”

“Got it.”

“Wha, don’t touch me there… at least wait for my disciple to… aaahn!”

Since the Sage was in deep trouble, I conveyed just the important part and withdrew. What to say, she seemed to enjoy herself thoroughly, so the lady sent me a thank you gift the next day. She returned the wand, though. How disappointing.

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