Chapter 163

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Regular Introduction
When I returned home, Tosaken was limp. He must have been wrung out by Niisama.

“A, are you all right? Tosaken.”

“Ohh… an Angel came to welcome me.”

He was clearly dead tired. He had no focus in his eyes. Mikelle was nervous while Gator was unimpressed.

“Sanity returning chop!”


Tosaken’s sanity safely returned due to physical stimulation. He’s going to live in the same dormitory as Mikelle, so I had her take over. The person in question was wagging his tail like a puppy. They are such easy to understand people, how did they misunderstand each other?




Now then, I called over Darkness-sama and Holy Beast-sama and proceeded with the regular introduction time. The place was in the mansion in front of Yggdrasil.
The only difference from usual was the tension of Gora-chan suddenly transforming into his obscene appearances.
My protection spirits started introducing each other with Gora-chan in the center.

The spirits living in my home are all familiar with Gora-chan already. He occasionally took walks, so I also greeted him a few times before.

“I will start things then? I think you already know, but I’m Spirit of Greenery, Sui.”

“You know me too, but I’m Haru! Wind is my main attribute, but I’m a Spirit of All Attributes.”

“My name is Kou. Spirit of Fire. We basked in the sun together a few times before, right? Let’s keep getting along.”

“I’m Arisa! Gora-chan is also a part of the group now~! Arisa is a Spirit of Greenery and Purification, you know?”

“I am Haku. Spirit of Earthh. Best regardss.”

“Kuurin is Spirit of Water. Nice to meet you.”

(I am Rosarin’s future protection spirit. They call me Holy Beast in this country.)

“I’m Spirit of Darkness. I have no name yet!”

I’m so sorry, Darkness-sama! I’m already considering your name, you know! But, my magical powers aren’t stable as usual!

Nevertheless, I was nervously wondering when Gora-chan was going to transform into a pervert. Nervous, like when a Blackbeard dandy jumps out of a barrel.
Despite my worries, Gora-chan’s turn was last.

“Everyone, let’s get along. I’m Gora. A Mandragora and Spirit of Greenery and Poison.”


I’m glad, it ended without an accident… the moment I became careless, Gora-chan got enveloped in a dazzling light and transformed… perverteliazed.



I’ve seen those moves somewhere. It’s that. The 2:50 fellow. I escaped reality for a while. The pervert wearing only a leaf danced violently.

Sui, Haru, and Haku tried to stop him, but he evaded.
Kou, Holy Beast-sama, and Darkness-sama were dumbfounded.
Arisa and Kuurin were…



They burst into laughter. Stop it, don’t get caught up in the pervert’s antics. His movements became somewhat more intense.


I learned from Alphage-sama. I froze the ground extensively with super-sliding ice magic.


Simultaneously with an incomprehensible shout, the pervert glided like a curling stone. He complained later that his butt got frostbite, but he shut up when I told him with a smile that it was regrettable that his butt didn’t freeze all over and shattered into pieces. My anger seems to have been conveyed.

(You have got some weird protection spirit again.)

“That’s not my fault! He was only slightly odd Mandragora before, he wasn’t such a pervert!”

“He became able to turn into a pervert after he became Rosarin’s protection spirit.”

“So it’s Rosarin’s fault.”

Don’t nod your head there, Darkness-sama!
Don’t agree with him, Holy Beast-sama!
Shit, I will retaliate with mofumofu! Wow, mofumofu…

(Purr, purr… I told you to stop doing this in front of people.)

I played with his paw pads. Thank you for the reward!

Come to think of it, Gora-chan has been dancing a lot since he started changing from Mandragora. Even though his Mandragora appearances were so cute… I asked Gora-chan to transform back to Mandragora if he feels like dancing.

“I might as well stand out, so no.”

I got refused. What kind of Superman are you supposed to be! My battle with Gora-chan still continues.

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